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Best Gawr Gura Build – Holocure Guide

Being "aerodynamic" isn't enough, so we're weaponizing our gremlin shark even further!

Pay attention chumbuds, cause everyone’s favorite gremlin shark is up on deck! Today, we’re going over the best ways to build Gawr Gura in Holocure.

We’ll cover Gura’s kit and some of her best builds for every mode in Holocure. That way you can showcase the might of Atlantis and enjoy some victory bath pizza!

Gawr Gura Playstyle & Abilities

  • Weapon Type: Melee
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Size: 1/5 (Flat)
  • Base Stats – HP: 65 | ATK: 1.1 | SPD: 1.4 | CRT: 5%

As one of the first few characters available immediately in Holocure, Gura is a great pick for those who want a fairly aggressive and mobile playstyle. She provides a good mix of offense and survivability with her skill set and can work with a wide variety of builds.

Gura’s starting weapon is a simple trident thrust in one direction that evolves into a triple thrust in a fork-shape at max rank. While it’s quick, you’ll most likely need more than one hit to deal with most foes.

As for Gura’s special attack, she becomes her evil self – dealing a huge chunk of damage to nearby enemies and boosting her ATK and SPD for 15 seconds. Although it’s strong, its small area coverage for the initial damage makes it a bit less impactful compared to other characters’ special abilities.


  • Short Height: 15-35% chance to dodge an attack, granting Gura 30-50% extra movement speed and invulnerability for 0.5 seconds.
  • Power of Atlantis: Summon a whirlpool every 10 seconds that sucks in and slows enemies. Also deals 30-50% damage every 0.5 seconds and causes enemies within to take 15-45% more damage.
  • Shark Bite: All attacks have a 10-20% to put a Bite Mark on an enemy (up to 5 stacks) that causes them to take 6-12% more damage per stack and grants a 20% chance per stack to heal you by 1% when beaten.

Gura demonstrating her skills and war crimes in Time Mode
Demonstration of Gura committing war crimes. | Image: KayAnimate / Jeffrey Hsu

Gura is all about weaving in-and-out between enemies while repeatedly stabbing away at them. Thanks to the stacking damage buff from Shark Bite, even the sturdiest enemies will quickly fall to a prolonged assault.

With that in mind, you’ll want Gura to hit as hard and fast as possible. In general, you’ll want to prioritize increasing her ATK and Haste. CRIT is nice to have, but doesn’t really synergize with her kit. You can speed up your kill time even more by dragging meatier enemies over to a whirlpool to increase their damage taken.

Unfortunately, Gura doesn’t have the best area coverage with her Trident and can struggle with massive crowds. Luckily, Short Height gives you a fair bit of leeway with diving through crowds and escaping bad situations. The whirlpools you generate can also help create space for you to safely navigate through.

Thankfully, you have plenty of weapon/collab options to help offset Gura’s lack of coverage. Any collab built with the Cutting Board is especially good, since Gura gets an extra 20% damage boost from being a Flat character.

Lastly, Gura’s special attack is best saved for when you start feeling overwhelmed or are fighting a boss. The boost to her damage and movement speed can help you escape a bad situation or take down a priority threat.

Important Things to Note

There are a couple things that apply to every build that you should keep in mind.

  1. You won’t always get all the recommended components due to RNG. Adapt accordingly.
  2. Try to prioritize Items over Weapons, since there’s a much larger Item pool.
  3. Grab a new Item/Weapon over upgrading one you already have, as you can’t guarantee the new one will show up again.
  4. The items and weapons listed below are prioritized in a general order, starting with the most useful ones.

Best Beginner Gura Build

Best Beginner Gura Build in Holocure
Good mix of sustain, defenses, and damage. | Image: Holocure Build Maker / Jeffrey Hsu

This Gura build is for when you first start playing Holocure and haven’t unlocked all of the stat upgrades. It’s a healthy mix of offense/defense with plenty of sustain and should be able to reliably get you to the end of most stages.

Just note that some of the weapons and items require you to unlock them first before they show up as options. So if you haven’t seen them yet, you may need to try out other characters to unlock them.

Best Weapons & Collabs

  1. Elite Cooking (Elite Lava Bucket + Spider Cooking):
    Gives AoE coverage and can be further upgraded into the Jingisukan Super Collab (reach level 50 in a game, grab the Golden Hammer, combine Elite Cooking with the Uber Sheep item at a Golden Anvil).
    • Jingisukan provides constant healing, which should make you more or less immortal if you follow the rest of the build.
  2. Absolute Wall (Bounce Ball + Cutting Board):
    Has a 10% chance to block a projectile attack and helps knock-away most enemies. Combine that with Gura’s Short Height skill, and you should be relatively safe from damage. Plus, the walls’ size and damage are 20% higher since Gura is a Flat character.
  3. Dragon Fire (Fan Beam + Plug Type Asacoco):
    Highest DPS collab and pairs nicely with Gura’s starting weapon to clear a path.
  4. Snow Flower Sake (Glowstick + Wamy Water):
    More AoE coverage and a 30% chance to completely Freeze any enemy hit by it. Fantastic for CC’ing large crowds of enemies and getting some breathing room.
  5. EN’s Curse
    Just to fill up the last weapon slot with a decent option from the remaining weapons.

Best Items

  1. Uber Sheep – the extra food is a lifesaver, and you can eventually combine this item with the Elite Cooking collab to make the Jingisukan Super Collab.
  2. Knightly Milk – almost completely fixes Gura’s lack of coverage by increasing the size of all her attacks (and whirlpools). It also makes it easier to grab EXP.
  3. Gorilla’s Paw – Gura doesn’t really build CRIT, so it’s best to just increase her ATK.
  4. Headphones – synergizes well with Gura’s Short Height skill to negate even more attacks.
  5. Body Pillow – assuming an attack does get through your defenses, this will help reduce its impact.
  6. Plushie – buys you time to heal up if you take massive damage.
  7. Breastplate – if you make the Jingisukan Super Collab, you’ll lose access to Uber Sheep for the rest of the run, so ideally replace it with Breastplate to make yourself even more hard to kill.

Best Stamps

  1. Life Steal – even more sustain to help you survive.
  2. Marking – great for dealing with bosses, as you can transfer the damage dealt to grunts.
  3. Weaken – reduces the damage done to you and makes enemies easier to kill.

Best Cooking Recipe

Vegetarian Burger and Fries – This is arguably overkill, but instantly having 50% of your health restored whenever you drop below 25% will certainly keep you alive unless you get one-shot instantly.

Best DPS Gura Build

Best DPS/Damage Gura Build in Holocure
Disregard living, ONLY KILL. | Image: Holocure Build Maker / Jeffrey Hsu

Once you’re familiar with the game and have unlocked more upgrades, you might just want to maximize your damage. If so, try out this Gura DPS build to cut down everything in Holocure.

This Gura build basically disregards any form of defense and is all about increasing your Haste and damage output to shred everything.

Best Weapons & Collabs

  1. Dragon Fire (Fan Beam + Plug Type Asacoco):
    Highest DPS collab and can be further upgraded into Holy Fire Super Collab for more damage.
  2. Flattening Board (Cutting Board + Holo Bomb):
    Strong AoE coverage that’s 20% more effective since Gura is a Flat character.
  3. Rap Dog (Idol Song + X-Potato):
    Make bosses take 20% more damage.
  4. BL Fujoshi (BL Book + Psycho Axe)
    More AoE coverage that also scales with the Knightly Milk item.
  5. EN’s Curse:
    Fill up the last weapon slot.

Best Items

  1. Kusogaki Shackles – we’ll be taking a lot of items with penalties, so this item is crucial for negating them.
  2. Study Glasses – try to get and upgrade this as early as possible to get more level up bonuses.
  3. Gorilla’s Paw – for the eventual Holy Fire Super Collab.
  4. Face Mask – boosting all damage dealt by 30% and increasing your Haste by 10% is huge.
  5. Energy Drink – Haste is king for dealing more damage.
  6. Candy Kingdom Sweets – with all the Haste in this build, you’ll proc plenty of double attacks.
  7. Injection Type Asacoco – to replace the Gorilla’s Paw once you use it in the Super Collab.

Best Stamps

  1. Haste Up – more attacks equal more damage.
  2. Weaken – mainly for the DEF decrease on enemies.
  3. Bomb – this is already a Haste focused build, so you’ll be triggering a lot of explosions.

Best Cooking Recipe

Lobster Dinner – Given this build works incredibly well with Haste, we’ll be doubling down on the 15% boost this recipe gives.

Best Endless Mode Gura Build

You’ll quickly discover that Endless Mode requires a very different mindset to do well in. Your main goal is to put together a build that can survive the swarm of increasingly deadly YAGOOs that spawn at the 30 minute mark.

You’ll eventually fall to them, as their stats increase exponentially every minute after they spawn, but you can stave it off for a bit. We suggest holding off on attempting Endless Mode until you have all of the Shop’s upgrades unlocked.

Currently there are two meta strategies for Endless Mode:

  1. Build enough Speed to outrun the YAGOOs.
  2. Build enough HP and healing to out-sustain them.
Best Endless Mode Gura Build in Holocure
It’s all about playing keep away from your boss. | Image: Holocure Build Maker / Jeffrey Hsu

In the case of Gura, we’ll be putting together a Speed/Knockback build for Endless Mode and playing keep-away from the YAGOOs for as long as possible. Note that you can’t infinitely knockback enemies, and it’s more of a temporary stopgap measure to help you survive a bit longer.

This Gura build is very dependent on you doing your best to dodge any incoming damage, as it has no sustain besides your natural health regen and slight healing from your Shark Bite skill.

Best Weapons & Collabs

You’ll want to pick up the “upgrade” from the Shop that disables all weapon drops. This way, after you finish selecting/upgrading all of your items, you can start getting raw stat upgrades more quickly.

Prioritize your stat upgrades from leveling up as such: Speed > Haste > ATK > HP > CRIT > Pick Up

Best Items

  1. Study Glasses – you definitely want to get these as early as possible, as your level ups will be the bulk of your strength.
  2. Headphones – the ability to knockback a bunch of the YAGOOs at once and negate a hit is too valuable.
  3. Knightly Milk – namely boosts your knockback and the size of your whirlpools for more crowd control.
  4. Membership – helps mitigate any potential damage you take and boosts your damage.
  5. Stolen Piggy Bank – enables Membership to always be active and further boosts your Speed.
  6. Energy Drink – while the HP reduction sucks, it ultimately won’t matter once the YAGOOs begin scaling like crazy. Plus, the Speed and Haste are too good to pass up.

Best Stamps

  1. Solo – As you’re running no other weapons, this will be a huge damage boost.
  2. Pacifist – being able to freeze the YAGOOs in place is a life-saver.
  3. Knockback – while you can’t infinitely knockback enemies, it will give you breathing room.

Best Cooking Recipe

Pufferfish Meal Set – While it’s 5% less SPD than the Tuna Sandwich, the boost to all your other stats is too useful to give up.


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