Editorial Standards

Welcome to High Ground Gaming’s Editorial Ethics, Principals, and Guidelines page. Our commitment to editorial excellence is unwavering, and these guidelines form the bedrock of our integrity and the trust our readers place in us. These principles govern our approach to all content we create, curate, and publish.

Objectivity and Fairness

We maintain a steadfast dedication to impartiality, ensuring our content remains free from external influences and personal biases. Accuracy is not just a goal but a fundamental requirement in our reporting. We engage in rigorous fact-checking and continuously update our content to correct errors and reflect the most current information.


Our relationship with our audience is built on the bedrock of transparency. We openly disclose any partnerships or relationships that might influence our coverage. When mistakes occur, we address them with prompt corrections, upholding our commitment to accuracy and reliability.

At High Ground Gaming, our operations are supported by the revenue generated from advertisements on our site. We manage our own advertising with the help of our trusted partner Mediavine, ensuring that our ad space is utilized in a way that aligns with our content and audience.

It is our strict policy that monetary or other incentives from companies do not dictate our review process or editorial coverage. Every piece of content, including reviews and editorial commentary, is created at the discretion of our editorial team, without influence from external companies, advertisers, or public relations firms. Our advertisers have no say in the creation or presentation of our editorial content, nor do we discuss their advertisements.

We do not engage in advertorial content; that is, paid content that mimics the form and function of editorial content. Should there ever be a need to publish any form of sponsored content or “infomercial,” it will be clearly and conspicuously labeled as advertising to maintain transparency with our readers.

Additionally, High Ground Gaming may feature affiliate marketing links. These are instances where we may earn a commission if you purchase products or services through links in our content. We want to assure our readers that these links do not influence our editorial content. The trust of our community is paramount, and we are committed to integrity and transparency in every aspect of our work.

Respect and Dignity

The diversity of the gaming community is celebrated and respected in every piece of content we publish. We strive to create an inclusive environment that honors all players, irrespective of their background or identity. The privacy of individuals is paramount, and we are meticulous in obtaining consent before publishing any sensitive information.

Quality and Excellence

The content that graces our pages is the product of thorough research, crafted to provide depth and utility. We select our writers and contributors for their expertise and experience in the gaming industry, ensuring that our standards of quality and professionalism are consistently met.


We understand the weight of the responsibility we carry and the impact of the content we publish. To that end, we invite and value the feedback loop between ourselves and our readers, allowing it to guide us and hold us accountable.


Our editorial team values its independence, operating without commercial pressure or influence from advertisers. This freedom allows us to provide honest and critical evaluations of games, products, and industry practices.

Product Samples for Reviews

We occasionally accept product samples from companies for the purpose of conducting in-depth reviews. However, the acceptance of such samples does not guarantee a favorable review, nor does it influence the content of our review in any way. Our assessments are based on comprehensive testing and the unbiased experience of our reviewers.

Be aware that there are occasions when we might receive samples prior to their official release to the public. In such instances, it’s common practice for us to enter into an embargo agreement with the providing company or their public relations team. An embargo is a mutual understanding that we will withhold our review or any related content until a specified date.

For a complete look at our review practices, see our review policy page.

Community Engagement

We are champions of constructive dialogue and endeavor to cultivate a community space where respectful and harassment-free discussions can thrive. Our aim is to contribute positively to gaming culture and promote ethical practices within the industry.

Continual Improvement

Embracing the dynamic nature of gaming journalism, we are committed to continual improvement, adapting to evolving standards and practices. We encourage our team’s professional development, enhancing their skills and understanding of the ethics that underpin our craft.

By upholding these principles, High Ground Gaming stands as a bastion of trust and quality in the gaming community, delivering content that is not only engaging and informative but also rooted in ethical integrity and professional responsibility.


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