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LISA: The Painful Best Characters and Team Compositions

Lisa: The Painful is an RPG all about finding and collecting party members and then utilizing them to the best of your ability. These party members all feature a wide variety of skills that make them incredibly useful in fights. And they work at their best when paired with the right people to compliment them.

But out of the man, many different party members you can find in Lisa: The Painful, which ones are the best to get? And which ones work the best with one another? We’ll be answering these questions and more in this guide on the best characters in Lisa: The Painful.

Once we rank all the top characters, we’ll be diving into some recommended team comps.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the article.

Lisa The Painful Best Party Members, Ranked From Good to Best

Brad talking to people in Lisa the Painful
Image: Serenity Forge

First up, let’s go over our picks for the best party members in the game (excluding Brad for obvious reasons).

#5 Yazan Barghouti

Yazan Barghouti from Lisa The Painful
Image: Serenity Forge

Yazan Barghouti is one of the more underrated characters in the game, in my opinion. He is a samurai-like warrior who wields a katana. He joins up with Brad so he can travel the world, seeking out a mysterious safe haven for Katherine, his loyal feline companion. His abilities are a mix of damage-dealing attacks and support abilities that stem from his pet.

One of my favorite abilities that I used with him early on is “Three Wishes.” These are three rapid attacks that deal high damage but are inaccurate, and have a moderate chance of missing. While it is a risky ability, when all your hits land it really stacks up some damage. Another great damage dealing ability is Judgment, which does very high damage to one enemy in battle. This is a great ability for bosses or just really tough enemies you encounter.

In addition to some of his katana-oriented abilities, he also has skills that revolve around his cat companion. One ability is called Purrfect. This will increase the agility stat of all your party members. Agility determines your chances to dodge incoming attacks. It’s a great stat to raise if you want to avoid taking damage. Lioness’s Furry is another ability. It will cause Kat to scratch one enemy, giving them a bleeding effect that will slowly deal damage to them over time.

#4 Olan Hoyt

Olan Hoyt from Lisa The Painful
Image: Serenity Forge

Olan Hoyt is a character you meet fairly early on in your playthrough. He can be found inside of one of the first bars in the game, asking passing strangers if they’d buy him a drink. If you agree and give him one, he’ll join your party. This is something I highly recommend you do, as he is one of the best DPS-type characters in the entire game.

Olan is an archer and uses a special bow in order to deal damage to enemies. He can dish out some heavy pain with this weapon, so be sure to use it often. Instead of using MP for his skills, he uses TP. This is a number that starts out low when entering a fight but can be increased every time he uses a standard attack. You can start out with a few basic attacks at the start of a fight to rack up some TP.

Then, you can use one of his many useful abilities to deal lots of damage. He has a “Poison Arrow” skill which can inflict a poison de-buff on enemies, damaging them over time. Olan also has access to many different skills that allow him to deal high damage with his bow. One skill is called “Bomb Arrow” and allows him to fire an explosive arrow at an enemy, dealing high damage to them.

#3 Terry Hintz

Terry Hintz from Lisa The Painful
Image: Serenity Forge

The legendary Terry Hints is the next character on this list. He is the first party member that you will meet on your journey, encountering him during the tutorial of the game. Despite the fact that he may seem like a very weak character, he is actually one of the strongest in the game… Assuming you’re willing to put in the time to level him up.

Terry is a support character who specializes in healing and buffing your other party members, but he can also de-buff enemies. His unique abilities (called “Hints”) can range from restoring a party member’s SP to healing them, to tricking an enemy into hitting the deck. One of his absolute BEST moves, however, is called “The Hottest Dance.” This is a fire-based attack that can be combined with Birdie Hall’s ability to coat damage in gasoline to deal roughly 25,000 points of damage!

Terry also has access to several damage-dealing skills that can make him more of an offensive character in some situations. These skills are sometimes pretty useful, but I don’t recommend using these more often than his hints, as other characters can deal much more damage than him.

#2 Fardy Hernandez

Fardy Hernandez from Lisa The Painful
Image: Serenity Forge

Fardy Hernandez is a character that I overlooked when I first got him. At first, I thought he would be a weak character. Boy oh boy was I wrong. Fardy is without a doubt one of the best offensive characters in the game. This is due to his Truck Slam abilities. These are skills that you can use to deal very high damage to not just one enemy, but every enemy in an entire group.

This makes him an excellent way to quickly clear out a big group of enemies without the use of fire bombs. While his Truck Slam abilities do use a decent amount of MP, you can quickly regenerate this using his Weep ability, which will bring it back up. The only real downside of this character is the fact that the Truck Slams are fairly inaccurate. Sometimes you’ll land a hit and deal high damage, other times you’ll miss and do no damage. It’s a risk-reward system, but for the most part, it’s great.

#1 Birdie Hall

Birdie Hall from Lisa The Painful
Image: Serenity Forge

Birdie Hall is our top pick, and when you learn about his skills it’s not hard to see why. He is a nice hybrid between a damage-dealing character and a support character. His abilities are a mix of dealing out HP damage to enemies as well as healing allies and de-buffing enemies.

His Drunkard Tumble skills are very good for racking up lots of damage. You can get him drunk before a fight by drinking some beer, allowing you to use higher levels of this ability early on without needing to rack up some TP first. Additionally, another great skill of his is the Lil’ Diddy skill, which can cure many different illnesses from party members. There’s also the Secret Stash ability that heals his teammates for a good amount of HP.

But without a doubt, his most useful and important ability is the Gasoline Spit skill. This allows him to coat an enemy with gasoline, making them much more susceptible to fire damage. You can combine this with any fire-based attacks (fire bombs, Brad’s Fireball skill, etc.) to deal some very, very high damage. Overall, he’s just a really useful character in almost any situation.

Lisa the Painful Best Team Compositions, Ranked From Good to Best

Olan Attacks! and Brad in Lisa the Painful
Image: Serenity Forge

Now let’s discuss what some of the best combinations of party members are that can help Brad on his journey.

#3 Olan Hoyt, Bo Wyatt, & Harvey Alibastor – Jack of All Trades

Bo Wyatt in Lisa The Painful
Image: Serenity Forge

Olan Hoyt is a bowman who can deal high damage with each attack. His skills are fairly diverse, giving him access to numerous different useful abilities in battle. He can use explosive arrows for very strong damage, and he can also use poison arrows to deal damage over time. I recommend that you give him some alcohol before a fight as this is a great way to boost his TP so you can quickly use his skills at the start of a fight.

Bo Wyatt is a musician who can be used for both buffing your teammates and de-buffing enemies. His skill God’s Call can be used to heal himself and allies. You can also use the skill Muscle Call to buff your teammates, giving them 90% resistance to physical damage! Another skill of his I like is Hell’s Call, which can induce fear in enemies, making them unable to do any attacks. Overall, Bo Wyatt is a really great character with a lot of versatility.

Harvey Alibastor is an odd-looking fish lawyer who has a mixture of offensive attacks and de-buffs. His Water Gun skills are great for dealing damage to enemies when needed. And he can use his skill Soak to cure your other party members of any negative effects. The last skill of his I want to discuss is called Legal Jargan. This can be used to put enemies to sleep, making them unable to attack you and your teammates.

#2 Fardy Hernandez, Shocklord, & Dick Dickson – Good For Big Groups of Enemies

Dick Dickson in Lisa the Painful
Image: Serenity Forge

Fardy Hernandez’s Truck Slams are really great for attacking groups of enemies. When you activate this skill, it will target every enemy on the other team. What’s more, is that the damage will not be reduced depending on the number of enemies being targeted. So as a result, you have a high-damage attack that can rack up over a thousand points to each enemy. Just keep in mind his attacks are fairly inaccurate, meaning you’re not guaranteed to land every hit.

Shocklord is a wrestler who can only do one single move: Big Shock! This is a really great attack that deals high damage per hit. It is a great way to counteract the inaccuracy of Fardy’s Truckslams. Additionally, Shocklord has high health and defense, which makes him a great tank. He can take a lot of damage, which increases the odds of your party surviving a fight. If one of your allies goes down, Shocklord will still be standing and able to use an item to revive them.

Dick Dickson’s “Party Time!” skill will cause every single party member will gain the “Party Mode” buff. With this activated, each member will gain increased attack and special attack stats, as well as bonus agility and luck. This is really great for maximizing your team’s damage output while also reducing their chances of getting hit with bonus agility. Additionally, his headspin ability makes him great for stunning enemies, which is very important when going against big groups.

#1 Birdie Hall, Fardy, & Terry Hintz – Great For Dealing High Damage + Fighting Mutants

Terry Hintz in Lisa The Painful
Image: Serenity Forge

This team composition is without a doubt one of the BEST in the game for boss fights and any high-health enemies. Birdie Hall’s best skill is the ability to douse a target in gasoline. This can then be followed up with a Fireball from Brad, dealing absolutely massive damage. With Fireball 4 I’m able to deal over 7,000 damage with a single hit! Or you can use it with Terry Hint’s “The Hottest Dance” skill, which does an overpowered amount of damage… About 25,000 per hit!

Additionally, Fardy is also a great damage dealer due to his truck slam ability. He can quickly deal lots of damage to whole groups of enemies like it’s nothing, and then recover his TP quickly and easily whenever you need more. Dick Dickson’s abilities deal pretty low damage, but he is great for disabling big groups of enemies with his Perfect Headspin skill.

Terry Hintz is a really great support character who can be used to keep the health of all your party members up high. Since the other two characters specialize in dealing with damage, it’s a good idea to have a support character that can keep everyone alive and well in a fight.

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