AndaSeat is announcing the T-Compact model gaming chair. The company’s press release states that the chair was made with Re-Dense AD+ tech, which they claim increases its density, longevity, and “alleviates any sagging seat problems.” The chair is made with breathable linen fabric designed to keep users cool during long periods of sitting. 

The T-Compact features a SyncTild AD+ backrest, allowing the user to recline from 90° to 160°. It also comes with a lumbar pillow and a head pillow. Additionally, the 4-Dimensional armrests are designed to take the strain from your forearms, elbows, and arms. They can be adjusted upward and downward, left and right, and in and out. They’re coated with a soft PU rubber. 

The T-Compact also has an Oc-Tios AD+ Aluminum Base meant to provide stability and durability. Also meant to enhance durability is the chair’s TitanSteel AD+ frame. It can be pre-ordered for $349.99 in three different colors: black, grey and black, and blue and black. It will ship on June 15th. 

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