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The 10 Best Valorant Players and Streamers

Though Riot Games’ Valorant has only been out for little over a year, its exploding popularity has introduced many new and extremely talented players to the esports scene. In addition to plenty of new players, many high-profile CS:GO, Overwatch, and Apex Legends players are establishing their roots in Valorant.

While some players have made a name for themselves by securing a spot in the Valorant Championships, others have used their insane skills to become prominent streamers. In this article, we will be highlighting the five best Valorant players, and the five best Valorant streamers. 

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The Best Valorant Players

So, who is the best Valorant player today? All five of the players on our list have clearly defined what it means to be a top-tier professional Valorant player with their exceptional skill sets. Each has chosen a signature agent from the game’s sixteen possible options, using their unique abilities to outsmart their opponents and demonstrate their legendary and game-winning playstyles. 

1. TenZ – The Duelist

  • Team: Sentinels 
  • Nationality: Canada 
  • Region: North America 
  • Main Agents: Jett, Reyna
Picture of tenz the best valorant player in the world
Image: Riot Games

TenZ is one of the best Valorant players in the world. He’s one of those players that ends up on top every time. He has significantly helped the Sentinels become one of the best Valorant teams in the community. Before Valorant, TenZ was an up and coming professional Counter Strike player. He is championed for his game-changing plays, accuracy, and awareness. He is by far the best duelist the game has seen, and he has paved the way to victory for his team in ranked and competitive play. 

He has a highly aggressive, duel-focused playstyle that dominates the competition. He is the first player in the North America region to achieve the Radiant rank in Valorant, which is the highest rank that can be achieved. In Valorant’s first international LAN, TenZ scored an unbelievable KDA of 1.87, and was given the award of MVP for the grand finals between Sentinels and Fnatic. He is truly a one-of-a-kind player who has become Valorant’s number one icon.

2. Asuna – The Prodigy

  • Team: 100 Thieves 
  • Nationality: Ukraine
  • Region: North America 
  • Main Agents: Raze, Phoenix
Picture of Asuna a professional valorant player
Image: 100 Thieves

Asuna is another duelist who, at the young age of seventeen, has already become one of the best players in the world. Like TenZ, he has a hyper-aggressive playstyle and often acts as the backbone of his team. He is the main fragger for 100 Thieves, and often uses Raze’s explosive toolkit to wipe out the enemy team. 

He was also a professional Counter Strike player, but his career was short-lived. When he was cut from Triumph Esports in April 2020, Valorant was just about to come out. After hearing about it from a friend, he decided to try it because, in his words, he didn’t “have anything better to do.” Six months later, he became a member of 100 Thieves, which is filled with CS:GO veterans. In December of 2020, Asuna and his team won the very first Riot-hosted Valorant tournament in North America.

3. ScreaM – The Headshot Master

  • Team: Team Liquid
  • Nationality: Belgium, Morocco
  • Region: Europe
  • Main Agents: Jett, Reyna
Picture of scream one of the top valorant players
Image: Riot Games

ScreaM was one of the best Counter Strike players in the world before he switched over to Valorant. He had one of the best headshot ratios in the history of Counter Strike, and he continues to show off this skill in Valorant. His ten years of experience with CS:GO has made it easy for him to become one of the best Valorant players in Europe. 

ScreaM has been playing Valorant since its beta release in April of 2020, and since then he has done nothing but crush his competition. At the VCT 2 Masters Reykjavík back in May of 2021, he ended the tournament with a 33.12 headshot percentage. He also had the second-highest KDA of 1.76, and average combat score of 263, falling only behind TenZ. His insane consistency and deadly precision are what make him one of the best players in the world today.

4. ShahZaM The Leader

  • Team: Sentinels 
  • Nationality: United States 
  • Region: North America
  • Main Agents: Sova, Skye, Breach, Jett
Picture of Shahzam one of the best valorant players
Image: Riot Games

ShahZaM is the team captain for the Sentinels, and also a retired professional Counter Strike player. As team captain, he makes the crucial decisions during battle, and is responsible for paving the way to victory for his team. His ability to play many different agents makes him a versatile asset, especially when his team has a gap that needs to be filled. 

With ShahZaM as the team’s head, the Sentinels have managed to secure a slew of titles under their belts. Back in May of 2021, the team won the Stage 2 Masters Reykjavík, which was the biggest international tournament in Valorant. At the beginning of Stage 3, they earned first place in the first Challengers event and landed a spot at the Challengers Playoffs. They also made it to the Stage 3 Masters in Berlin. As long as the Sentinels have ShahZaM as their captain, they have nowhere to go but up. 

5. SicK The Support

  • Team: Sentinels 
  • Nationality: United States 
  • Region: North America
  • Main Agents: Skye, Sage
Picture of Sick a pro valorant player
Image: Riot Games

SicK is a star player for the Sentinels, and also a former professional Counter Strike player. Although he is a duelist main, he is known for being extremely versatile and consistent. When he plays as Phoenix, he is unstoppable when paired with TenZ’s Jett. However, if the team needs him to fill other roles, he can easily switch to being an initiator with Sova or a support with Sage. 

He is especially known as one of the best Sage players the game has seen so far. His ability to consistently support his team regardless of role makes him one of the best pro Valorant players out there. As a support, he saves his team from dire situations, and compliments his teammates’ playstyles beautifully. Without him, the Sentinels would not be the legendary team that they are today.

The Best Valorant Streamers

Now, who is the best Valorant streamer? Many of Valorant’s top-tier players are streamers who have earned their following with their sharp performances, helpful tips and tricks, and entertaining personalities. Some of Valorant’s best streamers are also professional players. Although there are many promising streamers who are making a name for themselves in Valorant, the five streamers below are the most consistent, memorable, and talented players today.

1. Shroud The Personality

  • Nationality: Canada 
  • Main Agents: Jett, Reyna, Phoenix 
  • Twitch Stream: shroud 
Picture of Shroud a popular streamer
Image: Shroud / Twitch

Shroud, like many other top Valorant players and streamers, is a former professional Counter Strike player who played for Cloud9. He mainly plays first person shooters and is considered one of the most popular streamers today. He has almost reached ten million followers on Twitch. 

What makes Shroud such an excellent streamer is his insane skill, and his down-to-earth personality. His content is entertaining, but also relaxing. While many Valorant streamers tend to get heated when a play doesn’t go as planned, Shroud keeps his head. He creates engaging conversations, and a calm environment that is consistently enjoyable and insightful.

2. Hiko The Veteran

  • Nationality: United States
  • Main Agents: Cypher, Phoenix, Breach
  • Twitch Stream: Hiko
Picture of Hiko a twitch streamer
Image: Riot Games

Hiko has been in the professional gaming scene longer than most. This thirty-one year old veteran played Counter Strike for twelve years before deciding to move on to Valorant. Today, he is the team captain for the professional Valorant team, 100 Thieves. His knowledge is extensive and valuable for those who want to vastly improve their gameplay. 

His incredible skill and knowledge make him one of the most popular Valorant streamers today. His aces, clutch plays, and ultimate frags make him extremely entertaining to watch. He will often comment on his plays as he goes, and provide explanations that are easy for the average player to understand. If you enjoy watching a master destroy the competition in ranked play, Hiko is the perfect streamer to follow. 

3. Aceu The Professional

  • Nationality: United States 
  • Main Agents: Jett, Reyna
  • Twitch Stream: aceu
Picture of Aceu a valorant streamer
Image: NRG / Riot Games

Aceu is a former professional Counter Strike and Apex Legends player. He has taken himself out of pro play and has become a prominent Valorant streamer, and content creator for NRG. Although he’s not a professional Valorant player, he is considered by many as one of the most skilled Jett players in North America. 

His excellent mobility and impeccable accuracy make his gameplay very entertaining to watch. Like Shroud, his calm personality makes his streams relaxing and enjoyable to watch. No matter what situation is thrown at him, he consistently keeps a cool head. If you want to see top-tier gameplay without the rage that often comes with it, Aceu is the perfect pick. 

4. Tarik The Comedian

  • Nationality: United States
  • Main Agents: Jett, Reyna
  • Twitch Stream: tarik
Picture of Tarik a Valorant Streamer and player
Image: DreamHack / Adela Sznajder

Tarik was a Counter Strike icon who decided to take a break from competitive play. He is now a very active and talented Valorant streamer. He has debated playing competitive Valorant, but is currently content with being a streamer. 

His unbelievable skill and great sense of humor make his streams very fun and easy to watch. While many professional players can often get lost in the competition and get too serious, Tarik breaks it up with his charming and witty personality. What makes him unique is his ability to keep his audience consistently entertained with his top-tier skills, and his comedy.  

5. Zombs The Playmaker

  • Nationality: United States
  • Main Agents: Astra, Viper
  • Twitch Stream: zombs
Picture of Zombs a Twitch Streamer
Image: Colin Young-Wolff / Riot Games

Zombs is a retired Overwatch and Apex Legends professional player who now plays Valorant for the Sentinels. Although he doesn’t have a massive following like our other picks, his fan base is steadily growing. He has a down-to-earth personality, and makes some truly incredible and entertaining plays. 

He is a clutch master who is truly passionate about Valorant and his community. He is also known as one of the best Astra players in the world. He will often answer questions that people ask him in chat during a stream, and he is a great player to watch and learn from. 

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