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The 10 Best Gaming Keypads

Many gamers are supplementing their full size keyboards with an auxiliary gaming keypad. These little gadgets are optimized for ergonomics and quick key presses. The best gaming keypads not only provide a streamlined WASD layout, they usually provide extra little goodies like easy volume control, macro buttons, USB ports, and quick access to the F1-12 keys.

The best gaming keypads boast small, ergonomic form factors that feature all the programmable keys you need. Moreover, they provide unbeatable comfort and convenience to ensure a major competitive advantage in your favorite games. Intrigued? This article takes you through the top gaming keypads on the market. We’ll also have a look at the tech inside, as well as the major benefits to choosing one for your setup. Let’s jump right in.

Top 10 Best Gaming Keypads

We’ve curated a list of the top 10 best gaming keypads on the market for easy viewing.

1. Razer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming Keypad

Orbweaver Keypad

Our pick for best mechanical gaming keypad

The Razer Orbweaver Chroma is a stylish gaming keypad that balances matte black aesthetics with fully customizable RGB backlighting. In terms of functionality, it performs with the best of ‘em thanks to its Razer Mechanical Switches that are optimized for flawless actuation. Top it all off with programmable keys, a d-pad, and unbeatable ergonomics – and you’re looking at the best mechanical gaming keypad around.


  • Design: 20 programmable keys w/ d-pad
  • Switches: Razer Mechanical Switches
  • LEDs: Customizable Razer Chroma RGB Backlighting w/ individually lit keys
  • Ergonomics: Adjustable hand, thumb, and palm rests

2. Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard Keypad

Logitech G13 Keypad

Our pick for best gaming keypad with analog stick

The G13 Logitech Keypad was one of the first mini keyboards on the market. That said, it’s packed with high end features that you can’t even find on today’s newest models. This includes an LCD screen that displays critical game stats, on-board memory, and an analog stick for precision movements. Plus, you’re sure to enjoy the customizable RGB backlighting that lets you game in brilliant color. A great choice all around.


  • Design: 25 programmable keys w/ analog stick
  • Switches: Logitech Membrane Switches
  • LEDs: Customizable RGB backlighting
  • Ergonomics: Contoured design & intuitive LCD display

3. NPET T10 Gaming Keypad

NPET Keypad

Our pick for best gaming keypad for FPS games

If you’re seeking a gaming keypad that can handle your favorite first-person shooter titles like PubG and Overwatch, the NPET T10 has you covered. This bad boy features 33 programmable keys that are outfitted with cutting-edge membrane switches built for NPET. Not only that, the palm and thumb rests are built into the unit, ensuring comfort and a relaxed aim for those crucial in-game moments. Throw in the customizable RGB backlighting profiles and this unit is sure to impress.


  • Design: 33 programmable keys
  • Switches: NPET Membrane Switches
  • LEDs: Customizable RGB backlighting
  • Ergonomics: Palm and thumb rests

4. AULA Excalibur Mechanical Gaming Keypad

Aula Keypad

Our pick for best MMO gaming keypad

Looking for the best gaming keypad for WoW and other popular MMOs? Look no further than the AULA Excalibur Gaming Keypad. Designed for games that require numerous controls, this one-handed keypad delivers 60 buttons in total. Bind your most-used skills and spells, and rain terror down upon your enemies! Plus, it’s equipped with custom blue mechanical switches and customizable backlighting, so you can look forward to top-notch ergonomics and style.


  • Design: 42 standard & 18 programmable keys
  • Switches: AULA Blue Mechanical Switches
  • LEDs: Customizable RGB backlighting
  • Features: Palm rest & doubleshot keycaps

5. Koolertron Mechanical Gaming Keypad

Koolertron Keypad

Our pick for best ambidextrous gaming keypad

This colorful keypad by Kopolertron is the perfect portable gaming accessory. That’s because it’s loaded with 23 programmable keys, OUTEMU red switches, and a durable plexi-glass shell for unrivalled stability. Compatible with Windows and Mac, this stunning keypad is incredibly adaptable and ready to go out of the box. Plus, whether you’re looking for a right-handed gaming keypad or a left-handed gaming keypad, the Koolertron Mech will do just the trick.


  • Design: 23 programmable keys
  • Switches: OUTEMU Red Switches
  • LEDs: Customizable RGB backlighting
  • Ergonomics: Durable plexi-glass shell

6. GameSir Z1 Mechanical Gaming Keypad

GameSir Z1 Mechanical Gaming Keypad

Our pick for best wireless gaming keypad

If you’re seeking a wireless computer gaming keypad, the GameSir Z1 comes outfitted with bluetooth technology and a cutting-edge lithium ion battery. Combined with its multi-platform compatibility, this makes it the perfect keypad for all your favorite titles on PC and console. Enjoy Kailh Blue Switches (identical to Cherry MX) for solid actuation, and feel free to go full speed ahead with anti-slip keys and anti-ghosting tech. A solid ergonomic choice that’s sure to impress.


  • Design: 29 programmable keys
  • Switches: Kailh Blue Switches
  • LEDs: Customizable RGB backlighting
  • Ergonomics: Wrist pad & anti-slip keys

7. Sades Mechanical Gaming Keypad

Sades Keypad

Our pick for best mini gaming keypad

This mini PC gaming keypad is perfect for folks who want to get in the game fast. That’s because it features true plug-and-play functionality that’s ready to go in an instant. It’s perfect for your favorite titles, including Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends, and features 35 keys that you can program within the game interface. Leave the hassle behind with simple preconfigured backlighting and relax with the soft palm rest.


  • Design: 35 standard keys
  • Switches: Sades Black Switches
  • LEDs: Preconfigured RGB backlighting
  • Features: Soft palm rest & plug-and-play design

8. DEEBOL Gaming Keypad

Deebul Keypad

Our pick for best inexpensive gaming keypad

If you’re seeking an entry-level PC keypad for gaming, the DEEBOL should do just the trick. That’s because it’s offered at an affordable price, and it doesn’t skimp on features. As such, you can expect programmable keys that sit atop membrane switches, built-in RGB backlighting, and a silica gel palm rest that feels like a cloud. As for style, the black base is accented by red WASD keys for a perfect pop of color.


  • Design: 46 standard & 4 programmable keys
  • Switches: DEEBOL Membrane Switches
  • LEDs: Preconfigured RGB backlighting
  • Features: Silica gel palm rest

9. Redragon K585 DITI Mechanical Gaming Keypad

Redragon Keypad

Our pick for best programmable gaming keypad

Unleash your inner dragon with the Redragon K585, a formidable gaming keypad that features a tactile profile, top-notch OUTEMU switches, and programmable macro keys that’ll burn your enemies to a crisp. Perch atop the detachable wrist rest as you strike terror into enemy hearts. Then, complement the destruction with fully customizable RGB backlighting that shines as bright as dragonfire.


  • Design: 42 keys (7 programmable)
  • Switches: OUTEMU Blue Switches
  • LEDs: Customizable RGB Backlighting
  • Ergonomics: Detachable wrist rest

10. Razer Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad

Tartarus Keypad

Our pick for best Razer gaming keypad

The Razer Tartarus V2 is among the most popular gaming keypads on the market. This may be due to its tactile mecha-membrane switches that press and feel like butter in your hands. Or it could be the 32 programmable keys that sit atop Razer Chroma RGB Backlighting. Our guess? This Razer Keypad is one of the best gaming keypads on the market thanks to its cutting-edge tech, unrivalled ergonomics, and powerful in-game performance that’ll leave you at the top of the leaderboard.


  • Design: 32 programmable keys w/ d-pad
  • Switches: Mecha-Membrane Switches
  • LEDs: Customizable Razer Chroma RGB Backlighting
  • Ergonomics: Detachable palm rest w/ adjustable positioning

What is a Gaming Keypad?

A gaming keypad is a small keyboard peripheral designed exclusively for computer gaming. Keypads gained prominence in the late 2000’s as a response to the limited number of controls required for online play. Even in today’s most ambitious titles, PC game controls typically consist of the WASD keys for movement, a handful of surrounding keys for actions, and hotkeys that can be assigned anywhere. The best gaming keypads feature these critical keys without the bulkiness of a traditional keyboard.

Their small, ergonomic form factors also make keypads an excellent choice for comfortable gaming on desktops, laptops, and even consoles. The result? Optimized play that delivers a real in-game advantage.

Benefits of a Gaming Keypad

There are many benefits to gaming with a dedicated keypad. You can expect:

  • Ergonomic Designs. The best gaming keypads feature ergonomic designs that can be comfortably used with just one hand.
  • Ideal # of Keys. Each gaming keypad is unique, but the most popular models are equipped with anywhere from 20 to 40 keys, aka the perfect amount.
  • Programmable Options. Configure your setup by binding in-game actions to whichever keys works best for you.
  • Bonus features. From the latest switch technology, to LED backlighting, to full key rollover, the best gaming keypads are loaded with cutting-edge tech!
Benefits of Gaming Keypads

Choosing the Best Gaming Keypad

Next, let’s look at the top considerations for choosing a gaming keypad:

  • Size & design
  • Type of switches
  • Ergonomics
  • Bonus features

Gaming keypads come in varying sizes, and the right design depends on the type of games you play. For most gamers, 30 keys is a great starting point. In terms of switches, we typically recommend blue or red mechanical switches from brands like OUTEMU, as these are tried-and-true. But you can also consider mecha-membrane or plain membrane switches from respectable brands like Razer or Logitech.

In terms of ergonomics, a wrist rest is pretty much a necessity. Also, aim for models that offer extra comfort-related perks like grippy keycaps and adjustable heights– every bit helps. Speaking of which, there are tons of extra perks to be found in today’s top models. RGB illumination is a given, but you can also find features like anti-ghosting and key rollover for a professional setup.

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I’ve been using Razer Tartarus and/or Orbweaver for over a decade, and what I’ve found over the years is that the palm rest is super fragile. On the Orbweaver the palm rest is covered by a rubber pad that is glued onto the rest–sadly any consistent warmth will eventually cause the glue to no longer hold it on. I end up going through one of these in under a year. Add in that Razer no longer supports MacOS, I’m moving to a different keypad. Razer used to be high quality but it seems like they’ve gone with “planned obsolescence”.


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