I haven’t contributed to this blog in a good while. I decided to change direction and stop doing the monthly High Ground Report in its current form. It helped me keep a pulse on the gaming industry but I think that’s about it. Not really sure how much value those news curation posts were creating for folks. I have a few ideas about where to take High Ground Gaming and the Watchtower but I’ll probably just do some rambling posts like this until I figure things out. I should probably spend more time meditating on such matters.

A project I’ve been putting a lot into lately is laying the foundation for a new office product line. My wife and I just launched our first two products: wrist rests. These wrist pads are placed in front of the mouse and keyboard and help alleviate wrist pain and prevent injuries like carpal tunnel. My wrists have got bing bonged in the past and I feel like I am well acquainted with this particular struggle of the modern human.

We are marketing these products to heavy computer users such as gamers and people who spend considerable time doing computer related work. We found a top notch supplier and put together some fun packaging. I think we are doing things right from the get go. I’m hoping the products will save a good many wrists in the future. The proceeds of the project will be used to grow the brand and come up with some cool stuff for the office and gaming setups.

I caught the Flyquest vs. TSM LCS series today. In game 1 there were some good skirmishes in the early game of this matchup but TSM really took control midgame. A big contributor was Sven’s execution on Lee Sin. He easily overpowered Moon’s Shaco in the jungle and had a larger presence in team fights. Game 2 was neck and neck into the late game. Flyquest taking the two Nexus towers off the back of a victorious mid game team fight created the opportunity for them to zerg down the Nexus. The big highlight was when Hai found himself a baller penta kill with Orianna. Game 3 TSM zoomed to a 10K lead at 25 minutes with most of the gold going to their carries. You know the end to that story.. TSM! TSM! TSM! It had been awhile since I caught some LCS games and it was fun to watch. Awesome to see the league still getting solid viewership numbers too.