Every gamer knows that staring at the computer screen for hours at a time quickly wears on your eyes. Fatigue, strain, and blurry vision are all too common among hardcore players. Fortunately, the best gaming glasses for enhanced optics have you covered.

Gaming glasses eliminate eye strain by blocking blue light, preventing glare, and protecting the corneas from stress. This means no more headaches, blurry vision, or insomnia. Want to game without the worry of eye strain? Try a pair of the best gaming glasses and see the difference for yourself.

10 Best Gaming Glasses of 2019

We’ve created this list of the top gaming glasses to help you level up your game. Check out the summary and main features of each pair below

1. Gunnar Optiks Sheadog Computer Glasses

Gunnar Optiks Sheadog Computer Glasses

The Gunnar Optiks Sheadogs are among the best computer glasses for gaming thanks to light blocking lenses and patented focusing technology that enhances visual performance. The glasses design focuses on comfort and protection while helping you sleep better and protecting your vision.


  • Blocks 15% of blue light and 100% of UV rays
  • FDA approved for comfort, protection, and focusing power
  • The best Gunnar Glasses for gaming

2. J+S Blue Light Shield Computer Reading & Gaming Glasses

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading and Gaming Glasses

Among the best blue light blocking glasses on the market are the J+D Blue Light Shields that protect your eyes and enhance on-screen performance. The classic frames boast powerful lenses that block 90% of harmful blue light for long-term eye health and better sleep.


  • Blocks 90% of blue light for safety and health
  • Improve performance with less eye strain and fatigue
  • Great viewing quality backed by exceptional ratings

3. HyperX Gaming Eyewear

HyperX Gaming Eyewear

As one of the top manufacturers of gaming glasses in the world, HyperX strikes again with a brand new design. Featuring crystal clear MR-8 lenses, hand-cut acetate frames, and a versatile fit, these are the best gaming glasses for folks looking for a maximum competitive advantage.


  • MR-8 lenses are engineered for blue light and UV protection
  • Acetate frames are durable and lightweight
  • Comfortable, stylish, and they ship with a custom hardshell case

4. Gamma Ray Essentials Computer Glasses

GAMMA RAY ESSENTIALS Computer Glasses with UV Protection

The Gamma Ray blue light glasses feature amber-tinted lenses that minimize eye strain and reduce incoming blue light. With glare resistance, UV400 protection, and durable polycarbonate construction, you can game in total comfort.


  • Amber tinted lenses for great visual quality
  • Glare resistance and UV400 protection coatings
  • Best affordable gaming glasses on the market

5. Duco Full Rim Ergonomic Computer Gaming Glasses

Duco Full Rim Ergonomic Advanced Computer Gaming Glasses

Perhaps the best glasses for computer use, these Duco Rims cut out 90% of blue light for comfortable and safe gaming sessions. Featuring unique TR90 frames that are flexible and lightweight, UV400 protection, and a stylish design, you’re sure to game with pros.


  • Block out 90% of blue light rays
  • Unique TR90 frames are flexible, lightweight, and ultra durable
  • Significantly reduces eye strain from digital devices

6. Gunnar Optiks Intercept Gaming Glasses

Gunnar Optiks Intercept Computer gaming glasses

Another fantastic offering by Gunnar, the Intercept Gaming Glasses are an affordable solution to eye strain. The patented lenses block 65% of harmful blue light to help you game in ease, improve sleep, and enhance your performance. The best Gunnar computer glasses around.

Gunnar Optiks Intercept One of the Best Gaming Glasses


  • Patented lenses block 65% of blue light
  • Crafted for gamers by Gunnar, the industry leader in eye safety and health
  • Recommended by doctors to protect and enhance your vision

7. Aspectus Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Aspectus Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These anti blue light glasses by Aspectus reduce blue light exposure to relieve eye strain and help you enjoy the game. The modern design complements cutting-edge technology to promote eye health and increase melatonin, the hormone that regulates the circadian rhythm.


  • Colorful lenses and modern frame design
  • Relieve eye stress and increase melatonin production
  • Fantastic ratings and exceptional customer service

8. Cyxus Retro Blue Light Filter Glasses

Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses Reduce Headache

The Cyxus Retro Glasses feature sexy metal frames, transparent PC lenses with SHMC technology, and blue light blocking tech. Say goodbye to eye strain and sleep better in the long term with this exceptional eyewear. Among the best computer gaming glasses for style-conscious gamers.


  • Metal frames with transparent lenses that block blue light and enhance vision
  • Retro design is perfect for style-conscious gamers
  • Great reviews and a lifetime warranty

9. GameKing Ultra Gaming Glasses

GAMEKING Ultra Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses Gaming Glasses

The GameKing Ultra Gaming Glasses are the best PC gaming glasses on the market with blue light, UV, and glare blocking technology. The Swiss TR90 frames are FDA registered for quality and durability, ensuring a comfortable fit and exceptional results.


  • Patented amber lenses block 60% of blue light and 100% of UV rays
  • No glare thanks to an anti-reflective coating
  • FDA registered for quality, backed by a guaranteed lifetime warranty

10. Yizmo Wood Work, Reading, and Gaming Glasses

Yizmo Wood Computer Gaming Reading Work Glasses

This stylish eyewear makes a statement while providing the best blue light and UV blocking technology around. Plus, the Wayfarer design with acetate frames and bamboo accents blend to create the best glasses for gaming in style.


  • 100% UV and 93% blue light protection
  • Acetate frames with bamboo accents
  • Reduce eye fatigue and increase your gaming performance

Gaming Glasses Guide Part I: What are Gaming Glasses?

Gaming glasses, also known as computer glasses, are pieces of eyewear that prevent eye fatigue through the use of blue light blocking lenses, anti-glare coatings, and similar technology. They usually consist of poly-carbonate lenses and acetate frames, and they’re designed to be comfortable for continuous wear.

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Glasses one of the best computer glasses

Image Credit: JandSVision.com

How exactly do you use gaming glasses?

Fortunately, protecting your eyes with a pair of the best gaming glasses couldn’t be easier! Once you’ve decided on the ideal pair, simply slip them on before each gaming session for enhanced optics.

Voila! You’re locked, loaded, and ready for action.

Gaming Glasses Guide Part II: How Do Gamer Glasses Work?

Gaming glasses primarily work by blocking blue light rays. Blue light causes a range of issues from headaches, to insomnia, to possible muscular degeneration in the ocular region. Gamer glasses shield the eyes from these these and other harmful rays while reducing glare and easing light-related stress.

Blue Light Harmful Effects from GAMMA RAY ESSENTIALS

Image Credit: Gamma Ray Essentials Glasses

In terms of gaming, they help players stay alert for a faster response time and better overall performance. In the competitive gaming arena, this is a huge boon for players looking to gain the advantage and take out their opponents.

Gaming Glasses Guide Part III: Benefits of Gaming Glasses

There are numerous benefits to using a pair of the best gaming glasses:

  • Block Blue Light & Glare. The main cause of eye strain among gamers, blue light and glare start to wear on your eyes as soon as you look at the screen. Stop fatigue in its tracks with this easy solution.
  • Protect Your Eyes. A great preventative measure, the best gaming glasses reduce harmful blue light rays for strong and healthy eyes. In addition, they’re reported to eliminate insomnia and even help maintain a youthful appearance!
  • Stylish & Comfortable. Many attractive gamer glasses have emerged in recent years, including ones with retro designs, wood frames, and more. Plus, the options on our list have been thoroughly tested for comfort and ergonomics.
  • Gain the Advantage. Yes- the best gaming glasses can even offer an in-game advantage! Alongside your other gear, gamer glasses help you stay alert for better performance and enhanced optics.
  • Affordable Solution. Gamer glasses begin around $20, making them an inexpensive solution to eye fatigue. Plus, most models are scratch resistant and incredibly durable, ensuring your investment will last.

While each pair of gaming glasses is unique, they all help you to protect your eyes and gain the advantage! But which pair is ideal?

Gaming Glasses Guide Part IV: Choosing the Best Gaming Glasses

Choosing the best gaming glasses

Getting the right pair of gaming glasses is a must if you want to play comfortably and perform with the pros. To that end, there are a number of things to consider when making a decision:

  • Cost. Models start under $20 and reach over $100
  • Brand. Choose from Gunnar Optiks, HyperX, Gameking, and more
  • Size. Most gamer glasses are one-size-fits-all, but there are exceptions
  • Design. This includes shape, color, and lens tint
  • Required features. Features include light shield, anti-glare coatings, and more

If you’ve already got your sight set on a particular pair, we say go for it! The options on our list all work well, with a few differences in material, style, and extra features.

However — if you’re just learning about gaming glasses, it’s probably best to go with a well-known brand like Gunnar Optiks or HyperX. These are the industry standard, tried and tested by pro gamers to help them reduce fatigue and achieve victory.

Most importantly, you should find a pair that you’ll actually feel good about wearing. And once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to put them to the test.