Nick Eh 30 Profile

  • Name: Nicholas Amyoony
  • Age: 24
  • Height: N/A
  • Place of Birth: Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Team: N/A
  • Primary Game: Fortnite
  • Est Net Worth: Roughly $800k

Nick Eh 30, the man who became YouTube’s biggest streaming star has decided to change over to Twitch as his streaming platform. This comes as a huge potential win for Twitch as Ninja has moved to Mixer and they’re looking for someone who has a lot of potential to be their next big star and Nick eh 30, might just be that guy. With over 4.6 million subscribers and a dedicated streaming schedule, Nick Eh 30 brings the crowds, the skill, and the positivity to Twitch.

But, is his switch to Twitch a good idea, or will this ultimately be a bad decision? It’s hard to tell but join us as we dive in and make our best guess for the future of Nick Eh 30.

Nick Eh 30 Settings – Fortnite Mouse Sensitivity

DPI: 2000

Sensitivity X: .100

Sensitivity Y: .050

Polling Rate: 1000

Targeting: .300

Scope: .500

Nick Eh 30 Settings – Fortnite Keybinds


Mouse 4










MW Up/Down






Mouse 5











Harvesting Tool

Mouse Wheel 

Weapon Slot 1


Weapon Slot 2


Weapon Slot 3


Weapon Slot 4


Weapon Slot 5


Nick Eh 30 Settings – Fortnite Settings

Video Settings

Game Settings 1

Game Settings 2

Audio Settings

Nick Eh 30’s Gear


Razer Viper


Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2 

Mouse Mat

Logitech G640

Gaming Chair

Herman Miller Aeron 

Nick Eh 30’s Computer

Computer Case

Thermaltake Core W100 


MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon


Intel Core i9-7980XE 


MSI GeForce RTX 2080TI Trio 


G.Skill TridentZ RGB Series 64GB 

Nick Eh 30’s Streaming Setup


Asus ROG Swift PG258Q 


Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro


Shure SM7B 

Nick Eh 30 Analysis

Nick Eh 30 is known for his overwhelmingly positive demeanor and conflicting aggressive attitude when it comes to Fortnite. No matter how you might feel about Nick Eh 30 joining Twitch, there’s no room for doubting his capabilities in a firefight. Using some of the most sensitive settings possible out of his Razer mouse, Nick Eh 30 is pretty much capable of responding to any situation within fractions of a second. 

Nick Eh 30 has also adapted a rather compact keybinding that allows for him to quickly switch between his weapon slots and any building he’s wanting to do. Where many streamers put the weight on the index and ring finger, it seems that Nick Eh 30 is all about equal distribution between his not only his left and right hand, but between all his fingers.

When it comes to his PC, Nick Eh 30 has, unsurprisingly, got some of the top gear available currently. Though is chair isn’t necessarily a gaming chair, it is providing him with all the support he needs. Which seems to be a state of mind for Nick Eh 30, where he uses what works and doesn’t needlessly change things up.

Ultimately, this consistency seems to be working for Nick Eh 30 as over his nearly 20,000 matches, he’s acheived a solid 16.40% win rate. It’s believed that the lower win rate is due to always making sure his audience is on the same page as him, checking in with them and informing them of the meta. Many consider him to actually be among the top Fortnite players globally. 

If you’re wanting to catch one of the most engaging streamers on Twitch, make sure you follow him and also check out his Twitter as well. However, odds are if you’re browsing through Twitch, you’ll find him online and streaming as he usually streams an average of 11+ hours a day.


Matches Won


Fortnite Win Rate

Total Matches Played

Average hours streamed each day:








Nick Eh 30 Bio

Born in March of 1995, Nicholas “Nick Eh 30” Amyoony has always been a person who thrives off dedication. From a young age Nick Eh 30 has focused on schooling and doing as many extracurricular activities as he could fit into his already busy schedule. When he dropped those activities to have more time for his studies in becoming a doctor, Nick Eh 30 started to take up gaming as a means of stress relief and a break.

His break time eventually ended up being his favorite part of his day. Something that Nick Eh 30 was looking forward to after all the studying and stress from school. With his love of gaming, Nick Eh 30 would start upload videos just for the fun of it and he realized a few months into it that he was getting some views and people were thanking him for making their day. He decided he needed a break from the schooling to see if this whole YouTube thing would work out for him.

Ultimately, that was the best decision he could’ve made at the time. During that year off, Fortnite became more popular and his streams and videos started gaining a lot of traction. He saw this as the market it was and decided that in order to succeed, you have to know the audience and the competition. Nick Eh 30 made sure that he would be streaming during the times that no one else was streaming, and most importantly, that he was consistently streaming at those times.

All the hard work and dedication paid off for Nick Eh 30. The previously almost obscure streamer slowly and steadily became the top tier Fortnite player and YouTube streamer that he is now. It was only recently that Nick Eh 30 announced that he will be switching over to Twitch to hopefully grab the audience that Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has left behind has he transitioned over to Mixer. On his first Twitch stream, he already has made his mark with an average viewership of over 22 thousand people. The future for Nick Eh 30 is only growing as he continues his stream schedule and dedication to his YouTube channel as well.

Nick Eh 30 FAQ

Nick Eh 30 is definitely an intersting character, and now that he’s moved to Twitch, there will undoubtedly be more questions about who Nick Eh 30 is.

To answer some of these questions, we’ve made a FAQ about Twitch’s newest Fortnite streamer. If you’ve got more information on our favorite Canadian streamer, let us know!

What is Nick Eh 30's real name?

Nicholas Amyoony is Nick Eh 30’s real name.

Where is Nick Eh 30 from?

Nick Eh 30 is from Canada, and more specifically Nova Scotia.

How old is Nick Eh 30?

Nick Eh 30 was born on March 14th of 1995, meaning right now he is 24 years old.

What team is Nick Eh 30 on?

Since Nick Eh 30 has only recently joined the Twitch and has been focusing on streaming rather than on competitive games, Nick Eh 30 is not currently on a team. He’s also expressed little interest in joining a team.

What mouse does Nick Eh 30 use?

Unlike many other streamers, Nick Eh 30 uses the Razor Viper mouse. 

Did Nick Eh 30 go to college?

For a while, Nick Eh 30 was studying at a University to become a doctor, however he took a break from his studies to try out YouTube and streaming full-time. He has not since returned to University.

What is Nick Eh 30's net worth?

Currently it’s believed that Nick Eh 30’s net worth is around $800K, though with his switch over to Twitch, it’s likely that his net worth will increase soon.

How much does Nick Eh 30 make per year?

Since the exact amounts on YouTube are harder to gauge, it’s possible that Nick Eh 30 could be making anywhere between $37k – $592k each year. A good amount of Nick Eh 30’s income comes from donations and ad revenue.

Is Nick Eh 30 dating anyone?

Most of Nick Eh 30’s life is rather private and ellusive. However there are some who believe he is dating someone. Only time will tell.

What time does Nick Eh 30 stream at?

Nick Eh 30 has a rather consistent stream. You’ll find him streaming an average of 12 hours each day, starting rather early between 3 and 5 am until 4 – 8 pm PDT.

How frequently does Nick Eh 30 stream?

Nick Eh 30 makes a point of streaming each and every day.

What's Nick Eh 30's longest stream time?

Since he’s switched over to Twitch, his longest streams have been on Wednesdays when he usually will stream for about 17 hours.

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