How to Get Cloth in Rimworld

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How to Get Cloth in Rimworld

Colonists in RimWorld have a wide range of wearable clothing, from dusters and jackets to high-tech armor and gear. Many items of clothing allow you to choose what kind of fabric or material they’re made of when you create them at the tailoring bench. One of the most common fabrics you can acquire in RimWorld is simply called cloth. While it is one of the weaker ways to make clothing, it can be used for other useful items that can’t be made with other kinds of fabric. This includes carpets, industrial medicine, flak vests, and billiards tables. Today, we’ll show you how to get cloth in RimWorld easily and in abundance.

Growing Cotton

Cotton plants are the most reliable source of cloth in RimWorld.
The depth of RimWorld is apparent when looking at the stats for your farmed plants. | Image: Ludeon Studios via HGG / Nathan Hart

The most reliable source of cloth in RimWorld is to grow cotton plants. These plants take anywhere from 5–20 days to grow, depending on what kind of soil you place them in. The absolute most optimal growth times happen in a hydroponics bin. Since not all crops can be grown in hydroponics bins, cloth is the only reliable fabric you can grow without outside aid or slaughtering animals.

There are also a few ways you can improve the output of your farmlands. Twith the Ideology DLC lets you make an ideoligion revolving around becoming caretakers for plants. If you start a game with either the High Life or Tree Connection memes, you’ll gain access to a plant specialist. At the cost of being unable to do lots of other kinds of work, this specialist will finish work with plants much more quickly than other colonists.

If you have the Royalty DLC, you can also try to get ahold of some “Field hand” bionic parts. These artificial replacement hands include numerous tools to make the life of a bionic farmer a little bit easier. One such example is enhancing their work speed with plants to 160% at the cost of a little movement speed. Growing a massive amount of cloth can be a profitable venture if you have some masterful crafters hanging around the tailoring bench without enough leather to keep working.

Bulk Goods Traders

You can get more cloth in RimWorld from traders.
Calling a trader in is an effective method of getting more cloth. | Image: Ludeon Studios via HGG / Nathan Hart

The only other option you have for acquiring cloth in RimWorld is the always-helpful bulk goods traders. These traders will walk onto your map and offer plenty of items like fabric, meat, and steel. They are also the only source of colored cloth, as all the cotton you grow yourself will make white cloth. The market value of cloth is 1.5 pieces of silver, so you’ll likely be buying it for a higher price than that unless you have a truly exceptional negotiator. Still, stockpiling cloth whenever a bulk goods trader comes to town is a great way to start applying fine carpets to all your best rooms.

To get more access to bulk goods traders, you can set up a comms console and at least one orbital trading beacon. This brings in calls from passing orbital traders, resulting in more chances to trade in all sorts of goods. You can even use the comms station to call bulk goods traders over from neighboring friendly settlements at the cost of faction goodwill.

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This guide to cloth in RimWorld should help you and your colony stay properly outfitted no matter what the planet decides to throw at you. With flak jackets to protect them, your colonists are sure to take the high ground. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow High Ground Gaming on all social media for more deep-space survival tips.

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