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Remnant 2: The 5 Best Handguns

Oftentimes, hand guns are the least important of your arsenal in games. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Remnant 2. Unlike many other shooters and RPGs, Remnant 2 gives your hand guns the chance to shine just as much as the long guns. Many of them have unique abilities that make them just as good as the long guns, and even the more basic ones still have plenty of opportunities to steal the show. In this article we’ll check out 5 of the best hand guns in Remnant 2 and where to find them!

Note: This article contains spoilers for several parts of Remnant 2. If you want to experience the game fully blind, be aware that this article will have spoilers for several bosses and secret locations since they’re essential for getting some of these weapons.

Cube Gun

Cube Gun Handgun Weapon Remnant 2
Gearbox via Brett Moss

The Cube Gun easily stands out as one of the most unique hand guns in Remnant 2. In addition to good all-round stats, it’s also one of few weapons with infinite ammo. You can use the Cube Gun as much as you want to clear out swarms or other enemies without ever having to deal with running out and having to scavenge for just a bit more.

While the infinite ammo is excellent, the Cube Gun also has an invaluable unique mod called Cube Shield. When you use the mod, it does exactly what it says–it gives you a big cube shield. The cube shield blocks a significant amount of damage, which can be helpful in any situation. It’s really effective at blocking ranged damage when you’re trying to deal with other enemies at the same time, or if you’re low on health and a boss starts spamming ranged attacks. And on top of just blocking a ton of damage, the cube shield can also be used offensively. If you reactivate the mod while it’s still active, you’ll launch the shield forward to do a nice bit of damage. The damage increases if the shield has blocked damage beforehand, so try to time it right!

How to Get the Cube Gun

Gearbox via Brett Moss

To get the Cube Gun, all you need to do is defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel boss at the end of the Labyrinth area. Traversing the Labyrinth can be a bit confusing, as it’s set up in a maze-like way. However, the game should point you through the area in the right directions. Once you’ve defeated the Labyrinth Sentinel (shoot the light spots on the cubes to deal damage), you’ll get an item called a Conflux Prism. Take that to McCabe at Ward 13 to craft the Cube Gun! Other than the Prism, all you’ll need is 7 Lumenite Crystals and 1000 Scrap.

Double Barrel

Double Barrel Handgun Weapon Remnant 2
Gearbox via Brett Moss

The Double Barrel is pretty much exactly what you expect it to be. It has the two round mag you’d expect, and it does absolutely massive damage in quick bursts. The amount of damage it can output in just a second is far more than almost any other gun, but you will have to reload after each burst. Since this is a weapon you’ll have to reload often, any equipment items or mods that give bonuses when you reload are amazing.

This weapon is best paired with a ranged long gun that will be able to handle any far-off enemies on its own. There’s really no reason to use the Double Barrel alongside the more heavy machine guns, but if you need some close-range backup, this might just be your best choice.

How to Get the Double Barrel

Gearbox via Brett Moss

The first thing to do before searching out the Double Barrel shotgun is to ensure that your version of Losomn begins in Morrow Parish. From there, you’ll eventually make your way to a location called the Morrow Sanatorium, which is filled with creepy nurses and insane inmates. On the first floor, there’s a room with a locked safe. The Double Barrel is in there, but you’ll need a code to unlock it. There are two ways you can go about this. If you want to find the code legitimately in-game, you’ll need to collect three stone dolls and take them to the doctor locked up downstairs in a room. Once you give her the dolls, she’ll give you a clue that should help you figure out the passcode. If you’d rather just look up the code, though, you can also do that. We’ll include the code right below this next image, so those of you who want to find it yourself won’t get spoiled.

Gearbox via Brett Moss

To unlock the safe without going through all the trouble of finding the stone dolls, here’s the code: 2981. Have fun with that new Double Barrel–just make sure to equip a powerful modification and mutator for the best experience.

Service Pistol

Service Pistol Handgun Weapon Remnant 2
Gearbox via Brett Moss

The Service Pistol is likely the most “basic” weapon on this list, and maybe even in the game as a whole. However, it’s also incredibly efficient and easy to use, while outputting a lot more damage than you might think as well. It has high base damage (for a hand gun), you can fire it about as fast as you can pull the trigger, and the mag size is pretty decent all things considered.

To make the best use out of the Service Pistol, pair it with a good mid- to long-range weapon. It’s best in situations where you need reliable back-up damage that you can use at mid-range for high precision damage. The Service Pistol might not be the most explosive or exciting weapon, but if you’re looking for something you can always count on for any situation, it’s perfect.

How to Get the Service Pistol

Gearbox via Brett Moss

To buy the Service Pistol, you can go talk to Brabus in the shooting range at Ward 13 anytime. He sells it for just 1000 Scrap, so you won’t have to jump through any hoops to get it. Brabus sells several weapons that, while a bit basic, can be put to great use. Check out the rest of his inventory while you’re there!


MP60-R Handgun Weapon Remnant 2
Gearbox via Brett Moss

The MP60-R isn’t a flashy weapon or anything like that, but where it shines is its reliability and efficiency. While it doesn’t have any crazy perks or stats, it’s by far one of the simplest weapons in the game that still does really good damage. Since it’s just an SMG, essentially, it’s obviously great for quickly breaking through waves of enemies at close range. However, it’s also got surprisingly good range. In mid-range fights, it’s much easier than you might expect to get near-constant precision shots for high damage.

Using the MP60-R is a ton of fun, and since it’s not a boss or special weapon, you can make some really interesting builds with your mods. On top of that, it’s perfect to pair with more long-ranged weapons like Deceit or Widowmaker. For those long-ranged weapons, especially sniper rifles, nothing is better than this. Since you’ll need a reliable weapon for close- to mid-range fights when using those types of weapons, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the MP60-R.

How to Get the MP60-R

Gearbox via Brett Moss

The MP60-R is really easy to get from the very start of the game. As soon as you get to Ward 13, just check Ford’s room up in the office-like area near the crystal. There’s a safe in the room that you’ll need to unlock to get a key. You can find the code by inspecting your flashlight in your inventory and rotating it upside down. The code is 0415, if you don’t want to actually do that. When you open the safe, you’ll get the Cargo Control Key.

Take the key and head down to the area near the docks with all the shipping containers. Head down the path other there until you enter a building and eventually come to a locked door. Use the key, then continue on into the building. Eventually you’ll end up in a room with a purple item on a table. Pick it up and you’ve gotten the MP60-R!


Enigma Handgun Weapon Remnant 2
Gearbox via Brett Moss

The Enigma is, without a doubt, the best hand gun for clearing waves of enemies. Instead of firing projectiles, it instead fires a beam of lighting energy that bounces around to all the enemies near you. This thing is perfect for clearing enemies, whether you can even see them or not. If they’re anywhere near you, you’ll be able to chain lightning them to death in seconds.

The weapon’s mod, Chaos Driver, makes it even more viable for taking out more powerful enemies. Just activate the mod to fire a lightning rod object into enemies or surfaces. You can fire multiple rods, and they all tether to one another to do continuous damage for up to 10 seconds. The more rods you have tethered to one another, the more damage they’ll do! It’s an incredibly easy way to lock down an area and give you plenty of time to heal or buff yourself before progressing. And it’ll definitely make short work of any enemies that get near the rods. It even works well against bosses, especially if they spawn other enemies that you might need to deal with. Pair this beast of a weapon up with something that can do high precision damage and you’ll be unstoppable.

How to Get Enigma

Gearbox via Brett Moss

To get the Enigma, you’ll need to make your way to the Labyrinth location. To get there, all you have to do is finish the first area you spawn in to progress to this one. Once you’ve arrived at the Labyrinth, just continue progressing through the game normally. After you have a good portion of the area revealed (or even after you’ve finished exploring entirely), go to the portal that cycles between different locations. The closest place to spawn is the Fractured Ingress checkpoint, so go there if you have it unlocked.

Go stand in front of the cycling portal until you see the correct location to jump through to (pictured below). You’re looking for an area that appears to drop off into nothing, with streaks of star-like objects filling the sky. When you jump through, you’ll freefall through the air until a platform appears beneath you. Sometimes, if you go through the portal at the wrong angle, you’ll miss the platform and plummet to your death. If that happens, just respawn and try again. I’ve had the best results going through the portal on the right side, but this may vary.

Gearbox via Brett Moss

Once you successfully complete the portal jump, progress forward up the revealed steps and defeat all the enemies that spawn (there will be some strong enemies, so come prepared). Go up to the large pillar-like object (pictured at the start of this section) and pick up the item behind it. This item, the Cipher Rod, is the material you need to craft the Enigma.

With the Rod in-hand, return to McCabe at Ward 13 to craft the Enigma! It costs 7 Lumenite Crystals, 1000 Scrap, and the Cipher Rod.

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Hand guns in Remnant 2 are just as important as your long guns, and some are even more powerful! With the right combination of weapons, you can take out anything that comes your way, no matter what it is. Thanks for checking out this article, and as always, make sure to keep the high ground!


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