Apex Legends Map Changes: Every Map Change in Season 12

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Apex Legends Map Changes: Every Map Change in Season 12

With the launch of Season 12: Defiance, Apex Legends map changes revealed a slew of new updates and tweaks to the map of Olympus! New POIs, quality of life updates, and other small changes arrived alongside the new update.

But just what exactly changed? How does the map flow with all of these adjustments? Where are the new POIs located? And is it ever worth it to drop at these locations? We’ll be answering each of these questions and going into great detail about all the new map changes to Olympus in Season 12 of Apex Legends. Be sure to take notes, we’ve got a lot to cover here!

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New POI: Phase Driver

Let’s begin by discussing one of the brand new points of interest on the map. Phase Driver is found on the southwest corner of the map, to the northwest of Bonsai Plaza and to the east of Hydroponics.

Phase Driver- New Map Location in Season 12
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

It’s a massive, circular structure with several crates and barrels scattered around the area. There’s also a massive portal at the top of the structure to top things off! Players can activate this portal using a control panel found at the northern end of the POI.

Upon interacting with the control panel, the portal will open up and several loot crates will drop down for you to collect. Destroy these loot crates and they’ll pop open with gold and purple gear, as well as various other goodies.

Landing here in the early game is a great way to stock up on valuable items and equipment before your opponents do. I’ve found that it isn’t that popular of a hot drop — I’m not quite sure why, considering how valuable the loot here is.

New POI: Terminal

The next new point of interest is called Terminal. The POI itself may not be that special, but it is a great new location that you may find yourself traveling across throughout the game (for reasons I’ll explain in a little bit).

It’s located just underneath the long Phase Runner that wraps around the map. You can find it to the southwest of Hammond Labs and to the north of the Phase Driver POI mentioned earlier.

New Point of Interest: Terminal
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

The location may not have much to offer in terms of loot, but it is pretty to look at. It’s a big, enclosed space with various computers and loot bins scattered here and there. There’s a big hologram of the Phase Driver in the center, and you can see the Phase Runner up above you!

You’ll use this location often because of ring rotations. This POI is in a popular area for late-game firefights, and it was put there to give players another route to rotate into the next ring. As a result, this new POI makes traveling around the map much, much easier to do!

Other Small Map Changes: Small but Noteworthy Changes

Apex Legends Map Changes - Small Map Changes in Season 12
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

In addition to all the new points of interest, there are several smaller — but still important — changes made to Olympus.

📍As a result of the phase technology going haywire, random objects have mistakenly teleported all around the map. You’ll now find various structures and objects around the city with an eerie purple glow.

📍New landmasses have been introduced to the southern part of the map. Because of this, there’s more space to move around and fewer places for you to fall to your death!

📍The POI’s Bonsai Plaza and Solar Array have had their locations adjusted slightly, which may take a bit to get used to. They’ve both been moved farther away from the center of the map. It’s not a huge difference, but you may need to consider using a Trident to get to these locations if you don’t already.

📍New ziplines dot the map to help you and your squad get around easier.

📍There are several other adjustments made to reduce the effect of chokepoints and make rotating much easier between rounds.

📍Last but certainly not least, the skybox for Olympus saw a huge change overall! The floating city’s been teleported to a brand new location, and with it comes a new skybox. If you look over the edge, you’ll see a massive city populated by hundreds of skyscrapers! This is my favorite of all the new changes. The map finally feels like a real city and not a floating resort in the sky like it did before.

Apex Legends Olympus Skybox Screen Shot
Image: Respawn Entertainment via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

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