Another year, another State of Play event was hosted by Sony Entertainment. We’ve seen a wide variety of games be announced and discussed at this event every year, and 2022 is no exception. Sony didn’t disappoint with a few new announcements, as well as news on previously announced titles.

But just what exactly was announced? What new games are we going to be seeing? What new details do we have on the upcoming games for 2022 and beyond? We will be going over all of this information and much, much more in this article for every interesting thing announced at the State of Play event.

Every Interesting Thing Announced at State of Play 2022

This list is in no particular order, so without any further delays, let’s get right into the news!

1. Resident Evil 4 Remake

resident-evil 4 remake - state of play announcement
Image: Capcom, Sony via HGG

One of the first and most interesting things announced at the State of Play event this year is the remake of Resident Evil 4! We saw a brand new trailer that teased the game’s story and showed off some impressive-looking graphics to boot.

A few fans–myself included–were a little disappointed with the shot we got of the forest (shown in the image above). It doesn’t look as foggy and creepy as it did in the original, and instead looks pretty bright and upbeat. Hopefully, this will change by the time the game releases on the 24th of March in 2023. The game will release for the PlayStation 5 console.

You can check out the new trailer for yourself by clicking the link here.

2. Street Fighter 6 New Gameplay

Street Fighter 6 New Gameplay
Image: Capcom, Sony via HGG

Stree Fighter fans rejoice! The event showed off brand new gameplay of the upcoming Street Fighter 6. We were able to see some satisfying, punchy action, as well as a, peek at the new open-world segments which can be accessed through an adventure mode.

Street Fighter 6 will still be the same game we all know and love, but with a fresh coat of paint, new characters joining the roster, and some tweaks to the gameplay to keep it more satisfying than ever. You can expect the game to drop sometime in the year 2023 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

The full trailer for the game can be watched by clicking the link here.

3. Spider-Man Remastered

Spider-Man Remastered State of Play
Image: Insomniac, Sony via HGG

If you were a big fan of Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation, you’ll be happy to hear that the PlayStation 5 next-gen upgrade is being released for the PC! Insomniac showed off a new trailer for the game which features many similarities to the game first released back in 2018. But now, it features some graphical tweaks and a release date for PC: August 12th of this year.

If you’d like to see the full trailer yourself, you can check it out here.

4. The Callisto Protocol New Trailer

The Callisto Protocol New Trailer
Image: Striking Distance Studios, Sony via HGG

Remember the game Dead Space? Of course, you do, it was one of the best survival-horror games of all time! Well, the studio that made the original sci-fi adventure we all fell in love with is back, and they are bringing us a “spiritual successor” to Dead Space known as The Callipso Protocol.

While the game was announced before the State of Play, we received a brand new cut of the trailer that dropped which showed off some new gameplay. It’s gory, action-packed, and features jump scares a-plenty! If you loved survival-horror games, then you NEED to get this game when it drops on December 2nd, 2022.

Don’t take my word for how scary it looks. Watch the trailer for yourself here.

5. Final Fantasy XVI New Trailer

Image: Square Enix, Sony via HGG

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI boasted a brand new trailer at the event. It showcased lots of interesting gameplay, some stunning graphics, and beautiful music composed by Masayoshi Soken himself. If you are a big Final Fantasy fan, now is a good time to get excited!

The full game won’t be released until the summer of 2023. If you are new to the franchise or need to catch up on the last few Final Fantasy games, now is a great time to do it.

Want to see the full trailer yourself? You can watch it here.

6. Rollerdrome

Image: Roll7, Sony via HGG

One of the more unique games announced at Sony’s State of Play is an upcoming game made by Roll7 known as Rollerdome! The game is an interesting hybrid of a third-person shooter and a skateboarding game. It features a beautifully unique cell-shaded art style, which you may be familiar with if you’ve played the Borderlands series.

You can pull off all kinds of fancy stunts while flying through the air, which reminds me a lot of the game My Friend Pedro. It’s surely an interesting mix of games and one that I think many people will love when it releases on August 16th of this year.

Watch the full trailer for a look at the gameplay here.


SEASON- New Game announced at State of Play 2022 Sony Entertainment Event
Image: Scavengers Studio, Sony via HGG

Up next on our article for every interesting thing announced at the State of Play event, we have the upcoming game SEASON. This interesting-looking exploration game sees you playing as a woman traveling through an open world on her bicycle. You are tasked with using your camera to document the world that you are exploring.

It is a very atmospheric game that shares a lot of similarities with walking simulators. If you are interested in that kind of game, you should be really excited about SEASON! The full game will be released in the fall of this year for PlayStation 5 and PC (through Steam only).

Check out the full trailer for the game on YouTube by clicking here.

8. Eternights

Image: Studio Sai, Sony via HGG

If you love the Persona series, you may be interested in this next upcoming game: Eternights. Set in a post-apocalypse, it is a third-person action game with some romance and dating elements to go alongside it. It sports a really cool anime-inspired art style, as well as some unique-looking enemies and environments.

The trailer for the game features a release window of early 2023, so be sure to wishlist it if you haven’t already!

You can watch the trailer yourself by following the link here.

9. Stray: New Gameplay

Stray New Gameplay
Image: BlueTwelve Studio, Sony via HGG

Does anyone remember that interesting-looking indie game where you play as a stray cat in a cyberpunk-style world? Well, that game is back with an exciting new trailer that shows off lots of gameplay and more details about this very interesting and exciting upcoming project!

This new trailer gave showed us some platforming over rooftops, some stealthy gameplay, a closer look at the enemies we will be encountering, and much, much more! Stray is set to release for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Steam on July 19th, 2022.

The full trailer can be watched on YouTube by clicking here.

10. Tunic Coming to PlayStation

Tunic- coming to playstation
Image: Andrew Shouldice, Sony via HGG

Fans of the adorable action-adventure RPG Tunic will be happy to hear that it is finally coming to PlayStation consoles! Tunic is an isometric game where you play as a fox combating a variety of different enemies and solving various puzzles. It shares many similarities to the Legend of Zelda series.

You can buy this game for yourself on either the PlayStation 4 or the PlayStation 5 this September 27th. Or, if you can’t wait, the game is already available for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and the PC via Steam.

You can view the trailer shown at the State of Play event here.

11. Horizon Forbidden West: New Update

Players of the hit game Horizon: Forbidden West are in for a special treat. Sony showcased a brand new update available for the game as we speak! As for the new content available, there is quite a bit to go over.

There is a new harder difficulty for the game, as well as the highly requested new game plus option. A brand new vendor has been added to the open world, as well as a new transmog feature which is often found in other games. If all that wasn’t enough, players will now have the option to reset their skills and re-build their character any way they like!

You can view the full trailer for yourself by clicking here.

12. Horizon: Call of Mountain For PSVR2

Horizon: Call of Mountain For PSVR2
Image: Firesprite, Sony via HGG

Horizon: Call of The Mountain is a brand new upcoming spin-off game of Horizon: Forbidden West. The trailer showed off some interesting gameplay of the player scaling a mountain and firing a bow in VR! Personally, I am not a huge fan of virtual reality, but if you are you’re sure to love this upcoming game.

The release date for the game is yet to be announced, but given what we have seen, it is reasonable to expect a release sometime later this year. It will only be available for the PlayStation 5 and requires a PSVR2 in order to play.

The trailer for the game is here.

13. Resident Evil Village For PSVR2

Resident Evil Village For PSVR2
Image: Capcom, Sony via HGG

If a remake of Resident Evil 4 wasn’t enough, Sony announced we’ll be getting a port of Resident Evil Village for the PSVR2! This is really exciting news if you loved Resident Evil Village. The teaser trailer shows off very little raw gameplay. Instead it features plenty of cinematic moments in virtual reality- and boy does it look great!

The release date has not yet been confirmed for this title, but we can suspect it will launch sometime later this year, perhaps early 2023 at the latest.

The full teaser trailer can be watched on YouTube here.

14. Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners: Chapter 2 Retribution For PSVR2

Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners: Chapter 2 Retribution For PSVR2
Image: Skydance Interactive, Sony via HGG

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners saw its release back in January 2020. And ever since then, fans of the VR zombie fighting game have been clamoring for a sequel. Their prayers have finally been answered, as the next installment in the series has been announced for the PSVR2.

The game is currently set to release sometime in 2022, possibly around the holidays. It will be available to play on PlayStation consoles as well as on PC via Steam.

Read the blog covering the game here, and watch the new trailer on YouTube here.

15. No Man’s Sky For PSVR2

No Man's Sky For PSVR2
Image: Hello Games Studio, Sony via HGG

Last but not least on our coverage of the State of Play 2022 Event, we have the announcement that the indie space exploration game No Man’s Sky will release for the PSVR2! Sony showed off a brand new trailer for the game showing off some gameplay while using the PSVR2. No release date is announced yet. However, rumor is it will release sometime in 2023.

You can watch the new trailer for the PSVR2 version of the game here.

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