Lirik Profile

  • Name: Saqib Zahid
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 
  • Place of Birth: Germany
  • Team: The Hammer Squad
  • Est Net Worth: $2 Million

Streaming from early on in 2011, Lirik is one of the pioneer streamers who is rediscovering more popularity with the subsequent rise of Escape From Tarkov. However, for many years Lirik has seen quite a lot of popularity from his time as a PUBG, DayZ, and WoW player.

But what is it that has differentiated Lirik from the other streamers while not showing his face? Is it his involvement with his followers? Maybe it’s his humorous commentary that can be found throughout all his streams. Regardless of what it may be, it’s well known that Lirik is enjoyable and welcoming to all. Follow us as we catch up to all his growth in Tarkov, and in general.

Lirik Settings – Escape From Tarkov Settings

Graphics Settings

Controls Settings

Lirik Settings – Apex Legends Mouse Sensitivity

DPI: 800

Sensitivity : 2.0

Polling Rate: 1000

ADS Mouse Multiplier: 0.9

Lirik Settings – Apex Legends Keybinds









Tactical Ability 






Alt Interact 






Fire Mode








Cycle Weapons


Weapon 1


Weapon 2


Holster Weapon




Health Item


Lirik Settings – Apex Legends Video Settings

Video Settings 1

Video Settings 2

Lirik’s Gear


HyperX Pulsefire FPS


HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

Mouse Pad

HyperX Fury S XL

Gaming Chair

Herman Miller Embody 

Lirik’s Computer


ASUS ROG Maximus X Formula


Intel Core i7-6700K




HyperX Predator RGB 32GB


Samsung 960 Pro 2TB

Lirik’s Streaming Setup




Audio-Technica ATH-M50x


Audio-Technica AT2020

Lirik Analysis

There’s something about Lirik that is hard to put a finger on. From his rotating door of gaming and commentary to his always interesting setups and computers, Lirik is what some might call: Mischievous. 

However, that isn’t to say that this mischievousness isn’t to his benefit. His rotating cast of games has only aided in bringing more of a community together, one which Lirik has made every attempt to be involved with. His commentary is what makes his viewers stick around, and the stories coming from his gaming setups have managed to make his reddit have a total of 44k frequent followers. 

The two current games Lirik has taken a shine too are Apex Legends, with its release of Season 2, and Escape From Tarkov, with its new updates. When it comes to controls for Lirik, he’s pretty safe in that he’ll stick with a majority of the base keybinds and settings. Typically, Lirik will be playing at a lower DPI than most others, with sensitivity settings to counteract these settings marginally. 

When it comes to his computer setup currently, despite having some sponsorships, Lirik has declined a $15k personal build due to him moving soon. Though it’s not sure if that’s the real reason for the decline, what is true is that Lirik is currently using a pre-built Best Buy computer. Though which one is up for debate. Alternatively, Lirik is currently using three ASUS ROG Swift monitors for his gaming and streaming, as well as a predominately HyperX and Audio-Technica dominated setup.

When it comes to streaming, Lirk is one of the most reliable individuals in the field right now. His streams all begin at the same time of 9 am PST and go until 5pm PST. You’ll find that Lirik will take Thursdays off each week, but other than that, there are very little variations. A few weeks ago he took a week off for some recuperation, but outside of that week, Lirik has shown everyone his work ethic. If you’re wanting to catch up on his streaming, follow Lirik on Twitter and Twitch


Average hours streamed each day:








Lirik Bio

Lirik was initially introduced to the world of gaming by his brother, who was playing Doom on the PC. Lirik spent many hours watching and playing games with his family and became a gaming addict because of it. Having a longer relationship with Twitch than many others, Lirik was on the channel when it still called and watched Towelliee stream rather frequently. 

Sharing a love of WoW, Towelliee, and Lirik slowly, but surely, became friends. A friendship that eventually led to Lirik making mods for Towelliee and playing together even during streams. It was a friendship that slowly built into something much grander as Lirik decided to look into the whole streaming business as a viable option. Even though he was studying for a Computer Science degree, Lirik decided to start up some light streams. 

Maintaining his connection with Towelliee, Lirik would often stream with, and request assistance from his longtime streaming friend. The two, along with streamer Shortyyguy started a streaming community on Twitch called The Hammer Squad in 2014. The purpose of the streaming team was to help each channel grow and help bring up other, newer, streamers that they enjoyed.

Now in 2020, The Hammer Squad is still running and is now at least 75 members strong. Lirik is still a founding member of the streaming team and frequently will host other members whenever he is offline. And after completing his degree in Computer Science in 2015, Lirik made the ambitious decision to dedicate his time fully to streaming. A gamble that appears to have paid off 5 years later with an average of 16,000 subscribers and ~22,000 viewers each stream. Though it’s not clear what anyone’s future truly may be, it’s clear that Lirik will continue his ascent with just as much, if not more, momentum over the coming years.

Lirik FAQ

Lirik is quite the mysterious character, which is why we made this FAQ. If you notice we missed something, let us know!

What is Lirik's real name?

Lirik was born as a Saqib Zahid.

Where is Lirik from?

Lirik was born in Germany but currently resides in Boston, MA.

How old is Lirik?

Born on the 29th of October in 1990, Lirik is currently 29 years old.

What team is Lirik on?

Currently, Lirik is in the streaming team, The Hammer Squad. With over 70 team members, Lirik still finds a way to stay at the top with his fellow streamers, Sodapoppin, and Giantwaffle.

What GPU does Lirik use?

Lirik uses the EVGA GeForce GTX TITAN Z 12GB GPU

What's Lirik longest stream time?

As recently as August 2019, Liric spent a little over 27 hours streaming in one go.

What is Lirik's net worth?

It’s estimated that Lirik might have a net worth of over $2 million due to his longevity in the field, as well as from his higher number of followers.

How much does Lirik make per year?

Since roughly July of 2017, Liric has had around 16,000 subscribers on Twitch. With each sub giving Liric a low of $2.50, it equates to about $40k a month, or around $480k a year since 2017.

Is Lirik dating anyone?

As Lirik is the type of person to not stream his face, it’s understandable that his personal life would be more well-kept from the public eye. However, it’s assumed that he is not currently seeing anyone.

What time does Lirik stream at?

Lirik, being one of the more dependable streamers, can almost always be found between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm PST.

How frequently does Lirik stream?

Lirik has made a habit of taking Thursday off as his only day away from the streaming world. That means you can find Lirik streaming every day Friday-Wednesday.

How tall is Lirik?

Lirik is only around 5’5″ in height, or 1.65m.

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