Deadlyslob Profile

  • Name: Sean O’Brien
  • Age: 27
  • Height:
  • Place of Birth: Canada
  • Team: The Marksmen
  • Primary Game: Escape From Tarkov
  • Est Net Worth: $200k

Deadlyslob is the streamer many look to for a reminder of what hard work and perseverance looks like. Starting back towards the beginning of YouTube, transitioning to Twitch, and having to really weigh out options, Deadlyslob is the epitome of striving for success. Garnering a now thriving, and growing, community of over 230k people, and playing out to multiple thousand viewers each live stream it’s obvious that all the hard work has really paid off for the Canadian streamer. 

Throughout his life, Deadlyslob has had to make a number of hard decisions. In fact, for a while, he was without much income what-so-ever but still dedicated hundreds, if not thousands, of hours to the art of creating content. It’s through his enthusiasm that Deadlyslob was able to officially make ends meet. So what is it, if not a superhuman ability to commit, that allows for Deadlyslob to continue through such hardship? And what, if any, effect has it had on his gameplay or his streams? Continue reading on to find out.

Deadlyslob Settings – Escape From Tarkov Mouse Sensitivity

DPI: 800

Sensitivity: 0.49

Polling Rate: 1000

Sensitivity (Aiming): 0.5

Controls Settings

Deadlyslob – Escape From Tarkov Video Settings

Video Settings

Deadlyslob’s Gear


Razer DeathAdder Elite


Logitech G710+

Mouse Pad

Corsair MM350 Extended XL

Deadlyslob’s Computer


MSI PRO Series Z370-A PRO


Intel Core i7-8700K


Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme

Liquid Cooling

Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2 AIO 


Samsung 850 EVO 500GB


Corsair TX750M 80+ Gold


Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB

Deadlyslob’s Streaming Setup




Sennheiser GSP 600


Logitech C930e


Rode NT1-A

Deadlyslob’s Streaming Computer 




AMD Ryzen 7

Deadlyslob Analysis

Deadlyslob has had such an impact in the Tarkov community that there is even an in-game Easter egg dedicated to the streaming personality based off his own beard oil. This also means that Deadlyslob is someone with a far deeper understanding of the game and the world of Tarkov than most others.

When watching his streams, this fact only becomes more and more evident. With his keybinds not too far off from the standard controls, save for a few select choices, and his graphics set to showcase all that’s needed to succeed it’s obvious why the Tarkov community has taken quite the shine to the streamer.

As far as his setup goes, Deadlyslob is both playing it safe and changing up what is considered standard. Utilizing two PC’s, Deadlyslob is able to truly stream without any issue, allowing for him to continually interact with the community and with the game. His community is actually the biggest aspect of any of his streams, and Deadlyslob makes sure to invest time into getting to know new followers and bring everyone up to date on how to play. He’s actually one to go above and beyond to interact with his community and regularly makes posts on Instagram from their requests.

With that interaction comes consistency as well. Deadlyslob makes sure to stream at least six days a week, usually taking off Sunday, for at least around 7 hours. If you want to catch up to his streams, make sure to follow Deadlyslob on both Twitter and Twitch.

Average hours streamed each day:








Deadlyslob Bio

Like many other streamers, Deadlyslob was someone who grew up within the community and spent a lot of time in his youth playing with friends and family. For Deadlyslob, that was very much the case as he grew up playing alongside his brother in Battlefield 2 and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It’s from these two games that Deadlyslob’s love of FPS and MMORPG games developed. Branching out into Halo, RuneScape, and eventually WoW, gaming was a sort of solace for Deadlyslob, and something he only wished he could make a living off of.

When it came to the release of YouTube, Deadlyslob saw a content creator by the name of “WoWHobbs” who was publishing video guides and explorations into the world of Azeroth that really sparked the passion within Deadlyslob. Not long after, Deadlyslob found himself making videos of his own and posting them, only for the pure enjoyment of doing so back in 2006. After a few years, there was the inkling of a following for Deadlyslob forming, and it wasn’t until much later that he would be able to truly profit off of his efforts.

In 2015, Deadlyslob’s interest in his recently bought out company was waning, and after watching a fellow content creator shift over to, Deadlyslob saw an opportunity. He packed up his things and left. Being amongst the first to be partnered with Twitch, Deadlyslob saw a quick rise to notoriety within the community once more. As Twitch grew, so did his influence. After two hard years, the days of stressing over how to go about supporting him and his at-the-time-girlfriend, now wife, were over.

In July of 2017, Deadlyslob switched from his longtime enjoyed DayZ over to the newly opened Escape From Tarkov. This choice made him once again amongst the first to hop into the new world and once again, it paid off. What was once less than minimum-wage grew into something that Deadlyslob can now comfortably depend upon and not only support his family but also give his high school sweetheart the dream wedding he knew she deserved. 

Deadlyslob FAQ

Surprisingly, for someone in the game as long as Deadlyslob, there are still loads of questions about the infamous streamer. Thankfully for you, we’ve managed to gather the answers to some of the more complicated questions, and compile them here in our FAQ about Deadlyslob.

If you see that we missed something about the bearded EFT streamer, let us know!

What is Deadlyslob's real name?

Deadlyslob’s real name is Sean O’Brien.

Where is Deadlyslob from?

Deadlyslob was born and raised on Prince Edwards Island in Canada. It’s possible he still lives there today. 

How old is Deadlyslob?

Born on the 27th of November in 1993, Deadlyslob is currently 27.

What team is Deadlyslob on?

Deadlyslob is a part of a Twitch Stream Team called The Marksmen with fellow streamers Kotton, Markstrom, and Peebro.

What Motherboard does Deadlyslob use?

When it comes to gaming, Deadlyslob uses the MSI PRO Series Z370-A Motherboard, while he utilized the MSI X370 M7 ACK Motherboard for his streaming computer.

Did Deadlyslob go to college?

Deadlyslob did go to college but was only there for a year before dropping out due to starting a company with some friends.

What's Deadlyslob longest stream time?

On average, you’ll be able to find Deadlyslob streaming about 7 hours a day, some days he can go longer than that but it’s rather unlike to ever find him streaming longer than 12 hours. 

What is Deadlyslob's net worth?

It’s estimated that Deadlyslob’s net worth would be around $200k.

How much does Deadlyslob make per year?

As with any streamer, it’s hard to get an exact income. However, with his growing follower count which is now at over 230k, it’s possible he could have around 6k subscribers on Twitch. That would make him bring in about $180k a year from Twitch alone. 

Is Deadlyslob married?

Yes! Recently, Deadlyslob married his long time partner.

What time does Deadlyslob stream at?

Deadlyslob is amongst the most reliable streamers on Twitch, and as such, you can find him streaming at 5 am PST every day but Sunday.

How frequently does Deadlyslob stream?

Much like many other streamers, Deadlyslob makes a point of streaming almost every single day. It should be noted that he takes off Sundays.

Where does the name Deadlyslob come from?

Believe it or not, Deadlyslob is actually both an homage to his brother, and a collection of his initials. the “Deadly” is shared with his brother, and “SLOB” is for Sean L. O’Brien.

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