The 6 Best Grass Type Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

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The 6 Best Grass Type Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

It seems like the Grass-typing has always been the least popular of the three starting types. Perhaps this has something to do with Grass-types typically being associated with utility rather than offensive pressure? Whatever the reason, we here at High Ground Gaming disagree. Grass-types are actually one of the most impactful types in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and to prove it we have created a list of six of the best Grass types in the game. This list will not contain any legendary Pokémon as they are basically in a class all their own.

➡️ We have ranked the Pokémon below from weakest (still relatively strong) at #6 to strongest at #1.

#6 Hisuian Electrode

Hisuian Electrode from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
(Image: Game Freak)

Overview: Hisuian Electrode is an Electric/Grass-type Pokémon with a base stat total of 490. Its highest stat is its speed stat which sits at a shockingly high base value of 150. Its lowest stat is its physical attack stat which sits at only 50. Its other stats float any were from 60 to 80 points.

Typing Matchups: Hisuian Electrode’s type is a pretty obscure one. The new grass typing for this Pokémon grants it new resistance to Water, Grass, and Ground-type attacks. Its Electric-typing also allows it to avoid the Grass-types’s usual weakness to Flying types by allowing it to resist Flying-type moves and deal super effective S.T.A.B damage with Electric-type moves. 

Battle Strengths: Speaking of moves, Hisuian Electrode has access to some pretty good ones including Screech, Light Screen, Mirror Coat, Volt Switch, and its signature move Chloroblast. Chloroblast is a Grass-type special attacking move with a base power of 150. Its downsides are its 95% accuracy and the fact that it damages the user while also lowering the user’s speed stat by one stage. Hisuian Electrode can also make use of Electroball better than most other Electric-types thanks to its absurd speed stat.

#5 Leafeon

Leafeon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
(Game Freak / Adam Watkins)

Overview: Leafeon is a pure Grass-type Pokémon with a base stat total of 525. Its highest stat is its defense stat at 130 followed closely by its attack stat at 110. Its lowest stat is its special defense stat at 60. 

Abilities: Leafeon’s primary ability is called Leaf Guard. This ability provides the user with an immunity to all status conditions while in harsh sunlight. While Lead Guard is useful it isn’t the ability you’ll want to run on Leafeon. You’ll instead want to run its hidden ability Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll doubles its user’s Speed stat while in the harsh sunlight weather conditions. This ability allows Leafeon to outspeed pretty much every Pokémon in the game.

Type Matchups: As a pure Grass-type, Leafeon is vulnerable to Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, and Bug-type moves. However, it has an advantage against Water, Ground, and Rock-types. Consider terastallizing Leafeon into either a Normal-type for a bonus to moves like Last Resort and Body Slam, or Ground-type for resistance to Fire, Bug, and Poison attacks while also granting bonus damage to Leafeon’s Ground moves.

Battle Strengths: Leafeon can prove incredibly powerful thanks to its Chlorophyll ability and high attack stat. It also has a pretty solid move pool to back those stats up. Moves like Leafblade, Leach Seed, and Trailblaze are excellent Grass-type options for Leafeon. It also has access to one of the best setup moves in the game Swords Dance which will raise its attack stat by two stages. 

#4 Breloom

Breloom from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
(Game Freak / Adam Watkins)

Overview: Breloom is a Grass/Fighting-type Pokémon with a base stat total of 460. Its highest stat is its attack stat at 130 followed by its defense stat at 80. Its lowest stats are its HP, special attack, and special defense stats at 60.

Abilities: Breloom’s best ability is Technician. This ability boosts the power of most moves that have a base power of 60 or less by 50%. Its other ability is Effect Spore and it has a chance to induce sleep, paralysis, or poison when an opponent uses an attack move that makes physical contact with the user.

Type Matchups: Breloom’s unique typing makes it weak against Flying, Fire, Poison, Psychic, Ice, and Fairy-type moves. However, it excels against Water, Rock, Ground, Steel, Dark, and Normal-types. Consider terastallizing Breloom into either a Poison-type or a Flying-type. Poison for better matchups against Fairy-type Pokémon, and Flying for avoiding most of Breloom’s regular weaknesses.

Battle Strengths: Technician is really what makes this Pokémon shine. Breloom has access to plenty of good base 60 or lower power moves like Aerial Ace, Bulldoze, and Rock Tomb. It also gains access to the ever-powerful Spore move when its evolution is delayed past level 40. Spore is a 100% accuracy Grass move that puts targets to sleep. Pair Breloom with a speed control team and you can do some serious damage.

#3 Appletun

Appletun from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
(Game Freak / Adam Watkins)

Overview: Appletun is a Grass/Dragon-type Pokémon with a base stat total of 485. Its highest stat is its HP stat at 110 followed closely behind by its special attack stat at 100. Its lowest stat is its speed stat at 30. 

Abilities: Appleton’s first great ability is Ripen which allows the user to double the effect of berries when consumed. Given the Pokémon’s defensive nature, this effect can be really powerful for keeping Appletun alive. Its other, debatably better ability is called Thick Fat. Thick Fat halves the damage its user takes from Fire and Ice-type moves. This is especially good given Appletun’s type matchups.

Type Matchups: With its dual typing of Grass and Dragon, Appletun is vulnerable to Ice, Fairy, Flying, Poison, and Dragon-type moves. It has resistance to Water, Electric, Ground, and Rock-types. When running the Thick Fat ability Appletun also gains resistance to Fire-type moves and a 2x weakness to Ice-type moves instead of its usual 4x weakness.

Battle Strengths: Appletun can learn a lot of really strong special attacking moves like Solar Beam, Dragon Pulse, and Dragco Meter. Appletun’s best move is probably Apple Acid which lowers the opponent’s special defense stat by one stage. When you couple this Pokémon’s resilience from Thick Fat, high base special attack stat, and ability to Terastirlize into a move defensive typing, you get a Pokémon that can strike fear into the heart of any trainer in the region.

#2 Brute Bonnet

Brute Bonnet from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
(Game Freak / Adam Watkins)

Overview: Brut Bonnet is a Dark/Grass-type Pokémon with a base stat total of 570. Its highest stat is its attack stat at 127 followed closely behind by its HP stat. Its lowest stat is its speed stat at 55. Both of its defense stats have the same value of 99.

Abilities: Brute Bonnet like all the other Area Zero Pokémon only has one ability, that being Protosynthesis. This ability raises the user’s highest stat by one stage while in harsh sunlight or while the user is holding a Booster Energy item.

Type Matchups: Because of Brute Bonnet’s Grass/Dark-typing it has a weakness to Fire, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Bug, and Fairy-types. It resists Water, Electric, Grass, Ground, Ghosts, and Dark-types. It’s also immune to all Psychic-type attacks. Brut Bonnet can easily overcome its many weaknesses via terastallization.

Battle Strengths: One of Brute Bonnet’s best moves is Rage Powder which has the incredibly useful ability to force opponents to redirect all single-target attack moves to the users. This move is only really useful in double battle which is the standard format for competitive Pokémon. It also gets access to other powerful moves like, Clear Smog, Sucker Punch, Giga Drain, and Spore.

#1 Meowscarada

Meowscarada from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
(Game Freak / Adam Watkins)

Overview: Meowscarada is another Dark/Grass-type Pokémon, only it has a base stat total of 530. Its highest stat is its speed stat at 123 followed closely behind by its attack stat of 110. Its two lowest stats are its defense and special defense stats which both sit at a respectable 70. Its special attack stat is 81 which is still pretty good for when facing opponents with particularly high physical defense stats.

Abilities: Meowscarada’s first ability is called Overgrow. This ability grants the user a 50% boost to all Grass-type moves when the user’s health drops below ⅓. This ability is pretty good but requires a pretty dangerous setup to achieve and won’t always be active. Meowscarada’s best ability is its hidden ability Protean. This ability only triggers once per switch in and changes the user’s type to whatever the type of their attacking move is. This allows Meowscarada to gain the S.T.A.B bonus on any one of its moves after every switch in while also allowing it to avoid unfavorable type matchups

Type Matchups: Just like Brute Bonnet Meowscarada’s duel typing makes it have a weakness to Fire, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Bug, and Fairy-type moves. It resists Water, Electric, Grass, Ground, Ghosts, and Dark-types. It’s also immune to all Psychic-type attacks. Unlike Brute Bonnet, Meowscarada doesn’t need to use terastallization to avoid its bad type matchups as long as you’re running the Protean ability.

Battle Strengths: Meowscarada has a very large move pool that features plenty of great moves like Sucker Punch, Petal Blizzard, Leech Seed, Knock Off, Playrough, Uturn, Hone Claws, and so many more. Its best move is hands down its signature move Flower Trick. This move has a base power of 70, never misses, and always results in a critical hit. It is actually kind of broken and great for breaking through Pokémon who have used a bunch of defensive set-up moves. Meowscarada is debatably the best of the three Paldean starters and definitely the best offensive Grass-type Pokémon in the game.

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