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Best Charging Stations For PS5

There’s nothing worse than being knee-deep in an epic, final boss battle when your controller runs out of juice. It’s times like these that you’ll find yourself wishing you had a charging station. Unfortunately, the name-brand option is often sold out, and knockoffs aren’t always reliable.

To help you out, we’ve reviewed fifteen of the best charging stations for PS5. We’ll cover some familiar brands, as well as a few options you may not have heard of — yet.

Let’s get started!

15 Best Charging Stations for PS5, Ranked from Good to Best

Don’t find yourself with a dead controller at the most important point in the game. Listed in ascending order, we’ve got the 15 best charging stations for your PlayStation 5 controller.

15. DOBE PS5 Controller Charger Dock Station 

DOBE PS5 Controller Charger Dock Station 
  • Isolated report of only one charger working
  • Needs both rear USB ports
  • Great value and sturdy

The first pick in our list the best kept secret of PS5 charging stations. While it widely receives rave reviews from consumers, it’s not on many gamers’ radars just yet. For an affordable price, you’ll get LED indicators, anti-slip pads, 2-in-1 cables, and a copper port for safe and reliable high-speed charging.

What’s also nice about the DOBE option is that, with intelligent protection to help prevent overheating and other types of damage, the unit cuts off charging at 70%, which helps to prolong the life of your batteries. It also plugs right into the back of your PlayStation for a nice, clean, and wire-free set up. 

This accessory is also sold with a USB-C cord and conveniently offers two USB ports. So why not put DOBE up higher in our ranking? There simply isn’t a lot of consumer feedback out there as of yet.

14. Razer Quick Charging Stand For PlayStation 5 

  • USB and wireless connectivity
  • PS4 and PS5
  • Lightweight and portable

For a quick-charging option that comes in a few different colors, the Razer quick charging stand for PS5 is up next in our list. It’s a bit pricey, but it will get your controllers juiced up and ready to go in about three hours. The extra-sturdy curved cradle design is notable for game rooms with an unusual layout, and it comes in red, white, and black to better fit your aesthetic.

Also notable is that the station is designed to allow continued use of the controller while charging. There’s overcharge protection to prevent overheating and short circuiting, and since it’s powered by USB, all you have to do is plug it into the wall, your PC, or your PlayStation.

That power-source flexibility is a popular feature among consumers who chose the Razer quick charging stand. Unfortunately, power adapters are sold separately.

13. InnoAura DualSense Charging Station 

  • USB Connector Type
  • Detachable Type-C Adapter
  • Also worked well with Nintendo Switch Pro controllers

Among the most affordable options in this ranking is the DualSense charging station from InnoAura. It’s got a nice black-and-white design, and is lightweight and portable to boot. Simply insert up to two DualSense controllers into the Type-C input and you’re off and running.

The charging light lets you know that all systems are operational. Once that light turns off, it’s a visual indicator that your controllers are fully powered and ready to go. Another great feature is the intelligent micro control technology, which keeps the juice flowing efficiently. 

The stand also doubles as a nice place to store your controllers while not in use, we found out. Overall, the controllers are easy to attach to the top of the dock. And with a small footprint, it’s also a great choice for small spaces. This is a basic but effective charger. And if you have multiple controllers, you can’t beat the price. 

12. MES Merry Black Charging Station with Blue Light Bar for PS5 

  • 5V/2A plug adapter 
  • Built-in intelligent chip helps prevent overheating
  • Only one color option

Another well-reviewed PS5 charging station comes from MES Merry. Sleek, well designed, and easy to use, simply drop up to two controllers on the unit. That’s all there is to it. The click-in mechanism keeps your controllers secure, and the light bar on either side of the base indicates that the juice is flowing. Included with the Mess Merry charger are both USB Type-A and USB Type-C cables and a power adapter — it’s all pretty much ready to go straight out of the box; no additional purchase is necessary. 

Average charging time is less than three hours. While charging, the blue lights on the charger flash orange, which some consumers don’t like (though PlayStation veterans are pretty used to it by now). You can always just turn off the lights by tapping the back of the base! Overall, this option looks and works great, and charges fast.

11. NexiGo PS5 DualSense Charging Station  

  • 5.3V/3A adapter with cable included
  • White and black color options
  • Anti-slip design

Looking for a stylish-looking PS5 charging station that won’t overheat? Consider the next pick in our list from NexiGo. No-overheating assurance comes from a built-in protection chip. The unit also automatically disconnects when the controllers are fully charged. That also helps cut down on overheating issues and other types of damage.

This unit charges up to two controllers in roughly three hours. It has a small and compact design that fits almost anywhere. A green light indicates when things are all powered-up and ready to go. 

This unit also doubles as a place to store the controllers when not in use, we found out. Consumers call NexiGo perfect, adding that the controllers are easy to attach. The standby feature helps save power, and the controller button and stick enhancement are nice features. Some call it just “OK” for the money, though. And the ease with which the controllers attach does get mixed reviews.

10. Auarte Dual Charge PS5 Controller Charger 

  • Built-in intelligent chips 
  • Worth the money
  • A must-have accessory, according to reports

Another great choice is the dual charge PS5 controller from Auarte. Two-controller households should seriously consider this option in particular, based on feedback. With two built-in micro USB adapter ports, both of your DualSense controllers can recharge simultaneously.

Both controllers should be all charged up and ready to go in roughly four hours, or two hours per charger. The dual-color LED lights help monitor progress — red light indicates active charging, while the blue lights mean your controller is fully charged and ready to use. 

Use one controller while the other one stays on the unit. If there’s an issue with one controller, the other will be ready to go without interrupting game play. The vertical charging stand design is a popular feature. Some report the LED lights that indicate a full charge are unreliable, though.

9. Heatfun PS5 Controller Charger 

  • USB C Charging Cable included
  • Sharp looking
  • Good value for the money

Our next pick, the Heatfun PS5 controller charger, is an especially good choice for anywhere space is at a premium. The footprint is smaller and compact, and the sturdy tower design won’t take up too much room.

The Heatfun charger’s orange and blue LED lights (indicating charging and fully charged, respectively) add a nice atmosphere to a game room. This overall design keeps cables out of sight and out of mind. There’s also an anti-skid pad, helping keep this accessory in place and protecting your furniture. 

Overcharging, overheating, and similar types of issues are rarely a problem with Heatfun, we found out. Positive feedback on Heatfun calls it perfect and easy to set up, and reports that the specs and performance are as advertised. Some found it a bit difficult to attach the controllers, though, based on a few reports. 

8. YUANHOT Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS5 

  • Wireless
  • Console fits and and tight
  • Works as described

A storage device for your console and a charging station for your controllers, the YUANHOT vertical stand with cooling fan for PS5 is next in our list. Just like the name implies, this is an all-in-one unit that helps save space and keep your gaming gear organized.

The high-speed, low-noise cooling fans are another nice feature that helps prevent overheating. Up to two controllers can be charged at the same time, and the stand is compatible with both disc and digital PS5 consoles. The LED indicator lets you know when things are all charged up and ready to go. 

Typical charging time is roughly four hours to top off both controllers, we found out. Feedback on YUANHOT calls it quiet and effective. Others add it runs smoothly. If your game room or gaming area is particularly dusty, this is an especially good choice. The extra USB ports are another popular feature, we also learned. 

7. VOYEE PS5 Controller Charging Station 

  • Charges in rest mode
  • Isolated durability issues reported
  • Just as good as the official PS5 charger

Following YUANHOT, the best charging station for PS5 is the VOYEE PS5 controller charging station. This could perhaps be the fastest-charging accessory we reviewed, at around ninety minutes quoted per controller. We also like that the base port is made from copper pillar connectors, meaning they’re extra reliable and durable.

There’s an LED system to track charging progress, and a smart chip for overcharging, overheating and short-circuit protection. Check out the blinking orange lights, which also let you know if things go overvoltage. 

The ”click-in” attachment process does get mixed reviews, we found out. Some say there’s some fiddling required to get the chargers in place. But you can count on a solid connection and fast charging times, based on feedback. Overall, VOYEE works great and is priced right.

6. OIVO PS5 Vertical Stand with Controller Charging Station 

  • Space saving
  • Four plugins total
  • Easy set up

Another great charging station is the OIVO, which doubles as an all-in-one storage solution with a place for your console, headset, and a few games. There are also three additional USB ports to further expand the capacity. It’s all kept cool with quiet and effective high-speed fans.

There’s an LED light system to track charging — red means charging, and green means everything is all powered up. There are touchscreen on/off controls, and the accessory is overall sturdy and well built. It all fits into the base quickly and easily — just turns a few screws, based on feedback. The upfront USB ports will also keep your phone charged while playing, among other devices. Some find the fan a bit noisy, though.

5. BEJOY Newest Dual USB Type C PS5 Controller Charger with LED Indicator

  • Silicone skin controllers may not fit
  • USB cable included
  • Only one color option

For a nice, small, and effective charger that works just as well as the name brand accessory, we recommend BEJOY Dual USB-C PS5 controller charger with LED indicator. With two Type-C charging ports for two PS5 DualSense controllers, both your controllers will be charged in roughly four hours. The reliable LED system alerts you when charging is complete and things are all ready to go.

There’s also onboard protection to help prevent overcharging, overheating, and other hazards. It’s also a compact and lightweight choice, as it fits nicely in backpacks or computer bags, among other carry options.

The fit and finish on the BEJOY both receive positive feedback from consumers. It’s also easy to drop the controllers into their slots for a secure fit and reliable charging, users report. On the downside, it has no wall plug, just a USB port. Overall, this thing rocks, especially for the extremely affordable price, based on consumer experience.

4. NexiGo Enhanced PS5 Controller Charger 

  • Also compatible with Sony phone models
  • Great value
  • Controllers sit upright

The first of two NexiGo products we reviewed is the enhanced PS5 controller charger. What we liked about the accessory was the quick charging time — less than three hours with a direct 5V/3A adapter. Note that USB charging times are more typical, and the 5V/3A AC adapter is sold separately.

There’s smart-chip protection from overheating and other types of hazards. Another unique but important feature is the built-in 80% limiter, which helps to prolong the life of your battery, charging only up to 80% of capacity. 

Once attached to the back of the console, the LED light system updates progress, and the copper charging ports are far more stable than most Type-C chargers. The design scheme and LED lights match both the PS5 and the decor of many game rooms, based on feedback. The accessory is overall easy to install, which we like to hear. If only it came with that AC adapter, though.

3. NexiGo PS5 Controller Charger with Thumb Grip Kit 

  • Fast charging times with AC adapter (sold separate)
  • NexiGo accessories kit included with purchase
  • 80% limiter

This charger is a deluxe version of the previous one, and we thought there were enough unique aspects to give it its own spot in our ranking. With many similar specs, what stood out  about this accessory was the additional thumb grip kit included with purchase.

The unit is also sold with its own set of covers for the controllers, making them even easier to use. The controllers fit perfectly without much fiddling. When we received feedback this controller charger was even better than the PS5 charger, we knew it belonged in our ranking. 

Consumers particularly like that the controller fits right side up instead of upside down. It has a quality build, and  it doesn’t look or feel cheap in the slightest. The bottom is lined with rubber, so it’s very stable on all sorts of surfaces. If you’re having trouble finding the brand-name PS5 charger, this one is just as good, we found out.

2. OIVO DualSense Charging Station 

  • No phone compatibility
  • Nice quality feel
  • 3-year warranty

Second place in our ranking of the best charging stations for PS5 goes to OIVO. Their DualSense charging station has copper connectors for better connectivity. At only two hours, we like the quick charging times with the custom AC adapter included with purchase.

There’s also a conveniently located on/off switch, saving power. LED lights track progress; the blue accent lights and overall color scheme matching the look of your PS5 console. The anti-slip on the bottom of the accessory helps things stay firmly in place once situated.

Simply set the controllers on top of the charger to begin the process. Switch it off, and it doubles nicely as a place to store your controllers while not in use. If you have covers on controllers, they may not fit, which is a downside. Overall, though, this is an excellent charging station for the price, based on feedback. 

1. PlayStation DualSense Charging Station 

  • Simple and elegant
  • It just works!
  • Space saving

Topping our ranking is the brand-name DualSense charging station from PlayStation. There’s a lot to like about this PlayStation charger (besides consumer reports that it’s often sold out — look out for fakes!). The click-in design otherwise offers reliable connectivity.

Just drop the controllers into their slots and that’s about all there is to it, based on feedback. It matches the look of the PS5 console almost exactly, especially when viewed from above. Another nice feature is that the power cord is long enough to reach out of the way outlets without an extension cord, one user found out. 

For a fast-charging and easy-to-use station, there’s nothing quite like the name brand in this case. There’s no light system to alert you when things are fully charged, but that’s something most consumers say they can do without. That’s especially true for such an easy to use and reliable device.

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