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Remnant 2: The 5 Best Long Guns

Of all the reasons Remnant 2 is a great game, two of them stand out above the rest—amazing weapons and the abundance of secret events/missions. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best long guns in Remnant 2, and we’ll also cover how you can go about getting them. Some of these weapons require lots of puzzle solving or knowing about hidden secrets, but others are as simple as buying them from a vendor. This list is all subjective, of course, but we’ll give a full roundup of what we believe are the best long guns right now!

Note: This article contains spoilers for several areas and bosses. We won’t go into any more detail than necessary, but some are essential to unlocking certain weapons.


Nightfall Long Gun Weapon Remnant 2
Gearbox via Brett Moss

To kickoff our best long guns list, we’ve have the Nightfall. Simply put, Nightfall is so good it almost feels broken. Its base damage and fire rate are incredibly strong, making it a great weapon for picking off enemies from almost any range (it doesn’t hold up as well at long range as a sniper, but what does?). And just by looking at the screenshot above, it’s obvious how cool it looks, which is always a nice bonus.

The best thing about Nightfall, however, is its unique weapon mod. This mod, Dreadwalker, is likely the strongest in the game. When you activate it, you enter the “Nightmare Realm”. This makes you translucent, although don’t forget that enemies will still be able to attack you just like normal. In this state, Nightfall gains infinite ammo, doesn’t need to be reloaded, and allows fully automatic fire. You can very quickly blast through elite enemies or even bosses (especially at lower difficulties) before they have any time to react.

In addition to those bonuses, Dreadwalker also gives you 10% lifesteal. Obviously this is good against bosses and such, but it really excels at times when you’re either fighting ranged swarms or just large swarms in general. In the wave-based areas/challenges, the lifesteal can be an absolute game changer. This is a great weapon for players who prioritize range and explosive power, so you will want to make sure and have a good handgun or melee weapon for enemies that get a little to close for comfort.

How to Get Nightfall

Gearbox via Brett Moss

Getting Nightfall only requires one material that drops from a major boss–the Nightweaver. If you want this weapon, you’ll need to make sure your version of Losomn begins in Morrow Parish. This will lead you to a quest that involves exploring a Sanatorium and ultimately fighting the Nightweaver. After you kill the boss, it’ll drop an item called the Cursed Dream Silks. Go back to McCade at Ward 13 to use this item to purchase Nightfall. In addition to the Silks, it also costs 7 Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap.


Deceit Long Gun Weapon Remnant 2
Gearbox via Brett Moss

The first thing you’ll likely notice about Deceit is its beautiful design, which actually ties into what the weapon’s mod does. When you reload, the animation shows swords swirling around the barrel. These swords are essential to why this weapon has such high potential. The mod, Ouroboros, spawns three sword fragments that spin around the player. Whenever you do a melee attack while this ability is active, a fragment will fly forward and (hopefully) connect with an enemy. This marks the enemy, which causes all shots from Deceit to critically strike and do a ton of damage. Remember that you do not have to get close to enemies or actually connect with a melee attack on them for the sword fragments to fly forward. You could get close and melee them, but in most situations it’s a death wish.

Deceit is perfect for long-ranged fights where you can really stack up the precision and critical damage. There’s only two real downsides here. One is that it does require you to be precise with your melee attacks while the mod is active so you don’t miss. The other is that the weapon cannot get critical shots without the mod’s ability, so just remember that. It’s not hard to get caught up and killed while trying to land the swords on enemies, so be careful. This weapon is great for multiplayer, since you’ll have more time to make sure you land those shots. Either way, though, a good short-range hand gun is a good idea so you don’t get overwhelmed by hard-to-hit enemies that charge you.

How to Get Deceit

Gearbox via Brett Moss

To craft Deceit, you’ll need the item that drops from one of the final bosses from Losomn. To get started, reroll your campaign or adventure mode until you get the version of Losomn that begins in the Palace Courtyard. Once you have that, progress through the area normally.

Once you get to the part where you need to deposit the masks you’ve collected in the large platform, take notice of which side of the platform is facing the door. For this boss fight, the boss you face depends on which side is facing the door. To get the item which makes Deceit, you’ll need to fight Faelin. To do this, make sure the light side of the platform is facing the door. If you have the dark side facing it, you’ll fight Faerin instead and you won’t be able to get Deceit. You can pull the lever to rotate the platform, so you don’t have to worry about RNG or luck to get the right boss.

Faelin will drop an item called Imposter’s Heart. Return to McCabe at Ward 13 and speak to her to craft Deceit. In addition to the Imposter’s Heart, it also costs 7 Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap.


Alpha/Omega Long Gun Weapon Remnant 2
Gearbox via Brett Moss

The main strength of Alpha/Omega is that you can use its mod almost constantly. Its weapon mod is called Beta Ray, and allows you to brand targets. When you brand a target, you’ll be able to reload or put away your weapon to make the brand explode. This is great for clearing out swarms of enemies or for blasting bosses with huge stacks of damage. You can store up to three charges of this mod, and it recharges much quicker than most weapons. This allows you to use the mod more frequently, so you won’t have to be as worried about saving it for the more powerful enemies out there. You also get some ammo and mod power restored each time you kill an enemy with a brand, so you’ll have even more time to clear out enemies.

In addition to its powerful mod, you also get a huge magazine and solid DPS with this weapon. Having such a large mag is great, as you won’t have as much trouble with reloading during boss fights as you will with other weapons. That even includes some on this list, like Nightfall and Deceit, which have to deal with a small mag size in exchange for their high-damage mods. Alpha/Omega is great for just about any situation, and once you get the hang of switching to the mod and activating it quickly, it’s just as powerful as it looks.

How to Get Alpha/Omega

Gearbox via Brett Moss

To get Alpha/Omega, you’ll have to defeat the final boss of the game beforehand. Once you do, however, you get one of the most powerful slow-firing ranged weapons in the game. After you defeat the final boss, you’ll get an item called Forgotten Memory. This is the material you’ll need for the weapon. Once you have it, just go speak to McCabe to craft Deceit. You’ll need 7 Lumenite Crystals, 650 Scrap, and the Forgotten Memory you got from the boss.

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon Long Gun Weapon Remnant 2
Gearbox via Brett Moss

Crescent Moon is the strongest bow in the game, and easily one of the best overall. Bows in general are few and far between, but this is the best one to go for if you just want one. Its mod, Moonlight Barrage, gives just about every bonus you could ever wish for. With the mod active, each shot applies Moonlight to enemies hit. When you shoot an enemy with this mod, these enemies will release a glowing Moon Essence which tracks to you and grants 1 arrow, 5% max health back, and 15% fire and reload speed for 5 seconds. So you get infinite arrows (effectively), regenerate some health, and get to fire faster. Sounds pretty fantastic to us.

Moonlight Barrage also passively increases your damage by changing how your shots work. Basic, uncharged shots become charged shots (which means they do more damage and you can fire faster). If you choose to fully draw your shots anyway, you’ll fire two shots at once. For boss fights, these faster and more powerful shots allow you to chip away at their health bar better than ever. Combined with the other bonuses, Crescent Moon is an unstoppable bow fit for any occasion.

How to Get Crescent Moon

Gearbox via Brett Moss

Getting Crescent Moon is a bit of a long task. Before unlocking it, you’ll need access to the Dreamweaver melee weapon. To get the Dreamweaver, you’ll need to make sure you’re in a version of Losomn where you start out in Morrow Parish. Play through the area normally until you get to the Morrow Sanatorium.

In there, you’ll meet a doctor who is imprisoned in a room in the basement. You’ll need to find three stone dolls around the Sanatorium and bring them back to her. These are fairly easy to find, but one will require you to open the shed outside the Sanatorium and fight a mini-boss to pick up a key for the third floor. On the third floor, you’ll be able to find the prison cell key on a balcony, which you’ll need to unlock the doctor’s cell. Go back down to the basement, open the cell, and pick up the Nightweaver Stone Doll in the room.

Once you’ve done that, keep playing until you acquire the Soulkey Tribute, which drops from one of the bosses in the area that you will be prompted to. If you just progress the storyline normally, you should get there without any trouble.

Gearbox via Brett Moss

With the Soulkey Tribute in-hand, return to the basement. Down there, approach the big spider web (it’ll be hard to miss). Interact with it using the Soulkey Tribute and it’ll teleport you into the Tormented Asylum. This is an area that the game will naturally point you towards, since it’s also the location of the Nightweaver boss. To get the Dreamcatcher, just find the cell with more spider webs you can interact with. Give the web the Nightweaver Stone Doll to receive the Dreamcatcher.

Once you have it, you’re on to the easiest part of getting the Crescent Moon. Go to Nimue’s Rest first, and if you haven’t spoken to her before, do so. To get Crescent Moon, you’ll need to find Nimue sleeping. If she isn’t sleeping when you get there, all you can do is keep resetting the world until she is. Once you find her sleeping, approach her with the Dreamweaver equipped and attack her glowing bracelet (it won’t actually do any damage to her). This will give you the Nimue’s Dream item. Equip and use this item to transport into a new area called Retreat’s Horizon. In there, run around until you see a blue glowing light in the distance. Run to it and interact with it to receive the Anamy’s Echo. Then, you’re all set! Just go back to McCabe at Ward 13 to craft your new bow.

XMG57 “Bonesaw”

XMG57 "Bonesaw" Long Gun Weapon Remnant 2
Gearbox via Brett Moss

The Bonesaw is a fairly straightforward weapon. It’s a machine gun with a truly massive 150-round magazine, and its damage is really strong for what it is. The Bonesaw is designed to be fired for long periods of time at once, and it even gets more accurate as you hold the trigger. As the description states, it is great for suppressive fire, which might come in handy if you’re a medic. Since this is a starting weapon for the Medic archetype, that makes a lot of sense.

For everything from chewing through groups of annoying enemies to fighting the highest-HP bosses, the Bonesaw is an excellent choice. There’s really nothing it can’t do. You won’t have to reload much, you don’t have to rely on your hand gun too much (if you don’t want to), and you’ll have plenty of time to help out your team (or just yourself) by taking on everything that comes your way.

How to Get XMG57 “Bonesaw”

Gearbox via Brett Moss

Finally, an easy one. The Bonesaw is a starting weapon for the Medic archetype, but it’s also available for non-medics as well. You can purchase the Bonesaw from Brabus at Ward 13 if you don’t start out with it. He sells it for 1000 Scrap, so it’s fairly affordable as well.

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Remnant 2 is one of the most exciting new games with tons of promise. It has more than enough content to keep you entertained, no matter how you chose to play. We hope you make great use out of all these long guns, and as always, make sure to keep the high ground!


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