Five Video Game Side Characters That Deserve More Praise

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Five Video Game Side Characters That Deserve More Praise

It's not always all about the main character.

I’ve brought you my picks for the best video game protagonists as well as the best villains in games. I think it’s time we take a look at some of the best side characters in games next. Side characters can really enhance a game’s story and make it memorable… For better or for worse.

Luckily for us, there are a lot of really great side characters that make a game’s story that much better. And here in this list, I’m going to be ranking my picks for the best side characters in video games! I’ve ranked the side characters below from good to great.

#5 – Tails The Fox

Tails The Fox is probably the most iconic and widely recognized character on this list! First making his appearance in Sonic The Hedgehog 2 as a playable character alongside Sonic, he has since become a fan favorite in the Sonic fandom. He is known for his intelligence, his childlike innocence, and his dedication and loyalty to Sonic.

All these qualities make him a great sidekick and an even greater character. His character was pushed further in Sonic Frontiers, where he says that he wants to make his own path and do his own thing for a while, showing character growth and maturity. I can’t wait to see how they handle his character in future Sonic games!

#4 – Daxter

Daxter is a personal favorite of mine. He is an ottsel, an orange ferret marsupial… thing… That was once a human but turned into his current form after falling into a pool of dark eco in the first Jak & Daxter game. Ever since before the start of the first game, he has been Jak’s best friend and loyal companion. They grew up together in Sandover village, and stay by each other’s side through everything the world throws at them.

Many people find Daxter to be annoying, which I can understand. But I think he’s a really funny character with a lot of personality and charm. He’s endearing and honestly pretty adorable at times. I especially love how dedicated he is to helping out Jak, such as when he rescues him at the start of Jak II/during the events of his spin-off game, Daxter.

And of course, his design is great too. I love how he is always sitting on Jak’s shoulder, ready to provide some witty and humorous commentary on whatever BS Jak is putting him through this time.

#3 – Nick Valentine

Fallout 4 may have a pretty… Questionable story, with factions that could have been fleshed out more and plot points that could have been executed better. But one thing that just about everyone can agree on is that the companions of Fallout 4 were the best in the series. Nick Valentine is one of several companions you can pick up in the Commonwealth, he’s arguably the best of the bunch.

Nick is a synth, a prototype model thrown out by the Institute. When he reanimated, he had all the memories and personality of a pre-war detective named Nick Valentine. Eventually, he found himself in Diamond City, where he opened up his own detective agency, eventually coming into contact with the main character and becoming an optional companion.

Nick is great because he has a lot of personality and a pretty complex character. He is a classic 1920s detective with a heart of gold, who is always willing to help you out when you need it. He’s also got a good sense of humor, and his backstory is incredibly interesting.

#2 – Ralsei

Ralsei is one of several side characters in Toby Fox’s Deltarune. He first meets the player character in Castle Town, where he claims that Kris and Susie are a part of an ancient prophecy. He then works to teach you about how the game works and guides you through the story as you complete your quest.

But not only is he a helpful aid always willing to teach you a new trick, but he is also just incredibly adorable! His design is top tier, and his friendliness and child-like personality really make him Toby Foxes’ best character. I even like him more than Sans!

#1 – The Arbiter

The Arbiter is without a doubt one of the most badass characters in any game. It was his responsibility to secure control of the Halo ring in the first game, but after failing to do so, he was branded a heretic and forced to become The Arbiter, a crusader-like figure who is destined to fight and die in dangerous missions to redeem himself.

It’s only through the course of the trilogy that he learns the truth about the Covenant and his religion, where he eventually renounces it and joins forces with the Master Chief to stop the Halo rings from firing and to save the galaxy. He has a really amazing character arc, and he just feels like such a unique character, it was impossible to not put him on this list.


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