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Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2024 — Everything You Need to Know

Festival of the Lost has returned once again for Halloween festivities! Every year this event brings with it an event-exclusive activity, new/reprised loot, and a ton of cosmetics worth checking out (for both Bright Dust and Silver currencies). This year’s version is no different, and it also gives us a brand new memento as well (the first since they came out). It’s the only real all-black shader for weapons, so it’s fair to say people are pretty excited to get their hands on it–however difficult that may be.

Find out everything you need to get the most out of Destiny 2’s Halloween-themed event with our full Festival of the Lost 2023 guide.

What is Festival of the Lost?

Festival of Lost promo art from Bungie 2
Image: Bungie Inc.

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost is a Halloween-themed event meant to celebrate the memory of all of the Guardians and allies we’ve lost over the years. Being a seasonal event, it’s only designed to run for a few weeks, starting on October 17th and ending on November 7th during the weekly restart time. 

The event itself is meant to be fun and lighthearted, with a Halloween / Day of the Dead aesthetic for people to have fun with. Ultimately, it’s all about collecting candy by wearing Halloween masks. These masks take up your Helmet slot and can be changed out for different styles that can be purchased from Eva Levante. Your goal is to collect all of the seasonal masks, complete Triumphs, fill out The Book of the Forgotten (more on that in a bit), and farm that new memento!

How to Start Festival of the Lost 2023

Festival of Lost promo art from Bungie 1
Image: Bungie Inc.

You won’t have direct access to the seasonal activity for Festival of the Lost right off the bat. Instead, you’ll need to visit the Tower and speak to Eva Levante to start the “Classic Carving” quest. This will be your first step toward unlocking Haunted Lost Sectors.

How to Unlock Haunted Lost Sectors

Once you’ve acquired the “Classic Carving” questline and your mask from Eva, you’ll be just a few steps away from having access to the Haunted Lost Sectors. The “Classic Carving” quest will guide you through the intro tasks, and once you’re ready to go, it’ll direct you to your first Haunted Lost Sector.

After completing the first one, you’ll just need to go back and talk to Eva again at the Tower. She’ll give you some rewards and another quest (“Sophisticated Sculpting”) which basically just points you toward the harder activities. After you’ve finished the “Classic Carving” quest, you’ll have access to both normal and Legend Haunted Lost Sectors!

How Haunted Lost Sectors Work

Haunted Lost Sectors are pretty straightforward. You have a set time limit to complete Summoning Rituals, which is basically a capture point, to unleash a Headless One. Defeat as many as possible until the final boss appears. You’ll eventually have to summon and defeat more Headless Ones to create pumpkin bombs to knock out the boss’s shield. Do this three times and you’ve successfully completed a Haunted Lost Sector.

Haunted Lost Sector Rewards

After you’ve completed the “Classic Carving” quest, you’ll begin to earn an assortment of random rewards from Haunted Lost Sectors. You have the chance to roll more variations of the four weapons available in this year’s loot pool. Those four weapons are Acosmic (Heavy Grenade Launcher), Mechabre (Arc Sniper Rifle), Jurassic Green (Solar Pulse Rifle), and Horror Story (Stasis Auto Rifle).

Aside from that, you’ll earn more Candy if you’re wearing a mask, and collect Manifested Pages for The Book of the Forgotten. You’ll also be able to get the new Lost Memento.

How to Get the Lost Memento

Without a doubt, the new Lost Memento is the most sought-after loot from Festival of the Lost 2023. It’s an all-black shader you can use on crafted weapons, but just remember that it’s a one-time use item. Unlike other shaders, memento shaders can only be used once and can only be used on crafted weapons.

There are two methods of unlocking the Lost Memento. The first is to farm Haunted Lost Sectors (mainly the Legend difficulty version) for Eerie Engrams. The memento can drop from those engrams, so make sure and take them to Eva for dismantling or focusing ASAP.

The other method is a hidden triumph called “Twilight”. While we can’t see the objectives yet, players have figured out how to unlock this triumph already. Here are the objectives you need to complete to unlock the “Twilight” triumph and get a guaranteed Lost Memento.

  • Equip the Clovis Bray mask (unlocked via event challenge) and complete the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. strike.
  • Equip the Nimbus mask (unlocked via event challenge) and defeat 100 combatants on Neomuna.
  • Equip the Tormentor mask (also unlocked via event challenge) and defeat 25 combatants with finishers within Legend Haunted Sectors.

The Book of the Forgotten

The Book of the Forgotten is somewhat of a logbook accounting for what the deal is with those Headless Ones. That’s right, these fiery pumpkin-headed Hive beasts are actually rooted in Destiny 2 lore. You just need to grab all of the pages to find out their story.

This requires you to earn Spectral Pages, which are acquired by completing other in-game activities while you’re wearing your mask. Once you have a stack banked up, run a Haunted Lost Sector and kill as many Headless Ones as possible. This will convert your pages into Manifested Pages, which allow you to unlock pages in the book. A single page will cost 5 or 9 Manifested Pages to unlock, and there are thirty-three in total.

Also, if you haven’t played Festival of the Lost in previous years, you can access those years’ lore pages by selecting the right arrow on the main Book of the Forgotten menu. If you end up grinding a lot anyway, it’s a good way to use up some resources that might otherwise go to waste.

All Challenges/Rewards for Festival of the Light 2023

There are seventeen challenges for Festival of the Lost 2023, and each one gives several rewards upon completion. In this section we’ll only list the more notable rewards, but just know that things like Glimmer, Enhancement Cores, and Event Tickets are scattered throughout.

  • Cryptozoologist – Use Manifested Pages to restore a chapter in the “Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 3”
    • Notable Reward: Clovis Bray Mask
  • Bookworm I – Use Manifested Pages to restore 11 chapters in the “Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 3”
  • Bookworm II – Use Manifested Pages to restore 22 chapters in the “Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 3”
    • Notable Reward: Magical Transformation shader
  • Bookworm III – Use Manifested Pages to restore 33 chapters in the “Tales of the Forgotten – Vol. 3”
    • Notable Reward: Nyxpteron Exotic ship
  • Heads Will Roll – Defeat 100 Headless Ones in Haunted Sectors
    • Notable Reward: Tormentor mask
  • Horrific Haunts – Complete a higher difficulty Haunted Sector
  • Candy Corner – Earn Candy from activities
    • Notable Reward: Pouka mask
  • Mystery Meet – Purchase Epic Mystery Grab Bags from Eva
  • Pumpkin Peltin’ – Defeat targets with Grenade Launchers.
  • Sniperstition – Defeat targets with Sniper Rifles.
  • Automatic Transmission – Defeat targets with Auto Rifles.
  • Third Shot’s a Charm – Defeat targets with Pulse Rifles.
  • Occult Ritual – Complete ritual activities, including strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches.
    • Notable Rewards: Calus mask
  • Hocus Focusing – Focus an Eerie Engram. They drop from Haunted Sectors and you can focus them with Eva.
    • Notable Rewards – Nimbus Mask
  • Masked Bandit – Complete Crucible or Gambit matches with wearing a FOTL mask
  • Happy Haunting Ground – Complete Haunted Sectors. Higher difficulty Haunted Sectors grant more progress.
    • Notable Reward: Mara Sov mask
  • Ghost Writer – Complete all other challenges.
    • Notable Rewards: Ascendant Shard, Ascendant Alloy, and the “Ghost Writer” title

New Festival of the Lost 2023 Masks 

It wouldn’t be space Halloween without costumes, right? Festival of the Lost brings back the mask item as a stand-alone helmet. You’ll grab your first Masquerader’s Helm from Eva, which features the face of the Cryptarch. If you’ve played previous years, you can immediately access and switch out to a different mask. However, we also have six additional masks to unlock for 2023 by completing event challenges or spending real money.

Image: Bungie Inc.
  • Mara Sov – “Happy Hunting Ground” event challenge
  • Calus – “Occult Ritual” event challenge
  • Good Boy – Eververse via Silver (and maybe Bright Dust at a later week)
  • The Disciple – Eververse via Silver (and maybe Bright Dust at a later week)
  • Tormentor – “Heads Will Roll” event challenge
  • Pouka – “Candy Corner” event challenge
  • Clovis Bray – “Cryptozoologist” event challenge
  • Nimbus – “Hocus Focusing” event challenge

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We hope that you’re enjoying this spooky time of year and getting all of the Candy a Guardian could ever want. Be sure to let your Fireteam know how to get the most out of Festival of the Lost by sharing this article on your favorite social channels, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the next seasonal update.

Happy gaming!

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