Pulgaboy’s Profile

  • Name: Thales Henrique
  • Age: 21
  • Height: N/A
  • Place of Birth: Portugal
  • Team: TheBoys
  • Primary Game: Fortnite
  • Est Net Worth: $100,000

Only having started streaming professionally within the last two years, Pulgaboy has made a very strong name for himself in Portugal and in the Fortnite world. However with this recent rise to fame, there are many questions surrounding Pulgaboy.

We’ll provide all the info we can on the Portuguese streamer, updating as more infor is released. Now let’s look at Thales “Pulgaboy” Henrique.

 Pulgaboy’s Bio

Born in 1998, Pulgaboy was only roughly 14 when he started streaming back in 2013. However, despite starting in 2013 he garnered little success. It wasn’t until 2018 that Pulgaboy actually saw some glimpses into a profession as a Streamer. This was all due to Fortnite.

Before playing Fortnite, Pulgaboy only played to rather small crowds and it likely pushed him away from streaming as a concept for a while. However, after playing Fortnite on his own and seeing some success, he looked towards other successful streamers and decided to try it out again, this time with the rising interest in Fortnite propelling him.


It all worked out beautifully for Pulgaboy. Despite taking a nearly half year long break from streaming last year, Pulgaboy still has grown and developed at exponential rates. Since starting Fortnite, Pulgaboy has launched into the #2 spot of best Portuguese Fortnite Players, and has also amassed a deceptively large following on his social media and Twitch accounts.

Something is working extremely well for Pulgaboy recently, and despite his only 39 posts on Instagram he has nearly 200k followers. So what makes Pulgaboy so intoxicating to his audience? Are there any secrets to his success? Join us as we dive into the mystery that is the self titled “Fleaboy”, Pulgaboy.

Pulgaboy’s Live Stream on Twitch

Pulgaboy’s Setup – Computer Components 

Despite all the searching we could do, there is little known about Pulgaboy’s Computer Components. In fact, so little that we could only infer based off various sources what GPU and RAM he uses.

Hopefully soon we will be able to expand this section as we uncover more about his Computer.

Intel Core i9-9900K Central Processor 

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming GPU

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB RAM

Alienware AW2518H Monitor 

Pulgaboy’s Setup – Computer Peripherals 

The same mystery surrounds Pulagboy’s Peripherals unfortunately. Though it is intersting to note that he usese some non-traditional gaming components here with a rather loud switch and a blank faced keyboard. Plus Pulgaboy is topping the list in his DPI with his Genius GX-Gaming Maurus X Mouse. 

Genius GX-Gaming Maurus X Mouse

AKKO Ducky 2084 Mechanical Keyboard 

Cherry MX1A-E1NN Tactile Blue Switch

Logitech G635 Lightsync Headset

Pulgaboy’s Settings – Fornite Mouse Sensitivity

With a DPI that’s beyond what we’re able to show here, Pulgaboy has no problems pushing the limits. His deliberately quick actions are all signature to his DPI and sensitivity settings that put him at the top of the quick-play world. It’ll only be a matter of time before the rest us takes serious note of Pulgaboy.

DPI: 3200

Sensitivity X: 0.276

Sensitivity Y: 0.273

Polling Rate: 75

Targeting: 1.00

Scope: 1.00

Pulgaboy’s Settings – Fornite Keybinds

Sprouting some unusual keybinds, and actually playing around with the dual keybind setup, Pulgaboy is making sure everyone becomes well aware of his skill level.


Mouse 5




Mouse 4























Harvesting Tool


Weapon Slot 1


Weapon Slot 2


Weapon Slot 3


Weapon Slot 4


Weapon Slot 5


Pulgaboy’s Settings – Fortnite Video Settings

Despite having similar components to other streamers, Pulgaboy keeps his view distance only to far, and keeps everything else at the barest of settings.

 Pulgaboy FAQ

Pulgaboy is aboslute a man to keep a close eye on. We know we will continue to watch him as he grows, and fill out more of his profile and bio as information is released.

If there is any info you might have on Pulgaboy, or any of our other eSports personalities that you didn’t see, let us know!

What is Pulgaboy's real name?

Pulgaboy was born as Thales Henrique in Portugual.

Where is Pulgaboy from?

Pulgaboy is a rapidly growing Twitch streamer from Portugual.

How old is Pulgaboy?

Pulgaboy was born sometime in 1998 and recently celebrated his 21st birthday.

What team is Pulgaboy on?

Pulgaboy seems to be on a self started team called TheBoys with two of his friends. You can find them streaming together rather frequently.

What is Pulgaboy's net worth?

Right now, it’s hard to tell. There is no disclosed information as to the number of followers, nor is there a public record as to the amount he’s won through Fortnite Competitions. 

Is Pulgaboy dating anyone?

It appears as though Pulgaboy is dating fellow Twitch streamer Nathye Rocha. She is also a Fortnite streamer, and that’s likely how the two of them met.

What time does Pulgaboy stream at?

You can find Pulgaboy streaming in the late afternoon/early evening until about 9 pm PDT each day.

How frequently does Pulgaboy stream?

Pulgaboy likes to try and stream daily, however there have been several instances where he will take breaks for a week or longer at a time.

Pulgaboy Popular Videos

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