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Discord Roles Ideas: Spice Up Your Server

If you want to give your Discord roles and community a bit more flair, you may want to consider a different naming convention to represent the structure of your roles. 

In this article, we’ll discuss a few Discord role ideas to get the ball rolling. That said, your choices are ultimately up to you and your preferred server theme!

If you’re looking for general advice on how to set up your Discord server see our How to Create a Discord Server guide.

General Discord Role Ideas

Take things a step further while keeping your structure simple. Rather than working with typical tech terms, think outside the box and opt for another organizational structure, like a corporation.

  • CEOs = Administrators 
  • Managers = Mods
  • Drones = Staff
  • Clients = Members
  • Fax Machine = Bots

This keeps your structure fairly straightforward whole leaning into a bit of office humor. You could even assign people to an HR department if you want.

Entertainment and Pop Culture Discord Role Ideas

New Roles
Image Credit: High Ground Gaming

If your community is designed around a specific game, movie, or television franchise, why not name your roles after them? You’re already chatting about that specific content all the time, so it only makes sense to make it even more immersive. Here are a few examples:

Destiny 2

  • The Traveller = Administrators
  • Zavalla/Cayde-6/Osiris/The Drifter = Mods
  • Lord Shax/Rahool/Holliday = Staff
  • Guardians = Members
  • Ghosts = Bots

Marvel Cinematic Universe

  • The Avengers = Administrators
  • Guardians of the Galaxy = Mods
  • Spider-Man/Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel = Staff
  • Agents of Shield = Members
  • Ultron/Vision = Bots

The Mandalorian

  • Mando = Administrators
  • Boba Fett/Bo-Katan/Ahsoka Tano = Mods
  • IG-11/Cara Dune/Greef Karga = Staff
  • Foundlings = Members
  • Baby Yoda/Grogu = Bots

You can get as specific or as broad as you want when using your favorite entertainment properties. In many ways, this kind of helps you build a clan structure if you happen to use your server for that sort of thing.

Military and Medieval Hierarchy Discord Role Ideas

Speaking of clans, maybe you want to make your role system a bit more official. The best way to do this is opting for a military or medieval ranking system. This allows you to grow and expand your role system. It also provides a bit of pomp and circumstance if people are promoted to new roles. Here’s what that could look like:


  • Commander/Major = Administrators
  • Sergeant (break up into tiers like Sergeant Major or Sergeant 1st Class) = Mods
  • Corporal/Private/Specialist = Staff
  • Infantry = Members
  • Drones = Bots


  • King/Queen = Administrators
  • Prince/Princess = Mods
  • Duke/Lord/Bishop = Staff
  • Peasants = Members
  • Cattle/Carriages = Bots

You could go as far as developing your own version of one of these hierarchies with specific titles, roles, and paths to promotions. It could even serve as a role-playing opportunity.

Random Discord Role Ideas

Discord Role Colors
Image Credit: Discord

If you don’t have a specific theme in mind, you can always get random with it. Just assign a category to a role and let your members and staff go nuts with it. Here are a few examples:


  • Blues = Administrators
  • Reds/Yellows/Oranges = Mods
  • Greens = Staff
  • Neon = Members
  • Black/White/Gray = Bots


  • Dogs = Administrators
  • Cats = Mods
  • Farm Animals = Staff
  • Monkeys = Members
  • Fish = Bots

Whatever you choose, just be sure to set things up correctly and layout what designates specific roles. It’s really easy to get caught up in the fun of choosing names and quickly realize you do not have a cohesive theme.


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