I’ve been playing some Call of Duty: WWII lately. I initially purchased the game to give the Netgear Nighthawk XR500 a fair review, as the geo-filter feature works best with popular console games. You can check out my review here. Yes it was simply for the review, I told myself. I played a little Team Death Match as is custom, and have played around on some of the other mods like the new War mode which is really neat. War mode features narrative driven maps (one map is a D-Day type map, Allies rushing the heavily defended Axis beach) that is seen in a lot of PC games like Overwatch for example, but is new to the Call of Duty franchise. Another welcome twist to War Mode: no worrying about k/d ratios, kills and deaths aren’t tallied and taken into consideration at all when determining post game rewards. I dappled a little in each mode and unlocked some guns and whatnot but it was the zombie mode that really sunk its claws into me or should I say teeth.

I warn you about getting sucked into the zombies mode vortex. For me, it has transpired into many nights of split screen couch gaming with my friend and consequently I feel like a half awake zombie the following day due to lack of sleep. This co-operative mode matches you up with 3 other players and pits you against ever increasingly larger waves of zombies. Furthermore, there are Easter eggs to discover (which done in the right order culminate in a boss fight), weapons to purchase and upgrade, Blitz upgrades (think power ups that make you run farther, reload faster, etc.), and a new loadout distinct from the other game modes you get to customize.

CoD WW2 Zombies - The Final Reich

Where are You Easter Egg

We’ve gone full try hard mode attempting to conquer The Final Reich map. We’ve looked up walkthroughs so we know how to complete the objectives. We’ve bought some cheap ear buds with speakers on them so we can better communicate with our other 2 teammates. We’ve tried out most of the weapons the map has to offer and determined which are best for mowing down a sea of zombies. Yes indeed, we’re serious. Whether it’s losing a teammate partway through, the match crashes (which seems to have got more frequent since the last DLC I must say), or simply going down to a pack of relentless zombies victory has continued to evade us. Nevertheless, we’ve had a lot of fun. I think there’s definitely a nostalgia factor at play too. Ah, the golden days of playing Goldeneye, Halo, etc with a group of friends from school.

So, last month I turned 29. I’ve got 1 more year left until the big 3 0. It’s still a little unsettling when it did not seem that long ago when I was a teenager thinking anyone over 30 is super old. I suppose no one can out run father time. He’s leaving me in the dust and there’s not much I can do about it.

There was a reflection moment for me when my friend and I were playing zombies and talking to our teammates over our mics. We asked how old this particularly talkative teammate was. The answer? Thirteen. My friend and I made eye contact, perhaps we were thinking the same thing. Are we too old for this? What age is too old for video games? There’s many sides to this debate. If moderation isn’t a problem, frankly, I don’t think there’s an age cut off. I think that’s one of the best things about gaming, anyone can participate and have fun. Even the busiest of us can carve out an hour or two a few nights of week and get away with it. I fancy myself playing video games in old age of retirement, I sure as heck will have plenty of free time then.

Taxes as always have been a pain in the butt this year. I know taxes are a surety in this day and age but I still haven’t reached a peaceful state of acceptance regarding annual tax filing. More like a grudgingly do it so I don’t get my house taken from me sort of acceptance. Forms, so many forms. As a small business owner, it is always a slog getting everything together and making sure Quickbooks is done correctly. I did a little Bitcoin stuff last year too, so making sure I had the right numbers to pay capital gains tax on was a real treat. Every year since I started working for myself I set out to get it done as quickly as possible, but have never quite succeeded. This year I had to file an extension, so I guess I’m getting worse rather than better.

Other than taxes, work-wise it’s been the usual grind around here. I’m attempting to grow High Ground Gaming and made it a goal to add 5 new pieces of content each month whether that be a review, blog post, etc. I’d like to exceed this goal but sometimes my ambition outweighs reality. Budget and time permitting, there’s a ton of ideas I have for HGG and I’ll probably blog about those sometime down the road.

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Thanks and happy gaming!