At the Consumer Electronics Show 2021, HyperX announced two additions to its product line. The first is the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, and the second is the ChargePlay Duo Controller Charging Station, a charging accessory for the Xbox Series X/S. The company also announced that the Pulsefire Haste Gaming Mouse, Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset, and Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset + 7.1 are now available worldwide.

“Gaming became an even more go-to activity this year as people searched for safe, entertaining ways to stay connected with friends and family,” Daniel Kelley, HyperX’s director of corporate marketing, pointed out. “HyperX’s new product lineup reflects our ongoing commitment to the ever growing gaming community to deliver best in class products for whenever or however one plays.”

Keyboard & Charging Station

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Alloy Origins 60 is a 60% keyboard designed to free up desk space and mouse movement. It utilizes HyperX red linear mechanical switches designed to shorten the actuation point and travel time for the keys, making them more responsive. The keyboard features exposed LED designs of HyperX Red switches and PBT double-shot keycaps, which have secondary functions printed on the side. Lighting, Game Mode, and macro settings can be adjusted with up to three profiles of onboard memory using HyperX NGENUITY software. 

HyperX ChargePlay Duo Controller Charging Station for Xbox

The HyperX ChargePlay Duo is officially licensed by Xbox, designed for Xbox, and compatible with Series X/S and Xbox One controllers. Two additional battery doors will also be included to fit the Xbox Series X/S wireless controllers. LED indicators display each controller’s charging status, while the weighted base is designed for quick docking. Additionally, the product comes with two 1400mAH rechargeable battery packs.

Mouse & Headsets

New HyperX Products

As mentioned above, other announcements included that HyperX’s Pulsefire Haste, Cloud II Wireless, and Cloud Revolver + 7.1 — all originally released in the US — will now be made available worldwide. It is worth noting that while HyperX announced global availability for these products, their site lists customer support contact information for a limited number of nations, omitting parts of Europe and all of Africa, for example. Accordingly, it would be wise to verify whether deliveries can be made to your area and determine — if any problems occur — whether customer service is available in your part of the world. 

HyperX Pulsefire Haste

The Pulsefire Haste’s honeycomb hex shell design is designed to provide quicker movements and improved ventilation. The gaming mouse has TTC Golden Micro Dustproof switches with 60M click durability, six programmable buttons, and onboard memory. It also features low friction, virgin grade PTFE skates, and a HyperFlex USB cable meant to reduce tension and resistance. 

Additionally, the Pulsefire Haste comes with grip tape for both sides of the mouse, along with the left and right mouse buttons, and it includes a replacement set of PTFE skates. Like the Alloy Origins 60, the Pulsefire Haste is customizable with NGENUITY, allowing for adjustments to DPI settings, RGB lighting, button assignments, and macro recording. 

HyperX Pulsefire Cloud II Wireless

The Cloud II Wireless ships with virtual 7.1 surround sound and 53mm directional drivers. The headset broadcasts at 2.4GHz and can stay charged for 30 hours (at 50% volume). Its wireless range is 20 meters, depending on environmental conditions. The Cloud II Wireless was designed to be suitable for gaming, working, and schooling from home. 

HyperX Cloud Revolver + 7.1

The Cloud Revolver + 7.1 features virtual surround sound and 50mm directional drivers. These features were specifically tailored to enhance the audio in first-person shooters and open-world games. This gaming headset was designed to secure a competitive edge.

Product Availability

Here is an outline of the product availability, courtesy of the official press release:

  • Alloy Origins 60 gaming keyboard – Available in the US on Feb. 22 for MSRP $99.99 on HyperX Shop
  • HyperX ChargePlay Duo Controller Charging Station for Xbox – Available in the US on HyperX Shop in February for MSRP $39.99
  • Pulsefire Haste Gaming Mouse – Now available globally for MSRP $49.99
  • Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset – Now available globally for MSRP $149.99
  • Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset + 7.1 – Now available globally for MSRP $149.99

You can find the products for sale on the official HyperX website.


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