KingRichard Profile


  • Name: Richard Nelson
  • Age: 30
  • Height: 5’7″
  • Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
  • Team: NRG
  • Primary Game: Fortnite / Apex Legends
  • Est Net Worth: Between $100k and $500k

Known for his skill and his sense of humor, KingRichard is among the top Fortnite and Apex Legends Professional Players. Amid current controversy with a Graphic Design firm, and slowly transitioning to Apex more than Fortnite, KingRichard’s future as a streamer and public figure is potentially damaged. Thankfully, KingRichard isn’t going to let himself fall into obscurity at any time.

Still outperforming, outranking, and playing with more dignity than most in the eSports realm, KingRichard isn’t becoming anything short of a legend.

Join us as we dive into the life and journey of KingRichard and find out what makes him top tier in so many gaming communities.

KingRichard Settings – Fortnite Mouse Sensitivity

DPI: 400

Sensitivity X: .160

Sensitivity Y: .110

Polling Rate: 500

Targeting: .550

Scope: .550

KingRichard Settings – Fortnite Keybinds




Mouse 5




Mouse 4




Mouse Wheel Up

















Harvesting Tool


Weapon Slot 1


Weapon Slot 2


Weapon Slot 3


Weapon Slot 4


Weapon Slot 5


KingRichard Settings – Fortnite Video Settings

Video Settings

KingRichard’s Gear


Finalmouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town 


Razer Blackwidow TE Chroma v2 

Mouse Mat

Logitech G640

Gaming Chair

Noblechairs Epic

KingRichard’s Computer

Computer Case

Corsair Crystal 570X 




Intel Core i9-9900K


Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 FE

Liquid Cooling

Thermaltake Floe Triple Riing


Samsung 960 Pro 512GB 


EVGA Supernova 850 T2 


G.Skill TridentZ RGB Series 64GB

KingRichard’s Streaming Setup


Asus ROG Swift PG258Q


Sennheiser HD 800 S 


Shure SM7B 

KingRichard Analysis

Dedication, humor, and skill all are qualities of King Richard on and off the competitive gaming scene. You can tell when you glance at his settings and sensitivities that King Richard isn’t called King for no reason. Sporting some of the highest sensitivities-to-polling rates seen in the competitive world, King Richard is really making it hard for fans to replicate his success.

Granted, most of his quick skills are due to his gear. Easily sporting some of the top gear available in the industry, King Richard sits on his self-given throne, ready for anything. There are rumors that King Richard has started delving into the world of streaming PCs and will soon share a video on what makes his second comp a necessary addition to his arsenal.

Despite all his success as a Fortnite streamer, KingRichard really shines most when he’s playing Apex Legends, and with the new release of season 3, we’re all expecting to see a lot of Apex in the near future. Likely with fellow NRG teammate, and winner of the First Apex Championship, Dizzy. 

When it comes to Fortnite however, KingRichard isn’t to be taken lightly. Sporting an impressive ~27% win rate with his almost 14k matches, KingRichard is showing up and clearing out servers. You can find KingRichard streaming most days, however when he starts tends to be on a whim. If you’re looking forward to seeing the King play make sure to follow him on Twitter and Twitch.

Matches Won


Fortnite Win Rate

Total Matches Played

Average hours streamed each day:








KingRichard Bio

The history of KingRichard is one shrouded in mystery. His childhood, when he first grew to love gaming, pretty much everything from his past before posting his first YouTube video is unknown. That first video was posted originally back in 2014 when he was 28, and it focused on ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). It was pretty obvious that he was skilled and was welcomed into the community rather quickly, getting around 10,000 subscribers before even touching any Battle Royale games.

By the time KingRichard got his hands on Fortnite, he had already amassed an additional 6,000 subscribers and 2 million total video views. However, like most streamers with skill and dedication, Fortnite changed everything for KingRichard. Going from those 16k subs to now over 240k, and a fast growing Twitch channel means that KingRichard is growing fast, and establishing himself.

Unfortunately for the pro player, KingRichard is currently surrounded in controversy around his hiring of graphic design team G4K. They claim that KingRichard requested their services and when provided a mock-up, KingRichard used the designs and didn’t pay for G4K’s time or efforts. However, as time has passed and the situation has been more established, it seems that KingRichard actually did pay for part of the work upfront, and when presented the mock-ups months after the requested due date for the finished project, KingRichard decided to exit out of the agreement. The situation has since gotten KingRichard in to some notorious flak amongst the community and he’s seen a slow decline in popularity because of it.

We all know however that this situation will pass for KingRichard, and he’ll eventually gain his stride once more and come out on top. Much like he has since the beginning of his Apex Legends career, and his time with team NRG since October 10th, 2018. Ultimately, nothing is going to be stopping KingRichard from progressing and becoming the pillar that he is destined to be.

KingRichard FAQ

We’ve amassed a collection of the most frequently asked questions about the long-time streamer KingRichard. If you find that we’ve missed something about the streaming King, let us know.

What is KingRichard's real name?

Almost unsurprisingly, KingRichard’s real name is Richard. Richard Nelson that is.

Where is KingRichard from?

KingRichard was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.

How old is KingRichard?

KingRichard was born on January 11th, 1989.

What team is KingRichard on?

KingRichard joined team NRG back in October of 2018. He currently plays for them as a part of their Apex Legends team.

What motherboard does KingRichard use?

KingRichard uses the GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Ultra Motherboard.

What's KingRichard longest stream time?

On Spetember 10th, 2017, KingRichard streamed for a solid 16 hours straight while playing For Honor and Destiny 2.

What is KingRichard's net worth?

Much like most of his life, KingRichard’s net worth is rather unknown. It’s possible it could be anywhere between $100k to $500k.

How much does KingRichard make per year?

Based only off his Twitch data, KingRichard makes a minimum of about $35,000 a year just from Twitch Subscriptions.

Is KingRichard dating anyone?

KingRichard keeps his personal life very private, and so there is no information on whether or not he is dating anyone.

What time does KingRichard stream at?

KingRichard typically streams later starting at about 6 or 7 pm PDT and can go for anywhere between 6 and 12 hours.

How frequently does KingRichard stream?

Recently, KingRichard hasn’t had much success streaming on a consistent basis, losing a day every now and then. However he is known to just randomly start streaming whenever he feels like it.

How tall is KingRichard?

KingRichard is about 5’7″ tall.

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