Markstrom Profile

  • Name: Taylor
  • Age: 28
  • Place of Birth: North Carolina
  • Team: The Marksmen
  • Primary Game: Escape From Tarkov
  • Est Net Worth: $200k

Most who find themselves on the track to becoming a doctor might continue on that path and realize their dream of helping others. However, Markstrom saw obstacles in his way that would be more of a preventative measure in truly helping others. He also concurrently saw a path that allowed him to live his dream of aiding those in need and playing games.

As his streaming career started to take off, Markstrom had a hard decision to make. Either continue with his studies for another 8-10 years or commit full-time to Twitch. Since that choice was made, Markstrom has seen a resounding growth in popularity and has used said growth to run charity streams. If you’d like to learn more about what makes Markstrom such a caring individual, continue down below. 

Markstrom Settings – Escape From Tarkov Settings

Game Settings

Graphics Settings

Audio Settings

Controls Settings 1

Controls Settings 2

Markstrom’s Gear


Corsair M65 Pro RGB


Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016

Mouse Pad

AmazonBasics Large Extended 

Markstrom’s Computer

Computer Case

Corsair Obsidian 750D Full-Tower




Intel Core i7-7700K


Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Windforce 

Liquid Cooling

Corsair H80i v2 AIO


Samsung 850 EVO 1TB

Markstrom’s Streaming Setup


Sony MDR-1A 


Sony a7S II ILCE7SM2/B


AKG C214 

Markstrom’s Streaming Computer


ASRock X299 K6 Fatal1ty

Liquid Cooling

Corsair H150i PRO RGB AIO


G.Skill TridentZ RGB 32GB

Markstrom Analysis

Continuing a trend of being slightly different from most people, Markstrom has a rather unique take on with his Tarkov Settings. Starting out with a much lower FOV than most others at 65, to an ultimately higher graphical intensity than most as well. However, like most others Markstrom’s keybindings are all relatively similar to the standard, as is his mouse sensitivity.

The differentiations don’t stop there though! When it comes to his PC build, Markstrom has one of the least “conventional” and most unique builds. Sporting not only a KRAIT Gaming motherboard, but also utilizing an actual DSLR mirrorless camera to stream. The only unfortunate aspect of Markstrom’s build is that we don’t know all of it. His streaming PC is boiled down to three components, but if Markstrom’s gaming pc is anything to base off of, we’re sure it’s just a beefy.

Markstrom is a very reliable and kind streamer who will usually be found online around 7 am EST every day save Saturday. If you want to know more about Markstrom’s streaming schedule or about him in general, follow him on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

Average hours streamed each day:








Markstrom Bio

Always the hockey fan, Markstrom had a habit of using upcoming players’ last names as his username. It just happened to stick when he chose Jacob Markstrom’s back in 2006. It was a coincidental success story that Jacob has also since had.

When our Markstrom was 19, he became a licensed professional trainer with the American Council on Exercise where he worked mostly as a personal trainer while simultaneously working on his Biology Major at the University of Florida. His studies into the field of biomedicine, Markstrom needed a language class, and as a whim decided to take Russian. It stuck with him more than he expected and ended up putting the personal training aside so he could double major, this time in Russian.

After completing his time with the University of Florida, Markstrom took a gap year to study for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and successfully passed it. After passing the MCAT, Markstrom worked at a Biomedical lab for a while, and with his newfound free time, he started streaming on Twitch. 

It wasn’t until around 2015 that Markstrom decided that another 10 years of studies, student loans, and debt just wasn’t worth the stress of the industry and decided that his best outlook was in streaming. He dove headfirst into Twitch even though he only averaged around 30 viewers a day, and dedicated the rest of his time to streaming. Since then, Markstrom has been able to support himself, and run multiple charity streams, managing to strike the best of both of his interests.

Markstrom FAQ

Markstrom can be quite the enigma. Despite donating heavily to many charities, streaming almost every day, and talking frequently about his wife and dog, Markstrom still manages to keep a level of secrecy from the public eye. We found some information about our favorite doctor-turned-streamer Markstrom and made this FAQ. If you see that we missed anything, let us know

What is Markstrom's real name?

Markstrom’s real name is Taylor. 

Where is Markstrom from?

Markstrom is from North Carolina.

How old is Markstrom?

Markstrom was born on the 27th of March, 1991. He is currently 28.

What team is Markstrom on?

Markstrom is a part of the streaming team The Marksmen. Comprised of fellow streamers: Kotton, Deadlyslob, Katie, and Peebro.

Did Markstrom go to college?

Markstrom did in fact go to college. He was studying medicine to eventually migrate to a Doctorates. However, the additional 10 years of schooling with little income made him rethink and pursue a streaming career.

What's Markstrom longest stream time?

It’s hard to find the exact longest stream Markstrom has had, but he does stream the longest on Tuesdays. 

What is Markstrom's net worth?

It’s assumed that with is Twitch and YouTube income, that Markstrom’s net worth might be around $200k

How much does Markstrom make per year?

Twitch sub counts are hard to determine exactly, but with his roughly 67k followers, we can assume Markstrom has around 3,000 which would translate to roughly $90k a year from Twitch alone.

Is Markstrom married?

Yes! Markstrom is currently married to Alexandra, though they keep out of the public eye quite a bit. They also have a dog named Hank.

What time does Markstrom stream at?

Markstrom tried to stream every day by 7 am EST save for Saturdays.

How frequently does Markstrom stream?

Markstrom will try and stream every day except Saturday

What mouse does Markstrom use?

Markstrom uses the Corsair M65 Pro RGB Gaming Mouse. Check it out here.

Markstrom’s Live Stream on Twitch

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