eSports News

  • The International 4 wrapped up earlier this month with Wings Gaming (from China) claiming victory over Digital Chaos (Mix of International Players) and a massive prize of $9.1 million. The final prize pool of $20.7 million is the largest in competitive gaming history.
  • eSports at the Olympics? The chances are greater than ever before.. but that doesn’t mean much. The International eSports Federation (IeSF) applied to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in April 2016 and received a reply back with all the necessary requirements the IeSF must undergo. IeSF has been hard at work, and their application will receive its first evaluation this year in December. Nevertheless, IOC has been stubborn on their stance that ‘mind sports’ cannot be part of the program.
  • An ongoing debate is taking place over the state of Riot Games’ LCS league. The key issue as you may have guessed is about money, more specifically the question about whether Riot or LoL Team owners should bear the burden of fairly compensating pro players. Andy “Reginald” Dinh has been at the forefront of the issue saying Riot should raise compensation. Riot’s co-founder Marc Merrill fired back saying Dinh should use some of the millions he has made from League of Legends to pay his players better instead of “investing in other esports where he is losing money.” Dinh responded to Marc Merrill on Twitter with a KO in the form of a level headed, well articulated response comparing the flaws on LoL to the strengths of other ecosystems such as DOTA2 and CS:GO. The response was a rallying cry for many well known LoL personalities. At the very least, this point seems clear: revenue opportunities appear to be few and far between for pro players in the LCS.

Hardware News


  • HP has returned to the high end gaming PC market with a bang — the fully loaded Omen PC, a liquid cooled cube that sits upright thanks to the help of two stands. The new Omen X desktop will be available on HP’s website starting October 16th.
  • Details about the PlayStation Neo are to be announced in a media event September 7th.
  • Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 in July (the last time that happened was eight months ago). The kicker is those numbers don’t include Xbox One S preorders. With the August 23rd launch of the Xbox One S, we might just see two consecutive months where Microsoft beats Sony in console sales.
  • Already there are four editions of the Xbox One S available: the 2 TB launch edition, 500 GB Halo Collection Bundle, 2 TB Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Bundle, and the 1 TB Maden NFL 17 Bundle.
  • Logitech will soon be releasing a new gaming mouse dubbed the Logitech G Pro aimed at eSports players. Outfitted with metal spring button tensioning system, advanced optical sensor, and a lightweight design it looks to be a fierce rodent specimen.
  • Cooler Master’s ambidextrous MasterMouse Pro L is available starting August 24th.

Game Related

  • Star Citizen wowed a lot of folks at Gamescom with their presentation of realtime gameplay. Check out the video below for the full presentation.
  • No Man’s Sky was released August 9th and created quite a commotion. reported that the game shedded about 88% of its concurrent user base within 2 weeks but noted that this is not an unheard of phenomenon — games such as The Witcher 3, Doom, and Far Cry Primal all experienced similar peak player count drops of over 80% over the following 30 days after their release.
  • Pokemon developer Game Freak has a new game called Giga Wrecker, a 2D action puzzler, that is now available in Steam Early Access.
  • Facebook is reportedly working on an all new gaming platform with the likes of Unity. The Unity alliance will help Facebook compete with the likes of Steam and other established platforms by giving Facebook a developer base as well as some great indie titles to start off with. Many hit titles such as Firewatch, Ori and the Blind Forest, Kerbal Space Program, Monument Valley, and others were developed using the Unity toolset.

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