Counter Strike 2: Best AWP Skins, Ranked

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Counter Strike 2: Best AWP Skins, Ranked

Zoom and boom in style.

The AWP is the most powerful and most popular Sniper Rifle in Counter Strike 2. Considering that, it’s not surprising that there are some really amazing skins out there for this weapon. Many of these skins can be picked up for just a few dollars, while some go well over the thousand-dollar range. If you’re thinking about grabbing an AWP skin, here’s a guide to help you pick the best of the best!

Note: The prices of these skins changes on a day-to-day basis since they’re determined by the Steam Community Market, not any one person or group. Prices might change radically in a short time, so the only way to know the current price for sure is to check Steam. I’m also not including the price at every tier since there are so many, so instead I’m including the best and worst condition (Factory New and Battle-Scarred) for most skins. However, not every skin has every condition option, so some will be different.

I’ve ranked the skins below from good to great.

#10 – Elite Build

Factory New: $32 | Battle-Scarred: $12

Sometimes, simpler is better. I’m starting off the ranking with the Elite Build AWP Skin. This skin is really a tier above the rest when it comes to this design philosophy. The color scheme has an army vibe that works well in this game, and the subtle gold trim is perfect for a skin going for the subtle aesthetic. Any time I see one of these I pick it up and use it for a while, as it’s such a clean skin design. Even though I do prefer the “louder” skins most of the time, one like this is always nice to have.

#9 – BOOM

Factory New: $450 | Field-Tested: $85

If you like a comic book aesthetic, BOOM is the one for you. This skin consists of multiple comic book inspired drawings (the BOOM! most notably), so it’s no surprise that it’s so popular. This skin is really cluttered, but not in a bad way. Just like an actual comic panel, there’s a lot fit into a small space. Whether you’re a comic book lover or not, this is a fun skin with a great color scheme that anyone could be happy to own.

#8 – Atheris

Factory New: $12 | Battle-Scarred: $1.50

For a skin that looks so cool, it’s surprising how cheap it is. Without a doubt, Atheris is one of my favorite budget CS2 skins. The color scheme stays in the cool blues/greens, which makes the snake running along the sides stand out against the dark background. The snake’s detailed design matched with a perfect color scheme makes sure this skin is never forgotten despite it’s low cost.

#7 – Containment Breach

Factory New: $420 | Battle-Scarred: $44

There’s something really fun and unique about Containment Breach. There aren’t many skins with a horror aesthetic, and while this isn’t fully that, it’s very close. Nothing sounds scarier than a toxic, poison-filled swamp with wolves and other ominous predators. The entire aesthetic of this skin is unmatched if that’s the vibe you’re going for. The only problem is the high price, but there are some cheaper versions out there if you don’t mind a beat up one.

#6 – Hyper Beast

Factory New: $100 | Battle-Scarred: $20

Hyper Beast is one of the most popular skins for the AWP, largely because of how noisy the design is. There’s a lot going on throughout this whole skin, from the more vibrant colors on the monster to the point where it turns darker and emphasizes a bluish or grayscale palette. Plus, the actual design is truly amazing. It’s reminiscent of graffiti art, and it looks especially good in bright environments where the colors show off better.

#5 – Wildfire

Factory New: $140 | Battle-Scarred: $30

I don’t feel like I even really need to explain this one. It’s an AWP with a fire dragon on it with an amazing deep red and orange color palette. This is one of the most eye-catching and exciting skins in Counter Strike 2. Any skin with a similar aesthetic to this one tends to be worth a lot, and that’s the case here as well. At $140 Factory New, Wildfire can cost a bit to get. But if you’re going to spend about that much anyway, this is a great one to pick up.

#4 – Fade

Factory New: $1380

This is simplest skin on this list, but it’s also one of the best. This skin is simply a color gradient from deep purple to orange, but it doesn’t need to do anything else. The simplicity here is the entire reason I love it so much. They could have put a pair of dragons or a explosion on the side and it would have been awesome, but this is so much better than anything else they could have done. If only you could get it for less than $1300.

#3 – Duality

Factory New: $14 | Battle-Scarred: $3

When it comes to high-detail skins, look no further than Duality for a classic example of how good they can be. The level of design across the waves of this skin are pleasing to look at, especially thanks to the contrast of the colors. Pink, gold, white, and black couldn’t compliment each other any better here, and it’s honestly impressive how well Valve managed to make this color scheme work. Then there’s all the smaller gold trim at the top of the gun, which make it all even better. This is easily the best high-detailed skin in CS2.

#2 – Redline

Minimal Wear: $60 | Field Tested: $35 |Well-Worn: $50

When it comes to minimalist CS2 skins, Redline is the best. There’s nothing going on here other than a simple gray background with name-appropriate red lines running throughout. The simplicity really stands out here, as it looks like a more “modern” skin than some others. The metal accents around the scope put this over the top as my favorite simple skin in the game.

#1 – Asiimov

Field-Tested: $130 | Battle-Scarred: $75

For me, it’s hard to argue for any other skin than Asiimov as the best AWP skin in Counter-Strike 2. This skin has it all. The white background color allows the orange and black parts to contrast nicely, all while maintaining the sleek and modern design. However, it does enough to not truly be minimalistic. The random but simple patterns also make this weapon look futuristic. It kind of looks like a Nerf gun, which is always a good thing.


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