Desk Protector – Common Size


You look upon the item and it appears to be the result of good workmanship.

Did the Castle insignia just shimmer? No, unlikely.

You wonder if you should buy it or find a different desk protector. You’re fairly certain you need one for the journey ahead.

The shopkeeper sees you eyeing the item and offers you his set of measuring rods.

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The display signs read:

“Quality desk protectors for sale! Get one while supplies last.

“Gorgeous leatherette turns heads!”

“Protect in style.”

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 9 × 8 cm
Item Weight

One-Quarter Stone (1 Pound)

Dwarven Measurements

2-rod-by-1-rod (36 x 17 Inches)


A Castle insignia is located on the left side of this item.

Top Material

Appears to be leather possibly infused with some kind of foreign material.

Bottom Material

Holdfast tack


Eastern kingdom


Druid approved


The stitching appears to be the work of a skilled tailor, but by who's hand is unknown.


It feels smooth and shines as the light hits it. Does this item have magical properties?

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