How to Farm Money in Armored Core 6

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How to Farm Money in Armored Core 6

Find the fastest ways to earn cash and buy all the parts you ever need.

One of the most exciting popups you can see during Armored Core 6 is that new parts are available in the shop. It’s exhilarating getting to see what changes you can make to your build, or even finding the inspiration for a new one. A constant thorn in this joy is the need for cash. Mech parts aren’t cheap, after all. Luckily, you’re able to replay any prior mission for extra COAM to afford new parts. To cut down on the grind, here’s the best missions to farm money in Armored Core 6.

All missions here are available in Chapter 1. You won’t have to wait long to get on the grind if you choose to do so. Try to create an efficient build to both clear these missions faster and spend less on repairs and ammo.

Attack the Dam Complex

This mission can be completed fairly quickly if you rush the objectives and has a nice payout of 190,000 COAM. It involves the destruction of four generators across a decently large map, so bring a fast AC for this one. You’ll need to destroy a few enemies to unlock the later generators, but enemies don’t give bonus pay upon destruction. Take out only as many as necessary to save on ammo.

The angle to aim at to snipe the fourth generator in Attack the Dam Complex
The general spot to aim at. (Image: FromSoftware via HGG / Dominic Allain)

There’s actually a trick to getting through this mission faster if you’re farming it. You’ll want to destroy the first two generators as usual, but once the last two generators open, you can snipe the fourth generator from extremely long range with missiles while near the third. Make sure you have the standard 4-cell, 6-cell, or 10-cell missiles to do this, and aim towards the top of the generator.

Operation Wallclimber

Operation Wallclimber is a high-risk, high-reward option for farming money in Armored Core 6. The base payout is 330,000 COAM, but each enemy destroyed provides bonus pay. A normal run can net around 400,000 COAM, while being more thorough can put you around 500,000 COAM per clear. You’ll have to find the right balance of speed and destruction here to maximize your profits. The artillery on the wall are easy to spot, easily destroyed, and pay well to destroy, for example. If you choose this as your farming mission, be sure to bring a build that can quickly destroy the Juggernaut boss at the end.

Destroy the Tester AC

While this mission doesn’t provide the highest base payout at only 95,000 COAM, the sheer speed with which you can clear it makes it the best way to farm money in Armored Core 6. The mission consists entirely of a fight with a single, weak AC. Even the starter build can clear this mission with ease in a couple minutes, and stronger builds can even go under a minute. An hour or less of replaying this mission can easily fill your wallet for the whole game. It’s also one of the most accessible missions, being available earlier than the other two.


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