Hello readership and digital wanderers. It’s time for a new High Ground Report. I haven’t made a personal contribution to the blog for quite some time. Between running the website, adding new articles, reviewing a ton of gaming chairs, and a multitude of other projects I feel like the little white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland running around late to everything. Fortunately, my wife and I took a trip down to Florida for an event called HothCon. It was a good time to catch my breath and gain a little perspective. Upon returning to Oregon, we put down some goals for High Ground Gaming and our other projects. I feel like I have some direction now but that’s not to say there’s not problems that need solving.

Part of the trouble is I have all these ideas and the gusto to think I can follow each of them through to success. I’ve discovered I really like to start things and combined with my infinite optimism I can get myself into trouble pretty easy. Another problem I feel is a bit tricky is not having the technical know how to realize some of these more ambitious ideas. I’ve done a little bit of coding here and there and have self taught myself the basics, but am very far from what is considered a full stack developer. Sometimes I kick myself for not majoring in something like software development. In any case, I am left with two options: learn it myself or work with someone (hire) who already has these skills. With sustained, concentrated effort I think I could probably get to where I need to be (build a prototype) in 6 months or so. If I have a knack for it less time, if not more. However, there’s a lot of opportunity cost. Of course, hiring someone skilled isn’t going to be inexpensive and frankly I don’t have access to a crop of money trees. Finding the right person, building a relationship of trust, and aligning our goals would be no simple task. Do I hire this person on full time or do I do a one time contract? Plus, I’m so introverted the whole prospect of this much communication with another human sounds quite scary. I’ll probably be stuck in the throes of indecision for some time!

Another big decision we’ve been kicking around is moving up to Portland. If you’re not familiar with the North Western United States, Portland is Oregon’s largest city by far, and growing at a rapid clip. Right now I live in Eugene which is about an hour and a half south of Portland. While certainly no small town and with a growing entrepreneurship community of its own, Eugene simply does not have the same sort of resources that a large city like Portland has. I try to always look at the long term especially when making important decisions about where to live and where is best for our business. I think my wife and I would consider a Seattle or somewhere in California, but our family is too important to us to move that far away. It is difficult to make a case against Portland not being the best place in Oregon right now. In fact, the only two cons I’ve been able to come up with is the traffic and high housing costs.

One of my goals this year includes regularly adding new stuff to High Ground Gaming, including this Watchtower blog. I think blogging will be a helpful thing for me — sort of a wall to bounce stuff off of as well as a way to improve my writing. I hope to create content people find interesting and insightful too. I’ll keep working to find interesting ways to present and examine ideas new and old.

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Thanks and happy gaming!