As with any game on PC, modders are having a field day creating mods for Multiversus. From Pepsi-Man to Sonic, there are hundreds of mods to choose from for your favorite Fighters. If you want to find some for yourself, most can be found on gamebanana. There are also a few mods for download on Nexus Mods as well. If you don’t want to sift through hundreds of mods then continue reading for our picks on the top 10 Multiversus mods!

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10 Best Multiversus Mods, Ranked

Before we continue, there are a few things you should know about modding Multiversus. If you’ve never modded a game before, make sure you have a program to unzip files like WinRAR. Once, you’ve unzipped the file, you’re going to want to put those files into your Multiversus “Paks” folder.

To get there, right-click the game in Steam > Manage > Local Files. In the folder that opens, go into Multiversus > Content > Paks and put the unzipped files you downloaded into there. And you’re done!

Most importantly, always make sure your anti-virus is running and your firewall is secure. It’s not often mods have viruses, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Additionally, be aware there is always a chance the anti-cheat software might flag those files and may lead to a ban. Skin mods are always a grey area, so it’s unlikely to get banned, but there’s always a slight chance.


Higher FPS Limit

10 Higher FPS Limit
Image: Player First Games & WTails358 via HGG / Tyler Locke

As far as Multiversus mods go, Higher FPS Limit is probably one of the best and the least likely to be flagged by anti-cheat. In Multiversus, the FPS (or frames per second) can only go as high as 60fps. For most people, this isn’t that bad and is more than enough for a fighting game. However, people with 120–144hz monitors or higher might not have as smooth of an experience as they should.

With Higher FPS Limit, you can change your FPS limit from 60 to 120 or 144 FPS. This way, Multiversus will look and play 10x smoother than it did before. My bet is that the developers will eventually add this to the game themselves, but until then, you should download this mod.



9 Waluigi
Image: Player First Games & WTails358

You might not be able to play Waluigi in Smash Bros., but you can in Multiversus with the Waluigi mod! In this mod, Shaggy gets replaced with Waluigi, and it works pretty well. Since Shaggy mainly uses punches and kicks, Waluigi doesn’t look that out of place. Even powering up is a good fit for Waluigi. Now all we need is Wario.


Doofenshmirtz and Perry

Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Perry Multiversus Mod
Image: Player First Games & DeltaStream

This next mod is somewhat unique. Doofenshmirtz & Perry from Phineas and Ferb replace Tom & Jerry, and it fits pretty well. Their models don’t look that bad, and the attacks match the theme of Doofenshmirtz vs. Perry. Mainly what I like is the potential. Just think how many characters have a nemesis that you could make as a Tom & Jerry mod. There are tons of Dragon Ball fights you could recreate with a mod like this. If you want to download Doofenshmirtz and Perry, you can find them here.


Demon King Piccolo

Demon King Piccolo Multiversus Mod
Image: Player First Games & Ninsegabro

Speaking of Dragon Ball, the next mod replaces Superman with Demon King Piccolo. If you’ve never seen the original Dragon Ball, Demon King Piccolo is the father of the Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z. He might not have Special Beam Cannon, but the Demon King fits Superman’s abilities perfectly. From laser beams to high powered punches, it’s easy to forget it’s a mod rather than an official crossover. Demon King Piccolo can be downloaded here.



Image: Player First Games & Vyberyt

You can’t have Piccolo without also having Goku. Much like Waluigi, this Goku mod replaces Shaggy. Considering Multiversus Shaggy took inspiration from characters in Dragon Ball Z, Shaggy is the best Fighter to replace with Goku. The punches, kicks, and power ups all fit Goku’s theme perfectly. However, the model is a bit wonky and could use some improvement. Goku can be found here.


Fionna the Human

Image: Player First Games & Junior0428

This next skin should have already been in the game to begin with. Fionna the Human, Finn’s alternate reality self, replaces Finn with this mod. Besides a few graphical bugs, Fionna’s model fits pretty well. Right now, the mod only has the base Fionna model and a red shirt version. However, the author stated they have plans to add custom animations and voice lines. Fionna the Human can be downloaded here.


Batman Beyond

Multiversus Batman Beyond mod preview
Image: Player First Games & OniFox

This Batman skin mod gives us, in my opinion, the best Batman suit from Batman Beyond. Compared to other skins in this list, the author put in a lot of work on creating a proper Batman Beyond skin. Not only do we get a reskin of Batman, but the Batarang and UI icons get a reskin as well. What’s more, there is also an animated style version that replaces the TAS skin. If you want to check it out, the Beyond Suit can be found here.


Moon Knight

Image: Player First Games & thip

What better character to replace Batman with than another caped crusader. The Moon Knight mod adds a Moon Knight skin to Batman and a custom model for the Batarang. While not as polished as the Batman Beyond skin, it still looks pretty good. Additionally, since they both share many of the same abilities and fighting styles, it’s almost like Moon Knight was in the game to begin with.


Gustavo Fring

Gustavo Fring Multiversus Mod
Image: Player First Games & DrZebi

Well, here we have it. People have been wanting Gustavo Fring to be in Multiversus, and now he can. The Gustavo Fring mod adds the one and only Chilean, complete with his box cutter. Despite being a meme, this mod actually looks pretty good. He replaces Arya, so he can take advantage of the slices and stabs with the box cutter. Although a bit clay-like, his model fits perfectly with Arya’s mannerisms as well. Gustavo Fring probably would have been number one if it wasn’t for the next mod!


PS1 Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot Multiversus mod preview
Image: Player First Games & Lord Scout

Lastly, the best Multiversus mod, in our opinion, is PS1 Crash Bandicoot. The people behind this mod clearly put a lot of effort in its creation. PS1 Crash Bandicoot replaces Taz and includes two additional skins. What’s more, they even added new voice lines, remodeled a few attacks, and added sound effects from the Crash Bandicoot game. If you want to download this amazing mod, you can find it here.

Join the High Ground

That wraps up our top ten Multiversus mods. There are still hundreds of mods to choose from, all as polished as these were. If you found some other amazing mods, leave a comment, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more content.

Happy gaming!

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