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10 Tips & Tricks for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

After several years of waiting, the long-anticipated sequel to Cal Kestis’ journey has come to its second chapter in Jedi: Survivor. The game expands on its predecessor in nearly every way: it offers new ways to fight, new worlds to explore, and an exciting new story to bring everything together. But you’ll need to know all the tips and tricks you can get to handle all the new features in Jedi: Survivor.

There’s so much to see and do in the game, and learning how to master all the new challenges and mechanics can seem daunting. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Tips & Tricks for Jedi: Survivor!

10 Things You Need to Know Before Playing Jedi: Survivor

Without any more delays, let’s jump right into the article!

1. Explore Every Inch You Can

Explore Everywhere You Can
Image: Respawn, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

One of the best aspects of Jedi: Survivor is the exploration it offers. Players get to venture into a wide array of unique and fascinating worlds scattered across the Star Wars galaxy. These worlds are predominantly comprised of linear pathways that often branch out into other areas. By thoroughly exploring these branching offshoots, players are rewarded with special upgrades and cosmetic items that can be utilized throughout their playthrough.

These upgrades provide various enhancements, including boosts to Cal’s maximum health and the amount of Force power he can wield before needing to recharge. If you’re playing on higher difficulties, unlocking these upgrades becomes an absolute necessity. The game offers a heightened level of challenge compared to its predecessor. As a result, upgrading your stats (particularly your health) becomes crucial for survival.

Furthermore, there is an abundance of incredibly cool cosmetic unlocks to discover and use in order to make Cal Kestis stand out. Unlike in Jedi: Fallen Order, there is now a vast array of different cosmetics available. You’ll find unique jackets, hairstyles, and much more! No longer will you open a locked chest only to find a recolor of the poncho you’ve been wearing throughout the entire game.

2. Prioritize Certain Enemies in a Fight

Prioritize Certain Enemies - Tips and Tricks for Jedi: Survivor
Image: Respawn, Electronic Arts via HGG

Like any great video game, Jedi: Survivor offers a wide range of adversaries for players to confront. These foes encompass everything from simple-minded B1 battle droids to highly-trained Purge Troopers. Frequently, you’ll find yourself engaged in combat against large groups of multiple different enemy types. In such situations, it’s crucial to prioritize your targets and strategize accordingly.

One effective tactic is to focus on eliminating ranged enemies before engaging in melee combat. This is because they can hinder and inflict damage upon you while you’re occupied with a close-quarters adversary. Additionally, ranged enemies typically possess lower health, making them easier to dispatch first. Beware, though, as some of the more dangerous ranged opponents can unleash unblockable projectiles, necessitating quick evasive maneuvers!

Most ranged adversaries can be neutralized by deflecting their blaster shots back at them. However, certain formidable opponents, such as the B2-series Super Battle Droid, can endure numerous hits and require sustained close-quarters assault. By employing strategic thinking and fighting with finesse, you can emerge from every encounter unscathed.

3. Avoid Spamming Parry

Avoid Spamming Parry
Image: Respawn, Electronic Arts via HGG

In Jedi: Survivor, players possess the skill to parry specific melee attacks unleashed by enemies. To execute a parry, you must press the block button precisely when an enemy swings their weapon at you. Successfully executing a parry throws the enemy off balance, providing an opportunity for a devastating lightsaber strike.

Occasionally, the enemy will respond with another counterattack after you successfully parry their first strike. If you can continue to successfully parry their counterattacks, you’ll eventually expose enemies to high-damage opportunities.

Parrying enemies holds tremendous significance, particularly during boss fights. In the initial stage, the game ensures players grasp the mechanics and the crucial role of parrying. However, one crucial detail the game fails to mention is that immediately attempting to parry again after a failed attempt will likely result in missing the parry once more and incurring damage.

Therefore, if you fail to land a parry against an enemy, simply hold down the block button to nullify incoming damage. This is a much better option, as it guarantees no damage is taken and spares severe repercussions for missing a parry. Once the enemy launches another assault, you can then attempt to parry again for another opportunity.

Alternatively, for those seeking a simpler approach, adjusting the settings in the Accessibility menu allows you to enable an “always parry” function by spamming the parry button. This tweak makes parrying more forgiving and easier to execute.

4. Double Jumping Will NOT Reset Fall Distance

Double Jumping Will NOT Reset Fall Damage - Tips and Tricks for Jedi: Survivor
Image: Respawn, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Jedi: Survivor offers a significant amount of verticality, ranging from towering desert cliffs to steep drops within subterranean cities. It’s a game that will test your fear of heights. Given the extensive navigation and backtracking required, you might feel tempted to save time by leaping from a lofty precipice. Unfortunately, fall damage is a reality in Jedi: Survivor, and if your health is low, it could prove fatal.

Some resourceful players may consider executing a double jump right before landing to mitigate fall damage. However, unlike in other games, this maneuver does not work in Jedi: Survivor. Therefore, it’s advisable to refrain from attempting it when launching Cal from great heights. Reserve jumping off substantial ledges for situations when you’re prepared to sustain fall damage.

Alternatively, if your health is depleted and you cannot afford to heal after taking damage, it might be wiser to opt for the longer route instead of risking a hazardous descent.

5. Use Point Blank Against Unblockable Attacks

Use Point Blank on Unblockable Attacks - Tips and Tricks for Jedi: Survivor
Image: Respawn, Electronic Arts via HGG

After unlocking the blaster gun later in the game, you’ll gain access to a wide variety of new abilities. One particularly notable ability is “Point Blank,” which you’ll have to unlock from the Blaster Stance skill tree. This is without a doubt one of the best abilities in the game, and anyone using Blaster Stance should aim to get it as soon as possible.

What makes this skill so significant is that it lets you parry unblockable attacks from enemies. When an adversary turns red and launches a powerful assault at you, using this ability at the right time will let you interrupt their attack with a devastating counter-shot. Mastering this ability can serve as a lifesaver, particularly due to the increased frequency of enemies employing unblockable attacks In Jedi: Survivor compared to its predecessor.

Unsurprisingly, this ability is incredibly useful against the various bosses you’ll encounter. However, mastering the timing for a Point Blank shot is challenging, especially on higher difficulties. The window to execute the counter-attack is smaller than a standard parry, necessitating ample practice to become proficient. We highly recommend practicing the timing on this ability, to ensure you don’t end up taking every attack to the face in battle. Speaking of battles…

6. Use Training Mode Often

Use Training Mode Often
Image: Respawn, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

First added as a free update to Jedi: Fallen Order years ago, the training mode returns to Jedi: Survivor! This was without a doubt one of the BEST ideas that anyone at Respawn has ever had. In case you weren’t aware of it, there you can access select a training mode whenever you rest at a meditation point. Within this practice mode, you can fight against various NPCs to test and refine your abilities.

Not only is the training mode fun to mess around in, it’s also a great tool for preparing against some of the more difficult enemies and bosses. It offers a range of options for practicing different skills and gameplay mechanics. One particular option I highly recommend is the parrying training mode. Here, you’ll encounter an enemy whom you must parry at least three times to complete the training.

There’s also an advanced version of it where you’ll face a more difficult opponent: a Purge Trooper. I practiced my parrying using these game modes and it’s been a great help in getting a hang of the technique. So, whenever you find yourself struggling with a specific mechanic, I urge you to visit a meditation point and give the training mode a try. Regular practice of specific skills will undoubtedly help you grasp them more effectively.

7. Learn a Boss’ Attack Patterns

Learn a Boss' Attack Patterns
Image: Respawn, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Moving on to the next entry in our list of tips and tricks for Jedi: Survivor, we delve into an essential aspect of the game: boss fights. Whenever you find yourself pitted against one of these formidable foes, it’s crucial to commit their attack patterns to memory. It may sound like an obvious piece of advice, but far too many players fail to do so. Hence, why so many struggle against certain bosses.

As you engage in combat with a boss enemy, make a conscious effort to track their attack patterns. This awareness will prove invaluable when they inevitably repeat those same patterns in subsequent encounters. Bosses often employ multiple attack patterns throughout the fight, and while it may initially appear overwhelming to keep track of them all, rest assured that it’s not as challenging as it might seem.

This practice of recognizing and memorizing attack patterns is a common strategy employed by players in action-adventure games, much like Jedi: Survivor. A prime example can be found in the renowned Dark Souls series. While it is indeed possible to triumph over a boss by relying solely on your reflexes and skills, if you find yourself struggling, one of the most effective tactics at your disposal is to mentally catalogue their attack patterns.

8. Always Have Double-Bladed Stance Equipped

Always Equip Double-Bladed Stance - Tips and Tricks for Jedi: Survivor
Image: Respawn, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

One of my favorite aspects of Jedi: Survivor is the introduction of multiple stances. In the previous game, our choices were limited to either a single blade or a saber staff. However, now we have an array of options to tailor our gameplay experience! There are various stances at your disposal, such as Duel Welding, Blaster Stance, and, of course, the Double-Bladed Stance.

From my own playtime, I’ve discovered that the Double-Bladed Stance stands out as one of the most exceptional and versatile choices. Its primary advantage lies in its crowd control capabilities. You can inflict substantial damage upon multiple enemies simultaneously. Given that encounters with groups of adversaries are quite common, this stance turns them into minced meat in no time. Moreover, it proves equally effective against individual targets.

In my experience, it excels at depleting enemies’ stamina bars, letting you break their defense and unleash devastating strikes into them. Another noteworthy application of the double-bladed lightsaber is its ability to deflect multiple projectiles fired by heavy troopers. These distinctive troopers are identifiable by their imposing blue shields and bulky weapons. By deflecting multiple blaster bolts simultaneously, you can swiftly neutralize them from a safe distance.

9. Knock Enemies Over Ledges

Knock Enemies Over Ledges - Tips and Tricks for Jedi: Survivor
Image: Respawn, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Something that just never gets old for me is knocking enemies over ledges with the Force Push ability. You’ll often find yourself near ledges that lead to a steep drop-off. If you fall down there, you’ll take damage. However, if an enemy falls down there, then they’ll just straight up die. This means that you can instantly kill nearly any enemy that’s near one of these ledges.

As previously mentioned, this can only be done with the Force Push ability. I highly recommend luring enemies to the edge of a cliff or pit, especially the bulkier ones with large health bars. Then you can use the Force Push ability to send them to their death without even touching them! If you have sufficient Force Power, you can use this ability multiple in quick succession. So don’t fret if your first push doesn’t do the job.

This tip is especially useful if you are fighting multiple enemies at once. It’s a lot easier and faster to drop an enemy to their death than than to continuously whittle away at their health or stamina bar. This tip was incredibly useful in getting me past the B2-series Super Battle Droids that you first encounter early on in the game.

10. Get Resilience Skills Early On

Get Resilience Skills Early On - Tips and Tricks for Jedi: Survivor
Image: Respawn, Electronic Arts via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Last but not least on this tips and tricks list for Jedi: Survivor, we highly recommend that you specialize in the Resilience skill tree early on. This skill tree is all about keeping you alive from the various dangers that can be found across the galaxy.

The most obvious skills that you should get from this tree are the ones that increase your maximum health, especially since Cal’s health is pretty low at the start of the game. You’re more than likely going to make mistakes when you’re first getting into the swing of combat, so it helps tremendously to have a large health pool to act as a buffer.

Another great skill you can find in this tree is the ability to regain Force Energy when using a stim from BD. If you find yourself using Force Powers a lot, being able to regain some lost energy becomes incredibly important.

The last skill from this tree that I recommend you get is the one that increases the amount of health you get from using a stim. Oftentimes, a stim will not completely re-fill your health bar, especially in the middle of a major battle. This situation becomes even more common if you get the other skills that increase your max health. Thankfully, this skill helps offset that health difference.

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