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The Best Armor Sets in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the most recent installment in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series. The game takes you back to the Dark Ages of England, where you play as a Viking warrior named Eivor as you battle enemies, expand your clan’s territory, and explore a vast, beautiful world. Of course, to do all of this, you’re going to need a good set of armor.

Armor sets can be found all over Valhalla — there are fifty-four armor sets in the game, each with its own strengths and perks. Knowing what each set does best can really enhance your gameplay. Whether you favor stealth or speedy, aggressive attacks, you can find armor that suits your needs.

We’ve put together a guide to all the best armor sets in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to help you decide which armor will work best for your playstyle. Let’s get started!

10 Best Armor Sets in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Just a quick note — we haven’t ranked these armor sets in any particular order. This is simply a list of good armor sets in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Feel free to use this as a resource to learn more about which armor will work best for you!

1. Mentor’s Armor Set

Image: Ubisoft & IGN via HGG

The Mentor’s armor set is a unique, Raven-aligned set designed for players with a quick, aggressive playstyle. Keeping an eye on your armor weight can be a hassle when looting and managing your inventory, and the Mentor’s set is particularly helpful for letting you move swiftly without being weighed down. You’ll be able to deliver quick attacks that deal a good amount of damage without draining your stamina.

The Mentor’s set increases your attack after critical hits with a bonus of +1.2–20.0 speed. This effect lasts for 35 seconds, and you can also use perks during this time. It also increases your speed +0.6–10.0, which is great if you have an aggressive playstyle and want to amplify your attacks.

The Mentor’s set can be found in several medium to high-level regions like Wincestre, Suthsexe, and Snotinghamscire.

2. Thegn’s Armor Set

Thegn’s Armor Set
Image: Ubisoft & IGN via HGG

If you enjoy dealing big damage and critical hits, Thegn’s armor set is the one for you. This Bear-aligned set is catered to those who enjoy head-on combat over stealth, and increases the stats for your armor when you spend skill points in the Bear branch.

Thegn’s armor increases your chance of getting a critical hit when parrying with the bonus of +10.0. You also get an additional increase to critical damage by +20.0. This can be lost, however, if your enemy is on the ground or you attack your enemy from behind.

Thegn’s armor set can be found in some higher level areas in England, so if you decide to search for the pieces, be ready to fight some high-level enemies.

3. Brigandine Armor Set

Brigadine Armor Set
Image: Ubisoft & IGN via HGG

The Brigandine armor is another set that pairs with the Bear tree. Built for close combat, the Brigandine armor protects you in group fights and can be great for sieging castles or raiding. Overall, it’s a great option if you frequently find yourself in combat with two or more enemies.

With two pieces equipped, the Brigandine set increases your armor when you’re surrounded by two or more enemies. With all five pieces equipped, you receive an additional increase to melee damage. Overall, you’ll be better at attacking and defending yourself during group fights.

You can locate this armor set in the Cent and Sciropescire (England) areas, which usually become available in the middle of the game.

4. Thor’s Armor Set

Thor Armor Set
Image: Ubisoft & IGN via HGG

Thor’s armor is a legendary set that consists of five pieces and a weapon — Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. They’re aligned with the Bear skill branch and make a powerful set, great for dealing crushing blows and dealing more damage during stun attacks. If you enjoy using high stun weapons, Thor’s armor set is a good fit for you.

Thor’s armor set increases speed when stunning an enemy, making your stun attacks all the more deadly. It also increases your stun overall, letting you stun enemies quicker and more often.

You can find this set by fighting high-level enemies and some special bosses at the end of the game. To get the final piece, you’ll have to be high-level and completely defeat the Order of the Ancients, but it’s worth the wait if you like stun attacks! You can pick up Mjolnir by leveling up and defeating a significant number of enemies.

5. Galloglach Armor Set

Galloglach Set
Image: Ubisoft & Fextralife Wikis via HGG

The Galloglach armor set is best for close-range brawling. This Wolf-aligned armor gives you a distinct advantage when dealing melee attacks.

This armor set increases melee resistance when hitting enemies with finishing attacks. It also increases your melee damage when you have all five of the armor pieces equipped. If you prefer a melee-based brawler playstyle, the Galloglach armor set is the right choice for you.

6. The Hidden One’s Armor Set

The Hidden Ones Armor Set
Image: Ubisoft & Fextralife Wikis via HGG

The Hidden One’s armor set is a special set associated with the origins of the Assassin’s Creed Order, also known as the Hidden One’s order. This armor set aligns with the Raven skill tree and is great for stealthy gameplay.

When near an enemy with the Hidden One’s armor equipped, you’ll receive an increase in assassination damage when crouched and undetected for 10 seconds. To receive this perk, you need to have two pieces of Hidden One’s armor equipped. When you have all five pieces equipped, you also get an increase to headshot damage. If you prefer to go undetected and play stealthily, the Hidden One’s armor set is the right choice for you.

You can find the Hidden One’s armor through looting in various locations, as it becomes available when you arrive in England.

7. Raven’s Clan Armor Set

Raven Clan Set
Image: Ubisoft & Fextralife Wikis via HGG

The Raven’s Clan armor appears early in the game, and helps give new players an idea of how skill perks can really make a difference in a fight. It’s a great option to ease you into the game and help you get comfortable with how armor helps in battle.

The lower your health gets in a fight, the more this set increases your armor level. This skill perk can be very helpful early on because it provides extra armor during fights ,which can be very useful when you don’t have a lot of health. When you have the full set of armor equipped, you can also increase your critical hit chance. This feature is really helpful for dealing powerful blows and killing your enemies swiftly.

You get this set earliest in the story from defeating the first boss in Norway where the game begins. To reach this enemy, you must infiltrate an enemy stronghold and rescue your crew. After completing this, you’ll receive your armor.

8. The Huntsmen Armor Set

Huntsman Armor Set
Image: Ubisoft & Fextralife Wikis via HGG

The Huntsmen armor set is great for long-ranged fighting — perfect if you prefer to stay out of combat. It’s aligned with the Wolf skill tree, and is a great option if you prefer a speedy, stealthy playstyle.

Equipping two pieces of this set gives you an increase in ranged damage when hitting enemies from 20 meters away or more. If you equip all five pieces of the armor, you also get an increase to your speed. Because these perks are so reliant on attacking from range, we don’t recommend this for anyone who likes to fight up close.

You can find this armor set by exploring various hidden areas in the early regions of England.

9. Niflheim Armor Set

Niflheim Armor Set
Image: Ubisoft via HGG / Ariana Honavar-Hiro

The Niflheim armor set is the only paid add-on armor set on our list, but it’s wroth the money if you like dealing massive damage! Not only does the Niflheim armor set help you severely damage enemies, but it also looks magnificently cool (pun intended).

The Niflheim armor set increases your chance of dealing a critical hit after each kill. The increase starts at +10.0–30.0 when you have three pieces equipped, and you get an increas to critical damage from +15.0–45.0. This effect lasts for 20 seconds after your kill.

If you don’t mind spending some money on an armor set, you can pick the Niflheim set up for 2,000 Helix credits in the Animus Store or 800 Helix credits for just the gear. You can locate this set by accessing the Animus Store from the homepage of the game.

10. The Magister’s Armor Set

Magister's Armor Set
Image: Ubisoft & Fextralife Wikis via HGG

If you enjoy playing stealthily and especially in the dark, the Magister’s armor set is a great choice. Aligned with the Raven skill tree branch, the Magister’s armor set is great for those who prefer to attack their enemies under the cover of night.

The Magister’s armor set perks only work when the player is wearing the armor and attacking at night. The armor set provides you with an increase in melee damage at night, and an increase to ranged damage with all five pieces equipped. If you enjoy a ranged playstyle with some combat, the Magister’s armor set is a great choice to fit this combination. You can remain hidden or perform a melee attack and deal a good amount of damage.

You can find the Magister’s armor set by exploring early regions of England, and you won’t even have to face high-level enemies for it!

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