Setting up a stream doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg — or your sanity. There are many solutions that have come into being to aid the inspiring streamer or recorder to get going in a quick and easy manner.

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In these articles, we look at how to capture video game gameplay and share it with others on YouTube or Twitch. A capture card is a video device used to capture and/or record footage from a wide range of inputs. There is a multitude of applications that capture cards can be used for; and a multitude of devices they can be used with. For example, you could connect a capture card to a DVR, VCR, or gaming console to record that footage in a digital format and save it to your computer’s hard drive. As long as you have the correct inputs and cables the sky is the limit to what you can capture.

A key concept to keep in mind when looking at all these devices is there is a big difference between capturing, broadcasting, and recording. Sometimes cards will only capture footage and you will have to use software to record while others do both jobs for you. There are a variety of recording and capturing solutions out there. We take a look at all the viable options for gamers.