TSM Hamlinz Profile

  • Name: Darryle Hamlin
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5’2″
  • Place of Birth: Portsmouth, VA
  • Team: Team SoloMid
  • Primary Game: Fortnite
  • Est Net Worth: $900,000 

Professional streamer and Fortnite player Hamlinz is much more than a funny personality. Heamlinz has shown, through his few years streaming Fortnite, that he’s skilled at freestyle rapping, has incredible building speeds, and takes every opportunity possible to thank his audience for following him on his journey.

His success isn’t limited to Twitch either. He’s currently got a subscription base of around 1.2 million on YouTube, as well as nearly 2 million on instagram. However it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Hamlinz.

So what allowed Hamlinz to explode in popularity and how did he end up on one of the more infamous Fortnite teams? Let’s take a dive into the life of Darryle “Hamlinz” Hamlin and find out.

TSM Hamlinz Bio

Hamlinz was born on May 24th of 1995 and from the age of 4 he had two passions. Soccer, and Gaming. Pursuing both for a number of years, spending long nights playing with his friends, it was almost predetermined that Hamlinz would end up either as a professional soccer player or gamer. 

It seemed it was prearranged to be the latter as Hamlinz suffered injury after injury with his ankle, preventing him from playing soccer and pushing him to spend more time in front of his computer. Spending most of that time playing Runescape, and watching YouTube, Hamlinz figured combining the two is something he could easily do.

Starting off his career in 2013 doing exactly that, Hamlinz only managed to gather around 20 subscribers on YouTube by 2017. It wasn’t until he posted some videos of him playing Fortnite that he really saw any signs of growth, and it was exponential. 

During the time between Runescape and Fortnite, Hamlinz was integrated into the professional Call of Duty and Halo scenes. Like many other popular Fortnite streamers, Hamlinz also got his first experience of Battle Royale in PUBG, where he developed a strong sense of the survival instincts needed for winning. In the year following the release of PUBG, Hamlinz transitioned to Fortnite and was noticed for his incredible building skills and speed. His history of gaming and experience with Battle Royale games all cumulated in 2018 when Hamlinz joined Team SoloMid.

Never losing sight of where he began, and attributing a lot of his levelheadedness to the amount of spaghetti he can buy thanks to his subscribers and their donations, Hamlinz has always remained thankful and honest with his fans. Currently however, he has been off social media and away from streaming for the past month. Few know what’s truly going on but when he returns, he’s sure to bring quite the audience to his streams once again.

TSM Hamlinz’s Live Stream on Twitch

TSM Hamlinz’s Setup – Computer Components

TSM Hamlinz is no stranger when it comes to his computer, and you can tell that he’s well informed about what exactly he needs to run Fortnite, and stream effectively without problems.

NXZT H700I Case

Asus TUF X299 Mark 2 Motherboard

Intel Core i9-9820X Central Processor 

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 GPU

XSPC Raystorm D5 AX240 Liquid Cooling

Intel 660P 512GB SSD

Thermaltake Smart Standard 750W PSU

Adata XGP Z1 32GB RAM

TSM Hamlinz’s Setup – Computer Peripherals

Much like the others in house TSM, a lot of Hamlinz’s peripherals, like his mouse, keyboard, and headset, are Logitech. However, unlike his other teammates, Hamlinz is the only to use the BenQ monitor. 

Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse

Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard 

Logitech G Pro X Headset

BenQ XL2546 Monitor 

TSM Hamlinz’s Setup – Gaming Accessories

Like his fellow teammate, Daequan, much of Hamlinz’s accessories are rather standard for the TSM house.  Using the TSM edition for both his Mouse Pad and Gaming Chair, Hamlinz isn’t afraid of showing his support and appreciation for where he is. 

Logitech G640 TSM Edition 

Vertagear VG SL2000 TSM Edition

Logitech Brio Webcam

Blue Yeti Microphone 

TSM Hamlinz Settings – Fortnite Mouse Sensitivity

Having a slightly lower DPI than Myth, but higher targeting and scope sensitivity settings, TSM Hamlinz has catered his settings around what he likes and what he’s proficient with.  He also keeps his x and y sensitivities low so he can accomplish his iconic building speeds. 

DPI: 400

Sensitivity X: .101

Sensitivity Y: .102

Polling Rate: 1000

Targeting: .650

Scope: .700

TSM Hamlinz Settings – Fortnite Keybinds

Using wall and stairs most frequently, it makes sense that Hamlinz makes them both the quickest keys possible. Outside of those changes, most of Hamlinz’s keybinds are rather standard for the professional Fortnite scene.




Mouse 5


Mouse 4




















Space Bar



Harvesting Tool


Weapon Slot 1


Weapon Slot 2


Weapon Slot 3


Weapon Slot 4


Weapon Slot 5


TSM Hamlinz Settings – Fortnite Video Settings

Also rather simple for the Fortnite community is to keep the View Distance high while also amking sure to not impact any of the rest of gameplay with unnecessary graphics. 

TSM Hamlinz FAQ

As we all await the return of TSM Hamlinz, we’ve concocted this FAQ around the professional gamer to help get a better understanding of Hamlinz.

If there is anything that we missed that you’re needing to know about our favorite freestyle rapping streamer, feel free to let us know!

What is TSM Hamlinz's real name?

TSM Hamlinz was born as Darryle Hamlin

Where is TSM Hamlinz from?

Hamlinz was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, and currently resides with his teammates in California.

How old is TSM Hamlinz?

TSM Hamlinz is currently 24 years old. He was born in May of 1995.

What team is Hamlinz on?

Hamlinz is on Team SoloMid with his fellow housemates, Myth, and Daequan.

What mouse does TSM Hamlinz use?

Hamlinz has swapped his mouse out a few times between the FinalMouse Ultralihgt Phantom and, what he currently uses, the Logitech G703 Pro Wireless mouse.

Did TSM Hamlinz go to college?

Hamlinz was studying Nursing, however he dropped out of college before he finsihed his degree.

What is TSM Hamlinz's net worth?

It’s estimated that Hamlinz has a net worth around $900 thousand.

How much does TSM Hamlinz make per year?

Going solely off his Twitch streaming income from estimated subscribers, TSM Hamlinz makes about $300 thousand a year.

Is TSM Hamlinz dating anyone?

As of right now, there is no information on who Hamlinz might be dating, or if he is even dating anyone at all.

What time does TSM Hamlinz stream at?

Hamlinz has been off and on with his streams lately, but is trying to get back to a regular schedule where he starts at 8 pm PT, save for Wednesdays.

How frequently does TSM Hamlinz stream?

Since about August 9th, Hamlinz has been vacant from the streaming scene. However, there are rumors that it’s due to his streaming comp breaking and also needing a break himself. 
When he does stream, he tries to stream every day save Wednesday.

How tall is TSM Hamlinz?

A rather frequent point of contention and ridicule for Hamlinz is his height. He stands at 5’2″.

TSM Hamlinz’s Videos

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