Here’s a neat little guest post and infographic from our friends at Computer Planet.

Would You Like to Have a Career in Esports?

Are you a fan of online video gaming? Imagine if you could create a dream career in the industry!

Most people aren’t going to get picked for the top teams to play worldwide, but there are many routes in to jobs in the Esports industry. Esports is already worth millions of dollars, and by 2020 it is forecast to create revenues of up to 1.5 billion US dollars.

As this infographic from Computer Planet shows, there is a wide variety of interesting jobs connected with online video gaming available, such as:

  • Game tester/QA tester. Their job is to test games for bugs and document bug reports for QA. Experience required is at least six months of QA testing experience. The salary for this role with 6+ years’ experience is around $74,000 – now that’s a nice salary for playing video games!
  • Game designer/animator/motion graphics artist. These tech roles involve building and maintaining game content to improve user experience. You need a relevant Bachelor’s degree, and good gaming knowledge for this role. Average salaries in this sector are around $38,000
  • Video gaming composer. This is an interesting job for the musicians out there, involving orchestration and composition of game soundtracks and theme songs, with editing and voice directing. You preferably need a Bachelor’s degree in music, and have knowledge of composition and orchestration techniques. You would also be expected to know how to use recording software. The salary is around $32,000, with the bonus of royalty payments.
  • International tax manager. If you’re a financial wizard, this could be the job for you. The role involves advising tax and business strategies for company transactions within the gaming industry, and ensuring international tax compliance. Requirements are a CPA/MS in taxation, and 3+ years relevant experience. This job comes with a nice salary at around $109,000.

These jobs are just a few of the ones available in online video gaming. The Esports industry is ever-growing, and provides great opportunities for career development, so there has never been a better time to consider a career start or a change.

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