After a rough showing at E3, Square Enix avenges themselves with a stronger Gamescom preview.

Square Enix has released the long-awaited gameplay trailer for Marvel’s Avengers. Previously shown behind closed doors during E3 and Sandiego Comic-Con, the public release presents a more confidently polished product when compared to the launch trailer.

Check out the full 20-minute gameplay trailer, showcasing the A-Day tutorial stage and the starting five Avengers in action.

Still, in Pre-Alpha, the graphical uptick is notable with character facial expressions and costumes looking more solidified and natural. Alongside this updated look at the prologue, we were given greater insight into the structure of the game, cosmetics, and post-game content.

Assemble Your Team

Gamescom 2019 | Marvel's Avengers Gameplay Update 1

The more linear A-Day prologue ends with the destruction of San Francisco. We see the Avengers disband and experience a five-year time jump. In that time, Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) has taken over as the earths’ “protectors” and superheroes are outlawed.

At this point, the game opens up to an expansive world accessible from an overworld map and meant to seamlessly transition between single-player and co-op experiences. These take the form of Hero Missions which are single Player campaign levels that play to specific character strengths; and Warzone Missions which are 4-Player experiences that encourage team synergy as you explore regions and pick assignments. All experience, items, and upgrades will carry between mission types and feature a dynamic leveling system and difficulty scale to allow players at various levels to play together without any concerns.

Some Assembly Required

Marvel’s Avengers is shaping up to be more and more like a Destiny-esque RPG. Accompanying the level system are extensive character-specific skill trees that will allow players to invest in their desired play style. Thor, for example, includes a path focusing on ranged combat with AOE and lightning attacks. While another upgrades health and damage to turn Thor into more of a brawler. You’ll be able to switch between these paths as their unlocked, allowing for greater versatility in differing combat situations.

Further promoting experimentation is the inclusion of a gear system. Working in tandem with the skill tree, the specific rarity classifications should sound familiar. Six categories ranging from common to legendary, with a currently unknown beyond legendary category. Amplifying the traditional gear setup is the addition of branded sets. These will provide unique stat bonuses when all pieces are equipped.

Dress for Success

Gamescom 2019 | Marvel's Avengers Gameplay Update 2

An official total of cosmetic costumes wasn’t mentioned, but it appears that they will be a primary focus. Drawing on the immense history of Marvel Comics and movies, they mentioned a handful of fan favorites (like Joe Fixit Hulk) as well as many original designs. These will have no effect on gameplay and will be the only microtransactions within the game, still allowing players to earn them through organically.

The Endgame

Post-campaign specifics were sparse. While new costumes and gear varieties are a given, Square continuously reinforced that stories are their main focus. Like the reveal of Hank Pym as a playable character, they promise that further story extensions and characters will be added after launch.

Marvel’s Avengers is being developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix. It’s scheduled to release on May 15, 2020.


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