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Craft the Ultimate Escape: Top 32 Best Man Cave Furniture Options

The man cave: peaceful, sustaining, certainly a joy to come home to after a hard day of work. A bastion worth fighting for. A place to partake in sports, video games, a little of both perhaps? Come on we know there’s plentiful geek/jock hybrids out there these days. Whatever the case, a man cave is the perfect place to spend time on whatever hobbies you have taken a liking to over the years.

If you’ve been able to successfully secure a room in the house as your own, congratulations. You’ve succeeded where many a man has failed. Of course, once you’ve staked your claim the logical next step is to begin shaping your perfect cave. The bones of it will likely be some man cave furniture whereas the rest of the odds and ends will be accumulated over time. In this article, we check out some of the best man cave furniture ideas.


In this featured article, we help our readers in the pursuit of the ultimate escape. The first stop is our list of the top 32 most popular pieces of man cave furniture. Next up is a general discussion about how to put together the ideal man cave for you. You can check out the comprehensive list of man cave item categories in our last section if you’re still looking for more ideas.

The cool thing about man caves? Every man cave is unique and has its own vibe. If you’ve got a whole basement you may want to go the whole 9 yards and get a pool table and maybe build that bar out you’ve always wanted. If you’ve got a smaller office type space you’ll want to choose your items carefully to make the most of the room.

Next up are some potential man cave options to check out. Peruse the list of the best fittings for man caves of this year.

Man Cave Theater Chairs

Kick back and relax in these cozy chairs, perfect for catching the game in front of the big screen.

1. CatNapper Cosmo Bonded Leather Chair


CatNapper makes some pretty legit furniture and you can’t really go wrong with them if you are trying to pimp out your man cave. This tasteful man cave theater chair is upholstered in thick bonded leather. The detailed stitching, black color, and generous cushioning is sure to please the eyes as well as the back. Don’t forget this chair swivels a full 360 degrees and smoothly glides to your heart’s content.

2. Flash Furniture 2 and 3 Seat Leather Home Theater Recliners


Flash Furniture is a reputable supplier of furniture and some of their computer chairs are some of the top selling units online. They’ve once again outdone themselves in the theater chair category with their 2 seat and 3 seat leather models. Basically, you get high quality, contemporary theater seating for a reasonable price with these units. Our favorite part is the storage console in between each chair, perfect for stashing remotes and the like. Of course, you’ll also find cup holders complimented the console storage — no more party fouls for spilling beers shall be handed out. On top of all that, these chairs have multiple reclining angles, so if the game turns into a blowout just sit that baby back and take a snooze.

3. Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa


If a couch is what you are looking for, the Homelegance is a great value. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything that can pass up this couch at its price point. You’ve got two options here: brown bonded leather or black bonded leather. Both offer the swank factor that a man cave calls for. The overstuffed arms, seats, and backs are perfect for ultimate relaxation. Pull that easy release lever and boom you’ve got a leg rest. Both left and right seats recline, so you and your best buddy can kick back without invading each other’s personal space thanks to the non reclining middle section.

Man Cave Office Chairs

For putting some serious screen time at the computer desk you’ll need a capable and sturdy chair. No one should be putting in 4+ hour sessions in a flimsy task chair.

4. DXRacer Drifting Series Chair


Not only can you sit in this chair without your back rebelling after 30 minutes, you’ll also be capable of drifting around your man cave at high speeds. Those casters are built for speed, we’re telling ya. The Drifting Series comes with a lumbar cushion and headrest cushion to help prevent back and neck fatigue. The extra high back rest, adjustable arm rests, and ample seating room makes this chair ideal for folks of all sizes. The patented race car seat material feels legit and prevents you from getting too hot. Last but not least, the back reclines for ultimate luxury.

5. Viva Office High Back Full Reclining Chair


While you may not get the racing style points of the DX Racer, this bad boy reclines literally all the way back and features a full leg and foot rest. That means you never have to leave your chair, just play or work into the night, pop that lever, take a couple hour power nap and wake up when the rooster crows and get back to it. If you are married, use this strategy with caution. With this chair you get leather, heavy duty casters, chrome base, and padded arm rests. On top of that, Viva Office backs this product with a 2 year component exchange program so something goes on the fritz, just call them up and get a free replacement part.

Man Cave Coffee Tables

They may be called coffee tables, but their functionality far surpasses the single task of keeping your mug of coffee safe.

6. Imperial NFL/NCAA Team Logo Coffee Table


If you’re interested in affordable furniture with your favorite team’s logo, Imperial does it right. A bottom shelf for storage, extra remotes, controllers, etc. helps keep the important things close at hand.These are solid tables are built to last, constructed of hardwood, and can handle more than a few beer spills. The black finish is perfect at looking fresh for longer and thick legs prevent any potential disasters. Another clever little part of the design is that the panel with the logo is reversible, so have your buddies over and right during kickoff flip it over to proudly display your team’s logo. Flip it back over after game day for a sleek minimalist black look.

Imperial makes matching side tables for man cave set if you plan on having lots of guests.

7. 4D Concepts Large Faux Leather Coffee Table


The faux leather with tuft tops isn’t for everyone, but if you want more of a foot rest than a coffee table, this table ideal. It doesn’t have any storage options but excels in the foot and leg rest category. It comes in brown and black colors that look manly and attractive in most settings. Furthermore, the material is easy to clean and near impossible to stain.

8. Altra Furniture Carson Coffee Table with Storage


This is one of the best selling coffee tables and it is easy to see why. Three distinct tiers give you plenty of storage options. Cherry and black finish with silver accents make for a timeless looking table. It is sturdy, looks good, and is plenty large enough for a bag of chips and a bowl of salsa. What more could you ask for?

Man Cave Desks

For serious gamers or for those who need to get some work done at home, a sturdy desk is a must have. For more desk ideas check out our page devoted to computer desks.

9. DX Racer Desk


If you want to remind people you don’t mess around when it comes to gaming, one way to do it is to buy one of these desks. And boy are they in for a reminder when they lay eyes on this beauty. Its more than just a pretty face though, you get cable management, an ergonomic wrist rest lip, and a raised perimeter to make sure you don’t lose anything important in the heat of the action.

10. Walker Edison Desk


The Walker Edison is one of the best selling desks of all time. The black on black frame/glass has struck a cord with desk buyers. Plus you get that L-Shape that affords you plenty of desktop real estate. Did we mention it is also reasonably priced?

11. Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro


We we’re skeptical at first we when heard of an actual ‘gaming desk’. After doing our research, we thoroughly approve: this is a legitimate desk built for gamers. Monitor stand, charging station, power strip holder, game storage, speaker trays, headphone holder, controller hooks, drink holder.. yes we said drink holder. Atlantic thought of just about everything with this desk. Kudos to them we say!

Man Cave TV Stands

How else could you set up that massive 70 inch TV, media boxes, etc, without running into a cord conundrum.

12. Altra Furniture Carson TV Stand


This is a well-priced option that is easy on the wallet and the eyes. Ample storage and a wide cable slot down the back makes arranging all the electronics as easy as possible. Altra Furniture has plenty of options too: variations for 50 inch or 70 inch TVs, and 3 cool color styles as  well.

13. Sonax FB-2600 Fiji 60-Inch TV Component Bench


For those with many components, this stand is built to accommodate all of them and then some. The easy touch glass doors with magnetic catches on the corners add plenty of class to this TV stand. It will house TV’s up to 64 inches large and the ravenwood black procures a tasteful aesthetic.

14. Atlantic Epic 3 in 1 TV Stand and Mount


Arguably the most versatile TV stand out there right now, the Epic is from the crafty creators of the Atlantic Gaming Desk earlier in our list. The only shortcoming with this TV stand is that it is only compatible with TVs 46 inches or smaller.

Man Cave End Tables

A fine compliment to the coffee table, sometimes end tables are indeed necessary to maintain an optimally functioning man cave.

15. Imperial Sports Themed Side Table


Just like the coffee table featured above, the Imperial NFL Side Tables are constructed with select hardwoods. They are a bit spendy as far as side tables go, but that reversible logo panel may very well be worth it. Plus, these are built tough. You’re going to need to put a full set of pads on and tackle it at full speed to do any real damage to it.

16. Winsome Wood Maya Round End Table


If you dig black and chrome these end tables are about 24 inches round. This contemporary look isn’t for everyone, but it fits in well with most man cave themes. That’s plenty of room to hold a number of drinks and still have room for a remote or two.

17. Monarch Specialties Black Hollow-Core End Table


The price on this side table is right, it fulfills its purpose, and you’ve got a few styles and colors to choose from. The real genius behind this side table, however, lies in the hollow core design. This enables you to slide it under the couch or chair to get just the right position — minimizing the distance traveled from hand to drink to mouth.

Man Cave Bar Units

The next best thing to a custom built bar and thousands of dollars less to boot.

18. Monarch Bar Unit with Bottle and Glass Storage


This is a well designed bar unit. It is simple yet elegant. It has a medium sized foot print so you can usually find a spot for it in most man cave areas. Underneath the counter there is a place to hang glasses by the stem, and a shelf above and below this rack you can place your go to whiskey, scotch, rum, etc.

19. Coaster Traditional Cherry Finish Bar Unit


True to its name, Coaster’s Traditional Bar Unit sports the traditional bar look complete with carved wood classic panels and bracket foot rest. You’ll find a non draining sink in the middle to fill up with ice to keep bottles ice cold. On the inside you open up two doors where you’ll find plenty of storage as well as a center wine rack that holds about 10 bottles. As you’d expect, it costs a pretty penny.

20. Coaster Contemporary Bar Black in Finish


If the traditional cherry finished bar unit is a little too rich for your blood, Coaster also developed a bar table unit that will serve you well. Stemware rack, two storage racks, and chrome railing with a black finish round out this bar unit nicely.

Man Cave Pub Tables

Add some character to your man cave with a pub table or two.

21. Winsome Spectrum 28-Inch Pub Table


Those of you on the market for a basic pub table need look no further. Winsome’s standard black and mirror polished chrome goes great with their other man cave furniture. They’ve got Spectrum Adjustable Airlift stools to match this pub table and are a suitable height.

22. Flash Furniture Round Mahogany Pub Table and Stool Set


Flash Furniture offers many different sets of pub tables and bar stools and this one is arguably their best. If you’re looking for a full, legit seating and pub table this is a solid set that comes in four color styles. Of course, it costs a lot more than a standalone table, but to be expected when getting 4 quality chairs along with it.

23. Bud Light Chrome Pub Table


The King of Beers is a welcome sight in any man cave setup and this custom pub table is no different. The full color blue Bud Light logo matched with chrome plating is protected by scratch resistant acrylic top. The tabletop itself is constructed with thick, solid wood and the chrome base is well crafted with an adjustable foot rest.

Man Cave Pool Tables

A must have for pool sharks who are looking to prey on the weak and innocent pool fish.

24. Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5′ Billiard Table


Mizerak makes a great mid priced pool table that makes the most of the space you have. The leg levelers do a solid job of keeping the pool table surface level. The green nylon cloth and bamboo laminate exterior gives it a classic pool parlor look and works with most man caves.

25. Fat Cat 7-Foot Tuscon Billiard Table


There are a few variations of Fat Cat’s pool table and this one has an ‘arcade’ theme with a bright blue playing surface. It comes with cues, a set of billiard balls, resin triangle, and 2 pieces of chalk so you’re ready to play as soon as you get it set up. Rubber pockets and bumpers, MDF play surface, ball return slots round out this pool table nicely.

26. Mizerak Donovan II 8-Foot Pool Table


This is sure to please even the most picky of pool hustlers.  Red cloth, black cabinet, chrome accents, with chromed out disk style leg levelers for an even playing surface and a contemporary design. The price tag is nothing to sneeze at coming in at over $1000 bucks.

Man Cave Poker Tables

If you and the boys (and girls) like to play cards a poker table can make for a worthwhile investment.

27. Texas Holdem Poker Table w/ Stainless Cup Holders


This is one of the more expensive poker tables on the market, but you get a quality table for the money. 10 stainless steel cup holders, premium black felt, and a black veneer racetrack makes for a clean looking package.

28. Giantex Foldable 8 Player Poker Table


This is a simple and straightforward 8 player poker table. Easy to fold up and fairly portable, you can store it or even take it to a friends house for a night of cards. The steel frame guarantees it is not going to crumple when you’ve got eight guys leaning into to see the river card.

29. Fat Cat Folding Poker Game Table with Cushioned Rail


Fat Cat doesn’t make just pool tables, they also manufacture a fine poker table. This one is a bit bigger than the Giantex seating up to 10 instead of 8. Primo felt surface, table lock suspension for a stable surface, and a clever water resistant cushioned rail with 10 drink holders is sure to please any card playing gang.

Man Cave Bar Mirrors

A universal staple of the man cave: the time honored and classic pub mirror.

30. Jack Daniel’s Pub Mirror


At first glance, this looks like a mere pub mirror. But this is actually a very functional unit that has a 3.5 inch deep display shelf for small items such a shot glasses or other nick knacks. Furthermore, it is a coat rack with four pewter coat hooks.

31. Guinness – Bar Mirror


Got a little Irish in you? Display your pride with a genuine Guinness Special Export Bar Mirror.

32. Sunny Designs Sedona Backbar with Mirror and Light


Complete your bar setup with a full fledged backbar with a mirror and lights. It includes a shelf to put bottles and a stem hanger for your glasses.

Man Cave Essentials: The Bare Necessities of the Ideal Escape

When it comes to man cave furniture there are a few staples of every man cave. You don’t want to be sitting on the floor criss-cross applesauce for hours on end do you? We didn’t think so. Man caves will typically include one or more of the following: TV stand, desk, plush chairs, couch, coffee table, end table, and sometimes a bookcase for the refined gentleman. A bar complete with bar stools is always an excellent addition if you have the space and finances.


Your set up will probably stem from your favorite past times. If you’re a sports guy or console gamer, you have to have a entertainment console. A PC gamer and/or computer programmer requires a desk and sturdy office chair. A musician also needs a decent chair and a place for their equipment. Some particular hobbies require special kinds of furniture. If you love a game of cards you’ll have to get a poker table or some makeshift card table. Some guys are into model trainsets and need a long table to set things up. No two man caves are alike.

These are the most common apparatus you’ll find when visiting a well-built man cave.


  • Chairs. This can either be an office desk chair, a recliner, theatre seating, a specially designed man cave chair with cup holders, or some variation of these. The most important thing is that it is comfortable and up to the task of extended use.
  • Couch. If space permits, a couch is a friendly companion for most man cave settings. The chair’s larger brother, the couch may also have excellent features such as leg rests and cup holders. If you have a crew, it is hard to go without a trusty couch. Where else is Bosco the bulldog going to watch the game from?
  • Desks. A desk is a common piece of furniture found in many a cave. These are handy creations that are multipurpose for a number of past times. Hobbyists such as model builders, writers, collectors, and PC gamers all appreciate a spacious desk.
  • Coffee Tables. Not something that first comes to mind when going about putting a room together, but definitely a necessity if you are going to have a TV set up. Where else is the bag of chips and bowl of salsa going to be placed?
  • TV Stands. There is a wide spectrum of furniture that is up to this task. Whether you use a warchest you pilfered when sailing the seven seas or a massive entertainment console for DVD players and gaming consoles, you’re going to need something to put the TV and components on.
  • End Tables. A sibling of the coffee table, the end table is a secondary place for food and drinks. The ultimate goal is minimal movement of the arm to and from the location of your beer.
  • Bookcase. Yes some men still read. Art of Manliness has reading as one of the top 45 hobbies for men. If you’ve got a collection there isn’t a better place for them then in your man cave. The ideal escape provides a man with the peace and quiet he needs to do any sort of focusing, away from the torrent of nagging and questions.
  • Bar. The ultimate addition to the man cave is a bar. Become an expert maker of drinks for get-togethers or have a simple neat scotch for winding down, a bar is the best asset for a man who enjoys the occasional (or frequent) drink.
  • Bar Stools. You can buy a couple fold up chairs or kitchen chairs and put them next to the bar unless you want to get disapproving looks from the guys. Bar stools are the only way to go for a regulation height bar.
  • Bar Mirrors. A nice accessory to let people know your bar means business. Get one with your favorite brand of alcohol and you’re set.
  • Pub Tables. Sometimes you don’t need to go all out and spend 6 months custom building your own bar. A pub table is a simple purchase that gives a man cave a sports bar like feel without all the work.
  • Pool Tables. Easy to learn, hard to master. The game of pool is one of the quintessential 2-4 person competitions. You’ll need to play the game of geometry, strategy, and even psychological warfare to string a run of victories together. A welcome addition to any man cave, a game of pool is a great way to spend an afternoon in healthy competition among mates.
  • Poker Tables. These types of tables can get pretty extravagant with placeholders for chips, decks, the flop etc. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a workable solution. Sometimes a foldable table top will more than suffice.
  • Clocks. Sure you’ve got your phone in your pocket. But you’ve got to pull it out and tap it on to check the time. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Get a swanky looking clock instead so you’ll be prepared when its around that time when danger approaches.

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